American Greatness Poll: President Trump Holds Commanding Enthusiasm Lead Over Joe Biden

by Eric Lendrum


A recent poll conducted by American Greatness in conjunction with TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence (TIPP), shows that President Donald Trump still holds a sizable lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in terms of voter enthusiasm, even as Biden appears to hold the edge in the overall poll.

In Michigan, when asked if voters either “Support strongly” or “support moderately” the candidate of their choice, 62 percent of Trump voters say “strongly,” while 36 percent say “moderately.” By contrast, 55 percent of Biden voters support him strongly, while 42 percent support him moderately.

The gap is even wider in Florida, where 72 percent of the president’s voters strongly support his candidacy, with just 27 percent supporting him moderately. In the same state, 56 percent of Biden voters support him strongly, with 43 percent expressing moderate support.

In the overall Michigan poll, Biden currently appears to hold a 13-point lead over the president, 51 to 38 percent. Only 4 percent of voters said they would vote for another candidate, with the remaining 7 percent still being unsure as to for whom they will vote.

In Florida, Biden seems to hold a lead of 11 points, with 51 percent support to President Trump’s 40 percent; only 3 percent of voters expressed support for other candidates, with 5 percent unsure.

In Michigan, despite their own personal preferences, only 42 percent of voters believe that Joe Biden will ultimately win the election, with 39 percent believing Trump will win, and 18 percent unsure. In Florida, 44 percent of voters believe the president will win re-election, with 42 percent believing that Biden will win, and 15 percent unsure.

The Michigan poll was conducted online from June 9th to June 12th, with a sample of 907 adults. The poll in Florida was also conducted online, from June 9th to June 11th, with a sample of 910 adults.

Florida Topline Report June 2020

Michigan Topline June 2020

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