Former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Starts Super PAC to Help Joe Biden Get Elected


Matt Borges, who was formerly the Ohio Republican Party chairman, has started a Super PAC with the intent of helping Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden win in November.

Borges along with former top Bush and Trump administration officials, including former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, launched Right Side PAC with the hope of getting disgruntled Republicans to vote for Biden.

The new Super PAC will focus on Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida, Axios reported Wednesday. It will not be focusing on Ohio.

According to Axios, Right Side PAC is going to use digital, mail and telephone tactics to reach these voters. The Super PAC in its messaging will focus on Biden’s record on “free trade, states’ rights, federal spending and respecting U.S. diplomatic and military alliances.”

“We want to take an opportunity to kind of reset things,” Borges said, according to Axios. “And the first way to do that is cut out the cancer and start rebuilding.”

“We’re not trying to become Democrats,” he added. “I intend to vote for every other Republican on the ballot. And I expect that there are others like me who aren’t looking to leave the party.”

Axios said the Right Side PAC will complement another PAC, The Lincoln Project, which is focused on television ads instead of voter turnout. The Lincoln Project was started in December 2019 by NeverTrumpers with the intent of preventing Trump from being elected again.

Borges told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he will not vote for President Donald Trump in 2020 citing Trump’s lack of decorum and parting from normal GOP stances on free trade. The former Ohio Republican Party chairman voted for Trump in 2016.

“For a lot of us, we ended up voting for Donald Trump because we knew what a disaster Hillary Clinton would be. We were willing to give Donald Trump a chance,” Borges told The Enquirer. “In some ways, he’s even been worse than we feared he could be.”

Borges and Trump had a falling out in 2016 when the president decided to part ways with him right before the 2016 presidential election. Borges, who was a close ally to former Ohio Governor John Kasich, had publicly criticized Trump before the election, according to Politico.

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  1. 83ragtop50

    Well, at least the RINO and globalists are finally showing their true colors.

    I have to wonder if John Bolton will join this bunch of no accounts.