Bill Hagerty Releases New TV Ad: ‘Made in the USA’


U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty released a new television ad this week highlighting what he said is his experience working with President Donald Trump to get the nation’s economy going again.

The ad also highlights what Hagerty said is his readiness to stand up to China. This, in the wake of China unleashing the Wuhan virus upon the world, causing massive loss of life and harming America’s economy, Hagerty said.

“As Tennessee’s next Senator, Bill will continue to work with President Trump to hold China accountable for the crime of the century by bringing our manufacturing supply chains onshore and putting America first. Together, they will get Americans back to work,”  said Abigail Sigler, campaign spokeswoman, in a press release. 

Hagerty, in his new ad, titled “Made in the USA,” said “China’s cover-up led to the loss of thousands of American lives and the destruction of millions of American jobs.”

“I’m Bill Hagerty, and I want to hit China where it hurts,” Hagerty said.

“We need to bring our manufacturing jobs home and get back to ‘Made in the USA.’”

As The Tennessee Star reported last week, Hagerty announced he will host a telephone town hall with conservative political strategist Kellyanne Conway on to talk about maintaining the Senate majority and ensuring Trump has allies in the Senate.

“I am honored Kellyanne Conway will be able to answer questions from Tennesseans on holding the Senate majority,” Hagerty said.

“We worked together during the 2016 presidential election to elect President Donald Trump. She’s been a great friend to our family, and a leader in the Republican Party. I’m grateful that she will be able to join us to give us an update on President Trump’s re-election campaign and the importance of sending more strong conservatives to Washington.”

The telephone town hall is scheduled for 11 a.m. Eastern Time/10 a.m. Central Time on June 25.

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