Indictments Likely Coming Down in Durham Probe and Antifa Financing Probe, Former Fed Says

by Debra Heine


A former federal prosecutor said Tuesday that he believes that the reason congressional Democrats are working so hard to smear Attorney General William Barr is to “preempt” what will soon be coming down in two Department of Justice investigations.

Jim Trusty, formerly the Chief of the Organized Crime Section at the DOJ, now a partner at Ifrah Law, said Dems are doing “damage control” because U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe, and a DOJ investigation into antifa’s financing are about to result in some “bombshell” indictments.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler recently vowed to subpoena Attorney General Bill Barr to compel him to testify before his panel on the firing of U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman.

Rep. Jim Jordan scorched Nadler in a letter Tuesday, accusing him of taking an “odd and decidedly partisan posture” toward the attorney general since his confirmation.

“The Attorney General had previously agreed to appear voluntarily in March, before you cancelled the hearing due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Jordan wrote. “Attorney General Barr remains willing to testify voluntarily once the pandemic concludes. Accordingly, there is no legitimate basis for you to compel his testimony at this time.”

Trusty told Fox News’ Jon Scott that Barr is not likely to be worried about being cross-examined by Nadler or any other Democrats on the panel on the firing of Berman. The lawyer argued that the president has every right to fire U.S. attorneys, pointing out that former President Bill Clinton fired 93 U.S. attorneys when he came into office.

“They’re trying to make it into this incredibly important inquisition about the misdeeds of Mr. Barr, and I gotta tell ya, I don’t think for a minute that Bill Barr is shaking in his boots or worrying about whether he has to appear by way of subpoena or just by volunteering,” he said.  “The president can move people around and the president can put new U.S. attorneys into office at his pleasure.”

Trusty explained that the reason Democrats are trying to dirty up Barr and Durham is because indictments are coming in the Durham probe “that will be significant.” He likened the Dems’ posture to a “preemptive strike” designed to discredit Durham and Barr among Americans.

Trusty also told Scott that the DOJ will probably be indicting people as part of its probe into antifa, the violent far-left group President Trump recently designated as a terrorist organization.

Barr told Fox News’ Bret Baier earlier this month that “focused investigations” were already underway that “relate to Antifa.”

“It’s a very loosely organized group, and they have an unusual system of communication and organization,” Barr said. “There are people who can be characterized as leaders in any given situation.”

The DOJ has made finding out who is behind the recent unrest a top priority.

“There appear to be sources of funding, and we are looking into the sources of funding,” Barr said. “And, you know, there is clearly some high degree of organization involved at some of these events and and coordinated tactics that we’re seeing. And we’re looking into that as well. And some of it relates to Antifa. Some of it relates to groups that act very much like Antifa. As I said, there’s a witches’ brew of extremist groups that are trying to exploit this situation on all sides.”

Trusty said “I think there’s a real good chance this Justice Department ends up identifying and indicting antifa financiers, or people associated with antifa,” adding that it could be “a bit of a bombshell.”

The attorney predicted that Democrats “will go after Barr every day” until the indictments come down.

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Debra Heine reports for American Greatness.
Background Photo “DOJ Building” by Coolcaesar. CC BY-SA 3.0.








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  1. Rachel Frias

    Todo esto que hoy se vive en EEUU sucedió en Cuba cuando Fidel tomó el poder. Desmoralizó la policía del gobierno de Batista y derrumbó estatuas. Hay varios políticos de turno que son demócratas comunistas, que hemos visto como se han mantenido parciales en relación a las protestas y hasta han impedido que Trump haga uso del ejército para inmovilizar las mismas. Si se suma a esto la idea de quitarle los fondos a la policía, más los vándalos socialistas que hay en las calles podríamos estar perdidos porque tendrían todas las de ganar e instalar el comunismo en EEUU. La policía es un arma muy fuerte en cualquier país y si logras debilitarla, los demócratas estarían ganando la batalla. El que sea cubano sabe que esto sucedió hace muchos años en Cuba y el brazo largo del comunismo cubano está detrás de todo esto. Solo faltaría con que se demuestra el vínculo que podría existir entre George Soros y la dictadura cubana porque lo que si no es un secreto para nadie de que George Soros toma un camino que resulta elegante para el gobierno de Cuba, la destrucción de la democracia mas grande del mundo, EEUU. No permitan que EEUU se convierta en una Venezuela. Trump 2020.