Nashville Police Arrest Protesters in Connection with Skateboard Assault on Influential Real Estate Developer


Metro Nashville Police say they arrested a man in connection with an assault on influential real estate developer Tony Giarratana during the May 30 protests.

Nicholas Barrett, 25, on Wednesday was charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly striking Giarratana from behind with a skateboard outside 505 Church St. during the protest.

Giarratana suffered significant injuries and received treatment at a local hospital, the police said.

At the time of his arrest, Barrett was free on bond on charges of aggravated rioting and felony vandalism stemming from other actions on May 30, the police said. He is alleged to have thrown the skateboard at a marked police car en route to a call, damaging the vehicle. He is also accused of using the skateboard to break a window at the historic courthouse.

Barrett posted an additional $25,000 bond on the aggravated assault charge and was released from jail at 2 a.m. Thursday.

Giarratana gave NewsChannel 5 a statement. Part of his statement said:

As one who loves downtown Nashville and has worked hard to help improve the Church Street corridor, this is a painful and personal reminder to me of the need to provide safety and improve our downtown neighborhood – which has conditions that invite criminal behavior. Our Metro Police are stretched thin and can only do so much.

After Mayor John Cooper spoke at the May 30 protest, the participants took part in smashing police cars, breaking windows and spray painting buildings and cars, The Tennessee Star reported.

One of Giarratana’s latest projects is his plan for a jig-jagging skyscraper at a small YMCA site at 900 Church St., the Nashville Post said. The 33-story building would house workers for the planned Amazon and Asurion buildings nearby.

His company’s website lists his many notable downtown developments.

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11 Thoughts to “Nashville Police Arrest Protesters in Connection with Skateboard Assault on Influential Real Estate Developer”

  1. FiftycalTX

    A skateboard, used as a club, is a deadly weapon. This thug is lucky he struck from behind. He trys the same trick with an armed individual, he could wind up with extra holes in his body.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Nashville MUST ban skateboards!

  3. Karen

    He’s awfully pretty. He’s going to be very popular in prison.

  4. Angelito

    He will be fine—Hollywood stars and Mayor Cooper will pay his bail and call him a social justice victim. Then, Cooper will appear at another rally and incite a riot.

  5. Mimi

    Cooper is an idiot. Deep red state Tennessee has to put up with idiot democrat mayors who screw up everything. I need to move to a Republican county.

  6. Steve Allen

    What a little coward! He probable couldn’t form a complete sentence if he attempted to have a rational conversation with the person he seemed to not agree with. So typical behavior of the Left.

  7. Victor F. Andrews

    The real answer for accomplished Nashvillians like Tony is……. Carol Swain! Cooper just fanned the flames of the rioters – he is out of touch with the real world and down there with the slugs and thugs of Nashville.

  8. rick

    Cooper should have been arrested along with this human debris. Put them both in the same cell so they can plan their next protest. Both are lower than gutter trash! LOCK THEM UP!

  9. You’re So Nashville If...

    …you realize skateboarders are more dangerous than MS-13.

  10. lb

    OK so WHAT was he doing downtown participating in this “politically correct” Protest/RIOT? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…right…MiniCooper had Promoted it and G HAS to curry favor so he can get what he want
    Glad this little punk jerk might FINALLY get what he deserves–JAIL.
    Regardless, ENOUGH of coddling these “protesters”–time to clear them OUT


      sinapore justice for this misfit. public caning of his parents.