Tom Cotton Runs Digital Ad in Minnesota, Says Biden ‘Too Confused to Lead’ 


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), whom The Wall Street Journal recently described as the “heir to Trumpism,” has launched a new ad attacking Joe Biden for his failure to stand up to the “liberal mob.”

Cotton is running unopposed in his reelection bid and is considered a likely future presidential candidate for the Republicans.

The new digital ad, Cotton said on Twitter, is targeting voters in Minnesota, where the “mob burned down a police precinct and caused $500 million of damage.”

“Joe Biden is hiding in his basement and won’t stand up to the mob. That’s why we can’t trust him to lead,” said Cotton.

The ad criticizes the Minneapolis City Council’s plan to abolish the police department and features comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05), who called the city’s police force “rotten to the root.”

“The liberal mob is out of control and Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing nothing to stop them,” states the ad. “Joe Biden won’t stand up for law and order. He’s too liberal and too confused to lead. Elect Joe Biden, and the anarchy will be coming to a town near you.”

Senate Republican candidate Jason Lewis said the new ad is evidence that “Minnesota is quickly becoming the battleground state of 2020.”

“Once reliably blue, the DFL’s radical plunge into lawlessness and socialism, as well as the results delivered by President Trump and the Republican Party to cut taxes, bring jobs home from China, and get better trade deals for our farmers have made Minnesota a swing state, including my race for Senate against radical Tina Smith that continues to receive national attention. Having only lost by just over one point in 2016, President Trump has shown that statewide victory for Minnesota Republicans is within our grasp,” Lewis said in a statement.

He pointed to a recent Star Tribune poll that showed Biden with just a five-point lead over Trump in the general election matchup in Minnesota.

“The latest proof of Minnesota’s competitiveness is Sen. Tom Cotton’s new digital ad buy targeting the state. Sen. Cotton’s ad highlights the abject failure of Joe Biden and radical Democrat leaders to control the mob,” Lewis continued, saying the “Democrats have alienated Minnesotans of all political stripes.”

“This is no longer your mother and father’s DFL Party,” he said. “The Democrats are losing their grip on the state, and with the help of people like Sen. Cotton, Minnesota is going to go red for President Trump and me this November.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of The Minnesota Sun and The Ohio Star. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Joe Biden Ad” by Tom Cotton.







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