Black Lives Matter Kneels as Emancipation Memorial Slave Rises, Crom Carmichael Weighs In

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Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

During the second hour, Carmichael found irony in Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, and the Emancipation Memorial that portrays a slave is rising from his knees. He also discussed the pending lawsuit against the mayor of Seattle for not keeping her oath of office by refusing to protect the residences and businesses that reside in the CHOP/CHAZ zone.

Leahy: We are joined now by our good friend and the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael. Crom, good morning.

Carmichael: Good morning sir.

Leahy: I am delighted to be back in Tennessee. Wednesday I called into my own program as you said.

Carmichael: Yes and you sounded marvelous. (Leahy laughs) Michael, I was listening as I was driving in, and first of all, your last caller with a little story about Hillary Clinton. That was very interesting.

Leahy: Gloria was a very good caller.

Carmichael: I’m sad you were up against a hard break.

Leahy: We’ll hear more about that.

Carmichael: We need to hear more about that. I thought that was very interesting.

Leahy: So you know, Michael Patrick Leahy Genealogy Detective…

Carmichael: So dig into that and add to what she says.

Leahy: Gloria, I want to thank you for that because Michael Patrick Leahy Genealogy Detective will be on that case. We’ve got one other we’re looking into. But Gloria thank you. We’re going to look into that case.

Carmichael: Now I heard you talking about the statue of Lincoln and the slave and the history behind that.  And you said that the slave was kneeling.

Leahy: On one knee.

Carmichael: Isn’t that an incredible irony that Colin Kaepernick has led a movement to destroy the country by kneeling on one knee. Previously you had a slave where the statue was depicting him rising from one knee.

Leahy: Crom, this is why you are the original all-star panelist.

Carmichael: I try to help with these things because it matters a great deal in the environment that we are in today aspiring to become better. Or whether or not we are going to become a country that spirals into an abyss. And quite frankly that really is the choice. If you listen to the people who support Biden there is absolutely nothing positive about what they say.

Leahy: They say tear it down. Burn it down.

Carmichael: Burn it down.

Leahy: Burn it down. That’s what the Black Lives Matter guy told Martha McCallum Wednesday night. Burn it down.

Carmichael: Yes. He said this is either literal or figurative. And Martha, I wish she would have asked which one is it to you? She didn’t follow up. The only point I’m trying to make is that we as a country have our problems with the past and so does every country because we are all human beings.

But we have over the years and little over two centuries that we’ve been our own country or 250 years, we have gotten better and better and better. At least we’ve tried to. And now you have people who are doing literally everything they can to take us back to I don’t even know if it’s taking us back to anything in particular.

I think you might have seen where the people of Seattle that were taken over the residences and the businesses that in the so-called CHOP zone are now suing the mayor for not keeping her oath of office. And that will be a very interesting lawsuit to find out whether or not public officials who run and take an oath of office to protect the very people that they claim to represent if they knowingly chose not to.

Carmichael: And then you’ve probably heard that 911 call.

Leahy: I did not.

Carmichael: It was in Fredericksburg, Virginia where this lady was driving in her car with a five-year-old child and she was set upon by a bunch of rioters who were jumping on her car and beating on her car.

Leahy: When was this?

Carmichael: In the last few days. They jumped on her car and she called 911 and the 911 person said I’m sorry we can’t send the police. You’ll have to take it up at the city hall. I would suggest that you call city hall and file a complaint with them because we’ve been told not to send police into the area where you are right now.

Leahy: So they are basically abrogating their duties.

Carmichael: Yes. Abrogation is willful correct?

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: OK. Thank you.

Leahy: You’re welcome.

Carmichael: I just wanted to be sure. (Leahy laughs) They are making a conscious decision to leave citizens to the whims of the mob.

Leahy: It’s interesting because I was in Fredericksburg, Virginia yesterday and stayed there overnight. I did not have that problem. But I was not in that area of the city that was a no-go zone.

Carmichael: I don’t think this happened last night because it was on Tucker Carlson. He played the 911 tape. It’s interesting to watch the Black Lives Matter crowds which are mostly white and mostly young and they just like to scream a lot.

Leahy: Yes. They are hooligans. By the way, word of the day abrogate. Abrogate. (Carmichael chuckles) To abolish by formal or official means. Annul by an authoritative act; repeal. To put aside; to put an end too.

Carmichael: Not to be confused with Abigail. (Leahy laughs) Someone that talks a lot. Abigailyou.

Leahy: (Leahy laughs) That’s very good.

Carmichael: Thank you. Thank you.

Leahy: Abigailyou. By the way, a big tip of the hat to you for pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left in the Black Lives Matter movement. They want to praise Colin Kaepernick the failed NFL quarterback who’s making millions now on social justice through Nike. They want to praise him for kneeling in public before the national anthem. But they want to tear down a statue that shows a freed slave rising from a kneeling position.

Carmichael: Yes. One is going down in praise. And one is rising up, and that’s to be torn down. That is a metaphor for our country. Do we want to rise up and continue to get better? And by any science and any data that you want to look at. And that’s a good thing better than they were 50 years ago.

Much better. But yet the Left wants to tear it all down. And by the way, the coronavirus and the policies of the Democrats in states and cities where the lockdown lasted much longer and was much stronger, the effect that it had on the minority communities was much greater than it had on the white communities.

And so it’s really quite interesting that it’s almost as if the Democrats don’t like the idea of Blacks rising up over time. There are some very wealthy and successful Black people whose livelihoods would disappear if they couldn’t be what I think Alan Keyes once called Jessie Jackson, he called him a poverty pimp.

Leahy: Yep.

Carmichael: And that made Jackson so mad that he wouldn’t discuss it. And that’s because he couldn’t defend himself. And so that’s what you have now. You have these people and they are truly race-baiters. And they are race-baiters for money.

Leahy: Their goal is to divide the country and destroy our constitutional republic.

Carmichael: Then you have Biden running around when he’s half coherent saying he wants to unify the country when he’s supported by the very people that want to divide the country. This means that Joe Biden is being a very good and loyal Democrat by saying the exact opposite of what he means.

Leahy: Exactly, the Victor Davis Hanson maxim. Here is a question for you. We talked about the YouGov poll that showed 48 percent of Americans are very proud to be Americans in our country. It declines as you get younger. 62 percent of those over 55 are very proud.

I want to talk about the 18-24-year-old crowd many of whom are among the rioters that are tearing things down and breaking things and destroying property and engaging in violent activities. Did you see there was a 25-year-old kid in Nashville who was arrested for hitting a very successful real estate developer Tony Giarratana with a skateboard over the head on May 30?

Carmichael: What was Tony doing?

Leahy: Walking down the street.

Carmichael: Oh my god. Is he ok?

Leahy: He’s ok but he was hospitalized etc. It’s at The Tennessee Star where you can read all about it.

Carmichael: I’m just curious. Do we have any idea whether this 25-year-old targeted him in particular? Do we know anything?

Leahy: I don’t know. But 41 percent of 18-24-year-olds in America are either not very proud or not at all proud of America. So my question to you to think about when we come back is, what in their lives has given them a reason to be not proud of America?

Carmichael: That’s a big question.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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