Bill Hagerty Announces Small Businesses for Hagerty Coalition

U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty this week announced the Small Businesses For Hagerty Coalition, which includes over 60 small business owners from across Tennessee.

This, according to a press release Hagerty posted on his campaign website.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in Tennessee, and I am honored to have the support of so many small business owners across the state,” Hagerty said.

“In these challenging times, small businesses need to know they can count on their leaders to understand that we need to get government out of the way so they can grow and create jobs. As your next U.S. Senator, I will fight to reduce taxes and eliminate unnecessary red tape that holds small businesses back. President Trump needs businesses-minded allies in the Senate, who will work with him to grow our economy and create more jobs, and that’s why I have received the support of these small businessowners across the state.”

The press release quoted Hagerty Small Business Coalition Chair Reggie Mudd.

“I fully support Bill Hagerty for the U.S. Senate because I know he has my back,” Mudd said.

“When he served as Tennessee’s Commissioner of Economic Development he brought a conservative outsider’s approach, and he has the business experience we need in the Senate. We need more leaders like Bill representing us in Washington.”

Another man, Clark Shaw of Madison County, said it’s important to send a conservative businessman to Washington, D.C.

“In the U.S. Senate, Bill Hagerty will continue to work with President Trump to ensure Tennessee’s small businesses have the necessary tools they need to be successful, and that is why I support him 100 percent.”

Another man, Kirk Huddleston of Knox County, said Hagerty “knows what it means to sign the front of a paycheck, not just the back of one.”

“I know he will work to cut taxes and burdensome regulations to help them thrive once again. Bill is committed to our small businesses, and I am proud to stand with him for the U.S. Senate,” Huddleston said.

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4 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Announces Small Businesses for Hagerty Coalition”

  1. Julie

    I’ll admit I have not been following what Bill has been doing (other than he works well with Trump), but I have not heard much from him until election year. What gives?

  2. Kevin

    These are all just a sampling of the “palms” that Hagerty “greased” when he was doling out our tax dollars as Haslam’s head of Economic Development.

    If you support crony capitalism, corporate welfare and adding more muck to the “swamp”, Bill Hagerty is your guy!

    If you want someone that will stand up for citizens, vote for Dr. Manny Sethi.

    1. Cannoneer2

      Well said.

    2. Benny Jones

      Very Well Said