Crom Carmichael: Thugs and the Terrorists Now Rule Our Cities at the Behest of Democrats


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

At the end of the third hour, Carmichael continued to describe the Democratic Party as the party of violence pointing out its history within the KKK and now with Black Lives Matter as it’s current militant wing.

Leahy: Crom I have three words for you.

Carmichael: What’s that? (Laughs) 

Leahy: Here are the three words. I’d like you to comment on those. Fear, reason, and power.

Carmichael: This is a little bit of what we were talking about at the end. There’s a story here of the two senators from Connecticut who are demanding that Subway stop allowing open carry in any of their restaurants across the entire country.

Leahy: These are the two United States senators?

Carmichael: Two United States senators from Connecticut.

Leahy: Is that the headquarters of Subway?

Carmichael: Yes. They are headquartered there but the point is that these two Connecticut senators don’t care what the state legislators and governors of the various states laws are in those states. They are demanding that Subway for their stores anywhere in the country to put a rule in that if you have a gun you cannot enter a Subway. Even though it’s legal within the state where that Subway exists.

Now, what does the CEO of Subway do in the face of this? And here’s the problem that that person has. These two senators can just simply pick up the phone if they choose to and call the folks at Black Lives Matter and say go destroy a half dozen Subways. Just go and destroy them at 3 a.m.

Leahy: It’s coming, isn’t it?

Carmichael: Just go destroy them and then let’s see if the CEO changes his mind. If he doesn’t, then go destroy 12 more. That’s where we are right now in this country. And you saw that with the couple in St. Louis who was scared to death and are so scared and the very people they said were threatening to kill them they now support them.

Leahy: Well, they supported them before. They said they support the Black Lives Matter movement. They are attorneys. They got rich by suing the St. Louis Police Department and others.

Carmichael: Ok.

Leahy: When this Black Lives Matter crowd broke into their private residential area, trespassed, destroyed property. Some of them were armed threatened their houses and to kill them and burned down their house they come out with their guns and said you are not coming here. That crowd.

Carmichael: I know. But they still support them. Even though that happened to them they realize that if they come out against Black Lives Matter that their home will be attacked again. That’s there is nobody there to protect them.

Leahy: What they said in their statement is that the people in the crowd who claimed to be Black Lives Matter supporters were mostly white. That’s what they said.

Carmichael: Doesn’t even matter. The Black Lives Matter crowd is not black and they don’t care about Black lives. It’s a political arm of the Democratic party.

Leahy: Thugs. The brownshirts is what they called them in Germany before the rise of the Nazi Party.

Carmichael: That’s where we are now. These companies like Coca Cola and Verizon and Starbucks. Starbucks doesn’t want to have their stores trashed. So when the Left tells Starbucks to quit advertising on Facebook until Facebook changes its policies and cancels any conservative thinking Starbucks says yes sir.

Leahy: Hands up!

Carmichael: Hands up don’t shoot! Don’t break my glass and destroy my stores.

Leahy: Because I have an asset value here that’s very high.

Carmichael: And there is nobody to protect them. And here’s the problem and I’ve said this before. If you are playing in a basketball game and the goal is to win then the rules are determined by the referee. So if one side is kicking the other side in the crotch and stealing the ball because the person with the ball collapses on the ground you have a choice. You can either lose the game or you can respond in kind. And unfortunately, this gets into Just War Theory.

Leahy: The problem with your analogy there is this, the referee in that game will allow the other side to kick you.

Carmichael: No. Not necessarily. Not necessarily. If those people have gone out there and destroyed the mayor’s home and had given her the change to get out of her house so there’s no bodily injury and destroyed private property because she said property is just property and doesn’t matter.

And if the police wouldn’t arrest anybody then what is that mayor going to do the next time other people’s property is at risk? She might treat it differently. We are in a place right where the thugs and the terrorists rule our cities. And they do it at the behest of Democrats. I hate to keep saying Democrats, Democrats, Democrats but they run all the cities that experience all of this mayhem.

Leahy: Don’t you think to call the party now the Democrat Party is a misnomer?

Carmichael: It still is! It’s the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has a history of violence.

Leahy: They are getting worse.

Carmichael: And they are now getting worse. The KKK had millions of members at one time. And the Democrat Party used the KKK to terrorize everyone that disagreed with them. And that could be Black people and it was a lot of Black people. Or it could have been Republicans in the south. And they killed Republicans too. This is now the KKK of today. Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they don’t care about Black people. This is a political power organization.

Leahy: It’s power. We started this segment talking about reason, fear, and power.

Carmichael: Yes. And it’s very machiavellian. The ends justify the means.

Leahy: Yes. There is no guiding principle other than power.

Carmichael: That’s all it is.

Leahy: There is no respect for life. No respect for property. And no respect for the rule of law.

Carmichael: This is why when Neil said he just thinks this is the beginning of it. Unless there is pushback then it is just the beginning of it.

Leahy: And that’s the point Tucker Carlson has been making every night. That’s why his ratings are up so high.

Carmichael: By the way, that’s not anything new. That’s human nature.

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