Swain Joins the Ingraham Angle to discuss Black Lives Matters and How Democrats Are All About Destroying Our Way of Life


Dr. Carol M. Swain appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle with guest host Raymond Arroyo on Wednesday to discuss Black Lives Matter as a Marxist movement.

Arroyo: We welcome to the show now, former Vanderbilt professor and advisory board member of Black Voices for Trump. Carol thank you for being here. What is the ultimate goal of these reoccurring street movements? These occupations of cities? What’s the agenda here?

Swain: It’s not about police brutality or racism. I would say that it’s part of a global movement to destroy the United States as we know it. And its roots are in Marxism. And anyone that studies Marxism knows where that goes. That it goes to communism. And that’s where we are headed.

So the activists that you see out there today, they have an agenda. They are well organized. The uprisings are not spontaneous. The grievances of black people and others that are oppressed are being used to advance an agenda. And if they succeed in destroying America I guarantee you no one will be happy with the nation that remains.

Arroyo: Carol, The New York Times is tweeting today about their latest piece and they write Mt. Rushmore was built on land that belonged to the Lakota Tribe and sculpted by a man with strong bonds with the KKK. They go on to say that the two presidents depicted there were slave owners. Is Mt. Rushmore the next monument set for destruction? And is that part of the agenda here to destroy these cultural and historical monuments?

Swain: It’s all about destroying America’s and western civilization and everything that is traditional. So there is no monument in America that is safe at this time. And so the thing that is most distressing is that our leaders in the Republican Party and in the Democratic Party, there must be some sane still in that party, they are not standing up. And this is not ending well.

Arroyo: Yes. I think many would agree Carol. The president tweeted this reaction to New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio who is promising to paint Black Lives Matter on Fifth Avenue in New York. Now he said, the president did that it was an insult to cops and a symbol of hate. And this drew this reaction from Black Lives Matter co-founder Melina Abdullah.

(Melina Abdullah clip plays)

I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for Donald Trump to call anything a symbol of hate. He is the embodiment of hate. For him to say that affirming the value of black life is somehow hate again reminds us of who he is.

Arroyo: Carol, your reaction to that.

Swain: Well first of all Black Lives Matter the slogan, the true statement has nothing to do with the Marxist organization that is part of the global movement to destroy America. And so that’s what I say to that part of it. And I think that Black Lives Matter there are a lot of organizations and companies they are endorsing their movement for protection because they feel if they don’t their windows will be broken out.

Their buildings will be burnt down. The police won’t be there to protect anyone. And so people are going along with them. And again, it will not end well because the more they get, the more they want. And no one is pushing back. And that is very distressing that people are not pushing back. And I see that connected with all the hysteria the Democrats are pushing with the coronavirus and making us all wear a mask. It’s all about destroying our way of life in America.  And people need to wake up. Wake up!



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  1. Beatrice Shaw


    1. Deplorable Bay Stater

      Who are calling a traitor? Carol Swain? Are you really that stupid? The traitors are the people who are trying to destroy our nation, and Carol Swain is one of a very few people who has the backbone to call them out.