Forces Behind Nashville Major League Soccer Stadium Start Public Relations Campaign, Despite Dire Warnings


The people behind the movement to build a Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium in Nashville have apparently started a public relations campaign to let the city know they’re moving forward.

But a Nashville-based attorney who has fought the stadium said Wednesday that “it’s still a terrible deal for Nashville.” Jim Roberts told The Tennessee Star that this MLS team might not choose to stay in the city.

The people behind the website mass emailed supporters Wednesday. They said, among other things, the team will pay for infrastructure in the stadium’s immediate vicinity at a cost of $19 million. They said they will relieve the Nashville Metro Government of its obligation to pay up to $35 million toward lease payments.

“And we told you we were glad the Mayor said yes. Since then, we’ve moved forward. We held meetings in the neighborhood. We listened. The site has been demoed,” members of the group wrote.

“Even though everyone’s world has changed, we know that we have to prepare for the future and better times. So, we’re ready to start construction. We wanted you to know that we hadn’t forgotten about you. You’ll hear from us more regularly.”

But Roberts said there’s more that the public doesn’t know.

“I’m not saying these things aren’t true, but it’s still a terrible deal for Nashville. They didn’t pay for the demolition. No one can really account for that infrastructure that they’ve spent. We’ve spent the money. The development statement of general principles is worth about — well — if you run out of toilet paper then if might be worth something,” Roberts said.

“The real question is what control does Nashville Soccer Holdings have over keeping the team in Nashville? The answer is zero. That’s the dirty secret, and no one wants to talk about it. They will get a 99-year lease, and, in return, we get nothing. There is no guarantee the team will stay one year or one month. Where the team plays is governed by the MLS Board of Governors.”

As reported last month, a Chancery Court judge ruled that Metro Nashville’s contract to build the MLS stadium on The Fairgrounds Nashville is invalid because the meeting approving it violated the Tennessee Open Meetings Act.

The Sports Authority gave only 48 hours’ notice before holding a special meeting to sign off on the $192 million contract with M.A. Mortenson Co./Messer Construction Co. on November 1, 2018. The authority must reschedule a meeting, provide adequate public notice and conduct another vote, Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle said.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]






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9 Thoughts to “Forces Behind Nashville Major League Soccer Stadium Start Public Relations Campaign, Despite Dire Warnings”

  1. The Foxes are controlling Rooster Cooper and his Chicken Coop

    It amazing Mayor Chicken Coop can keep track of how many people are testing positive on Covid-19, order us to wear masks, close our business down, ok protests, destroy our police force and interfering with our religious right but he can’t see that a soccer team who can’t even fill a 10,000 seat sound’s stadium is going to fill a 30,000 seat arena. Besides after the 34% tax increase who can afford the tickets. Besides Tennessee is football country not soccer country.

  2. JJ

    How about we find out just how popular the MLS is in Nashville before spending taxpayer money. Play for 2 years at either Vanderbilt football stadium or the Titan stadium. If “paid” attendance is high and it is determined that the team/MLS can support the stadium then start discussions about building one. Otherwise if the MLS wants a stadium in Nashville, let the MLS pay for it.
    How can Nashville pay for this? I thought we were broke & on the edge of bankruptcy. Isn’t that why there is an obscene 34% property tax increase?
    No long term (minimum 10 year) contract with the MLS, no taxpayer funding.

  3. midnitelamp

    why don’t they play in the oily field? or even Vanderbilt stadium?

  4. lb

    And just now, because of their stupid Mgmt of the CV situation and not quaranting the Team for 2 weeks BEFORE this Tournament, they are OUT of the current Tournament. NOT a confidence building move

  5. Wolf Woman

    John Ingram wants a soccer team in Nashville. What billionaire Lord Johnny wants, he gets, while the peasants end up paying for it.

    Will the peasants ever revolt against the globalist developers and socialist hack politicians who are ravaging Music City? Or have we sold our soul for a piece of gold, that in the end, belongs to them?


    when are the people of nashville going to wake up from this stupor. if private developers want it then build it.but leave the tax payers out of it.

  7. Kevin

    Sure the “developers” of the stadium are saying that they will pay for the “infrastructure” around the stadium. Those are the “high-end” condos that they will pay to put up, but then sell for a HUGE profit!

    And where are the BLM protestors? IF BL really M, why aren’t those protestors screaming about the soon happen gentrification of the Fair Grounds area? Surely, with the lack of music playing on Broadway, everybody can hear the true sound running in the Nashville background. To me, it kind of reminds me of the sound made when a kid is drinking through a soda straw and the cup becomes empty.

  8. Rick

    Another crooked Nashville deal. Sign the recall petition!

  9. Cannoneer2

    This needs to be accomplished quickly, so that you can get started on the new Major League Baseball stadium.