Federal Judge Eli Richardson Rules Against Nashville Bar Owners: Stay Closed for Now

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — A judge has ruled against some Nashville bar owners who sought a temporary restraining order against city officials in an effort to push back against coronavirus restrictions.

Federal Judge Eli Richardson, a Trump appointee, denied the request, the mayor’s office and the plaintiffs’ attorney told news outlets on Sunday.

“Judge Richardson’s ruling affirms Metro’s approach in fighting the coronavirus and keeping Nashvillians safe,” Nashville Mayor John Cooper said in a statement.

Attorney Bryan Lewis, who is representing the bar owners said they are disappointed with the ruling but plan to move forward with their case.

The bar owners filed suit last week in U.S. District Court and sought a temporary restraining order against Cooper, Metro Public Health Department Director Michael C. Caldwell and the Metro Beer Permit Board.

The suit says the bar owners have suffered harm because of closures amid the pandemic and requests an exemption from a recent order by the mayor that requires bars in Nashville to close for two weeks.

As of Sunday, Nashville had more 5,000 active cases of the coronavirus and 141 death attributed to the illness.




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2 Thoughts to “Federal Judge Eli Richardson Rules Against Nashville Bar Owners: Stay Closed for Now”

  1. Horatio Bunce

    If only the bars were inside Chicago’s O’Hare airport, they could all be open.

    Funny how certain bars are imminent health risks and fall under federal judge jurisdiction and others don’t…and are apparently virus-proof.

  2. Joe Sixpack

    Mayor Cooper will double down…he is assembling a secret enforcement team that will target restaurants for failing to follow his Nazi-style CV edicts.