Rand Paul Stumps for U.S. Senate Candidate Manny Sethi at Sellout Event


LASCASSAS, Tennessee — U.S. Sen. Rand Paul told more than 800 people Saturday that he supports U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi not because Sethi is a Republican — but because Sethi is conservative.

Paul appeared alongside Sethi at former State Rep. Joe Carr’s T-Bones & Politics dinner. Carr said it was “a sellout event.”

U.S. President Donald Trump has endorsed Sethi’s opponent, Bill Hagerty.

The Tennessee Star asked Paul what he would say to the average Tennessee Republican who still hasn’t decided which of the two candidates to support.

“I would tell most people who live in this neck of the woods that Joe Carr knows a conservative when he sees it, and Joe Carr’s endorsement is probably worth more than mine, to tell you the truth,” Paul said.

“But I also know a conservative and someone who is sincere when I see it. I think Dr. Sethi is the real deal. I think the other side got to the president very early. I don’t think he had a chance to meet Dr. Sethi. I think many times what happens in big organizations is they get the wrong pick. They sort of kick themselves saying ‘We should have waited because Dr. Sethi will actually be a better supporter.’”

Conservative radio and television personality Mark Levin endorsed Sethi Friday.

As reported Saturday, former U.S. Sen Jim DeMint (R-SC) also endorsed Sethi.

DeMint, known for his work in the Tea Party, is a University of Tennessee graduate and founder of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Also as reported, Memphis-based Varsity Spirit founder Jeff Webb and former Congressmen John J. Duncan Jr. have endorsed Sethi.

Carr founded T-Bones & Politics more than 10 years ago for Constitutional Conservatives. Past speakers include TV commentator Dick Morris, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, FOX News commentator Judge Jeanine Pirro, and The Politichicks, according to T-Bones & Politics’ website.

Paul said he and Trump speak at least once a week.

“The night that Manny wins I will call the president,” Paul said.

“I promise you the president will call Manny and congratulate him and support him.”

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4 Thoughts to “Rand Paul Stumps for U.S. Senate Candidate Manny Sethi at Sellout Event”

  1. Ron Welch

    I was gonna vote for Rand Paul for President, but he dropped out before the 2016 Tennessee Presidential Primary.

    Dr. Manny is amassing an impressive group of Constitutional conservative, pro Liberty endorsements.

  2. Joe Carr

    A great evening in the sweltering heat. With over 800 in paid attendance it was truly a remarkable event. This was my best T-Bones & Politics Event ever. Thank you to Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Congressman Zach Wamp. Dr. Manny Sethi is truly a remarkable candidate and this event is a testimony to the difference in enthusiasm between the two campaigns. Stand Firm

    1. Alex Otto

      This was huge for Manny to get these many endorsements this past weekend. We need outsiders that have never been into politics but know the true problems facing our country!

    2. Stuart I. Anderson

      I asked my dear friend Joe Carr “How much did Chairman Manny contribute to your campaign when you were so desperate for money when you ran against Lamar”? I didn’t hear an answer from Joe but I can tell you one thing, there sure are a lot of crickets in Lascassas this time of year.

      Don’t be fooled AGAIN fellow conservatives. Please vote for Hagerty just because Dr. Manny’s campaign is such a fraud.