Tom Cotton Scheduled to Appear in Clarksville Alongside Bill Hagerty on Friday


U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty announced Saturday that he will host U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) in Clarksville on Friday.

“Team Hagerty is looking forward to hosting Senator Tom Cotton in Tennessee next week,” Hagerty said in a press release his staff posted on his campaign’s website.

“Senator Cotton is a true patriot who has been leading the way on calling out the Communist Chinese Party for what it is – an authoritarian regime that has lied repeatedly to the world about the Wuhan virus. Chrissy and I are grateful for the strong support of Senator Cotton, and as Team Hagerty’s momentum continues to grow, we are looking forward to welcoming him to Clarksville,” Hagerty said in the press release.

Hagerty and Cotton will also appear in-studio on The Tennessee Star Report Friday between 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m.

In the press release, Cotton called Hagerty “a strong conservative leader.”

“Bill is a strong conservative leader and a trusted friend to President Trump. We need Bill in the U.S. Senate,” Cotton said in the press release.

“Bill supported President Trump in 2016, even when it wasn’t politically popular, and he worked to beat Hillary Clinton. Bill Hagerty is tough on crime, he’ll stand up to China, and I am doing everything I can to ensure he is elected as the next Senator from the great state of Tennessee.”

Tennesseans can RSVP to attend lunch with Cotton and Hagerty. 

People may also listen to Hagerty’s Tele-Town Hall With Cotton.

As The Tennessee Star reported last month, Cotton participated in a tele-town hall with Hagerty and described why he believes COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab.

This, even though many people originally believed the virus started at a Chinese wet market.

All the evidence I am about to lay out is circumstantial. It’s not direct evidence. That doesn’t mean it’s not persuasive. In fact there is no circumstantial or direct evidence to support the theory that it started in a so-called wet market in Wuhan. And every day in America people are convicted on circumstantial evidence in our courts,” Cotton told Hagerty and other people on last month’s call.

“Moreover, circumstantial evidence is usually all you have in the intelligence business. You have to piece together bits of circumstantial evidence to put together a full painting and understand what really happened. The circumstantial evidence supports the theory that there was an accidental breach from this laboratory, not that it was genetically engineered or modified in some way.”

Cotton went on to say that a virus can occur naturally. People can later study the virus in a laboratory, and that a laboratory can have an accidental breach.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]






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2 Thoughts to “Tom Cotton Scheduled to Appear in Clarksville Alongside Bill Hagerty on Friday”

  1. 83ragtop50

    My opinion of Senator Cotton just went down the toilet.

  2. Rick Williams

    This is just trying to off set the massive crowd of support that Dr. Manny Sethi had yesterday at the Joe Carr’s T-Bones and Politics Event featuring U.S. Senator Rand Paul, and former Congressmen Jimmy Duncan and Zack Wamp. All three endorsing Dr. Manny Sethi for the U.S. Senate.