Nashville Mayor John Cooper Fights for Paris Climate Agreement, Alongside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti


Nashville Mayor John Cooper joined hundreds of other U.S. mayors late last week, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and urged Congress to fight climate change and uphold the Paris Climate Agreement.

This, according to a press release that Metro Nashville officials published on the city’s website.

“As mayor, I see first-hand the urgent issues facing our communities today: the ever-present threat of climate change, the challenges to public health and prosperity caused by COVID-19, and racial and economic disparities,” Cooper said.

“Cities across America are demonstrating that growth and environmental stewardship go hand in hand – and now, our federal government can show the world that investment in a zero-carbon economy has multiple co-benefits for healthcare, housing, jobs, the economy, and the resilience of our infrastructure.”

Cooper and the other mayors also asked the feds to invest in “historically underserved communities” and “those disproportionately impacted by climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As The Tennessee Star reported in April, former vice president and presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised that, if elected, he would make the United States rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

Former vice president and Tennessee resident Al Gore, meanwhile, endorsed Biden’s candidacy. Gore also called U.S. President Donald Trump “the face of climate change denial and adding pollution to the atmosphere.” The former vice president then touted what he called the benefits of driving electric cars.

As The Star reported last year, Gore praised Cooper for a new initiative that officials patterned after the Paris Climate Accord. Cooper announced his initiative, as part of what is known as the Global Covenant of Mayors.

“Mayor Cooper’s administration will also work toward reducing Nashville’s community-scale emissions 30 percent by 2030 and 70 percent by 2050. To lead by example, CO2-reduction targets for Metro Government will be 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050,” Cooper said at the time.

“Using Nashville’s most recent emissions inventories as a baseline, these targets were developed upon surveying those adopted by peer and aspirational cities and align with science-based recommendations in the Paris Climate Accord to reduce absolute CO2 emissions by three percent annually until 2050 in order to hold global warming to 2°C.”

Gore, at the time, said Cooper “is thinking globally and acting locally — as we all should.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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20 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor John Cooper Fights for Paris Climate Agreement, Alongside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti”

  1. JJ

    As the saying goes “Ya can’t fix stupid” Cooper is a living example.

  2. Daniel Meredith

    The citizens of Nashville are drowning and the captain of the ship feels like the “important issues” include reupholstering the deck chairs. When we’re broke. And we need him to throw the drowning people a rope, but he’s fixated on the “more important” issues. Of course he also needs to gt around to immigrants and LGBTQ+ issues.

    1. Michael Hughes

      I am so sorry Nashville. When I went to the polls to vote, I thought I would be picking the lesser of the two evils. I was WRONG; anybody who is a friend of Al Gore can’t be someone I want in office. My GOD in HEAVEN Who do we think we are that we might control the world, WHETHER.

  3. Ron Welch

    “To lead by example, CO2-reduction targets for Metro Government will be 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050,” Cooper said at the time.

    I thought John Cooper went by “the science”. Well, according to “the science” which we all should have learned by Jr. High, CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is, along with sunlight, H20 (water, remember “the science”) and nutrients from soil, an essential of photosynthesis which makes our world GREEN with plants which absorb CO2 and release O2 and provide foods. It’s ‘the science”!

    “When the solution is simple, God is answering.” –Albert Einstein

  4. LB

    Cooper is not only a Progressive Democrat he’s also pushing the Agenda 21 Agenda which has been in place in Nashville and surrounding cities for many years. The sleeping giant is starting to wake up and getting informed.

    1. Ron Welch

      “Cooper is not only a Progressive Democrat….” –LB

      “Don’t sell it as socialism; sell it as progressivism, economic democracy and social justice.”
      –Saul Alinksy

      “Climate Change” is an agenda for global socialism so that the ruling class can have authoritarian control over us, just as they are using COVID-19 to impose.

  5. scot

    Yes our mayor is a globalist not caring for close family (Nashvillans) and only concerned with the global herd.
    I don’t want to use the word Communist but when you care more for the collective then the individual then ….

    Closing the State fairgrounds for an all-american soccer stadium CHECK

    More conserned with virtual signalling then our local economy CHECK

    Allowing “protesters” to damage a courthouse CHECK

    Picking and choosing which businesses may stay open in the Kings land without regard of some common sense CHECK

    All for a property tax increase the people never wanted CHECK

    Your either FOR Nashville as a Mayor or your in the wrong job.

    my $.02

  6. The Global Warming/Climate Change is all a Socialist grab for control and money.
    We may arrive at an age of high earth temperatures as in the age of the dinosaurs. Not one thing can we do about it. They were crying we were entering a new ice age in the seventies, as we drove to town on ice and snow covered roads, wit the lakes and river frozen over for most of the winter.
    They find the switch t shut off the volcanoes, redirect the ocean currents and dim the sun then they might be onto something. Surely these people are, smart enough, barely, understand they cannot adjust Mother Nature’s thermostat, Even if Bill gates did get Genocide as policy it won’t stop or hinder or adjust the climate.

  7. Cooper should stick to baking cookies inside a large tree trunk, and leave governing to those more adept at managing and prioritizing.

  8. Charles Taylor Cureton

    What is Cooper trying to do, turn Nashville into Tennessee’s Los Angeles? We all know the problems they have in LA and California. And as for having Biden and Gore endorse him?
    That’s like asking for more problems.

  9. mikey whipwreck

    he needs to spend more time worrying about the financial fiasco the city is in and less time on how to tax breathing out.

    1. Wolf Woman

      You are so right!

  10. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Being from Atlanta originally, hindsight is 2020. If Nashville is to grow in the future and be environmentally friendly, we need to legalize marijuana, tax it, and build light rail systems throughout the middle Tennessee area. Otherwise, we are going to have a gigantic parking like Atlanta GA. The writing is on the wall.

    1. james bellar

      dear liberal. maybe the huge property tax your mayor just imposed on the poor and wealthy in nashville will bring about your dream. however i doubt it because us tennesseans have a sleeping giant that is awakening and will soon start kicking those liberal butts,

      i said kicking not kissing.

    2. John

      Dave, last thing we need is another legalized drug. Besides, there aren’t enough stoners in the county to tax and raise the billions of dollars light rail infrastructure would cost. But if you want to tax something, how about we tax wine a liquor even more? There are a lot more drinkers than there are dope smokers.

      If you’re sick of the traffic, commute to a station and take the Star.

  11. Habu

    Is your Paris Climate initiative going to reduce the Davidson County deficit? Will it lead to LOWER property taxes? Will it lead to less crime? Will it lead to lower unemployment? Will it lead to less Corporations vacating Nashville?
    Dude, get a grip….solve the immediate problems with the resources available. No “snipe” safari’s until Nashville’s problems are corrected.

  12. Julie

    Because everyone is worried about climate change right now given the state of the economy and the poor education their kids are receiving due to #Lockdown4Eva! I guess if you are like Mayor Cooper and don’t have to worry about paying your bills you have time to think about globalist climate initiatives and green new deals.

  13. Trevor

    As a Nashville resident, I wish the mayor and his brother congressman, Jim Cooper would do something to help create jobs, lower property taxes, help Nashvillians have a better quality of life. The mayor ran for office “I will not raise your taxes”. He raised taxes by 34%! What do people in Nashville expect when they keep electing, council members that created the fiscal mess we are in, and a mayor that does not keep his word. Why don’t we try electing different people maybe with a conservative leaning. Democrats have controlled nashville for over 50 years. Ask the Nashvillians are they better off because democrat congressman, mayors and council members? I have had enough of both coopers, tax and spend and not keeping their word. Vote for anyone other than the coopers. Maybe the Davidson County GOP will start fielding candidates for all offices, start with Dr Manny and Dr Carol Swain helping build the party. It seems to me that Senator Marsha Blackburn has joined the Washington DC swamp. Council member Steve Glover is the only conservative on Metro councilmember. The Davidson county GOP does have a presence now! So Sad……

    1. james bellar

      change your way of doing business by starting with your city council. no at large positions and cut the number of council members to 12.

  14. Rick

    Nashville has an A-1 nutcase liberal Progressive Democrat as Mayor.. This guy is a psycho. Did he wear his mask when he went to the meeting. RECALL THE MAYOR. !!!