Out-of-Control Teenagers Cause Disturbance at Memphis Golf Park


A group of patrons, apparently teenagers, went on a rampage Saturday at Memphis’ Golf and Games Family Park and damaged nearly $500 worth of property, according to an employee.

This, General Manager Aaron Bos said, after several parents dropped their kids off at the park and left them unsupervised. Authorities did not arrest any of the unruly patrons, and no one was injured. But someone recorded the incident on video, and law enforcement officers are currently trying to identify the aggressors based off of that, Boss added.

“They are absolutely not welcome back,” Bos told The Tennessee Star Monday.

As Golf and Games staff said on their Facebook page Monday, some of the customers jumped in line and got on a Go-Kart ride while another ride was in progress. While security tried to put the line in order, other staff suspended ticket sales to make sure everyone got their appropriate number of rides.

“Within 2-3 minutes, several individuals engaged in a verbal confrontation before being separated by security and staff members. At this time, for the safety of team members and guest the decision was made to suspend operations for the evening,” staff said on Facebook.

“As the general manger left the front door (replaced by another manager) to inform the staff to prepare for refunds individuals pushed by the manager and started screaming and yelling about their refund. To protect the staff and other guest, it was announced no refunds at this time. You have seen the video.”

Moving forward, staff will allow no unaccompanied minors at Golf and Games, staff added.

“They broke our plexiglass shield we had for employees and shoved some computer monitors over and threw heavy objects,” Bos said.

In another Facebook post, staff said the park has never had an incident like this in its 57 years of business.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Image “Mayhem at Putt-Putt” by Melissa Moon.




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3 Thoughts to “Out-of-Control Teenagers Cause Disturbance at Memphis Golf Park”

  1. John

    The sad part is that the employees can’t do anything or else they are called racist. I hope everyone caught on camera doing wrong is prosecuted, but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Rick

    Do you expect any more from Memphis!

  3. David Longfellow

    Some of those peaceful protesters we hear so much about.