Commentary: Joe Biden Is a Clear and Present Danger to the American Way of Life

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by Richard McCarty


A Biden presidency would be a disaster for everyday Americans. If given the chance, Joe Biden will endanger your family’s security, infringe upon your rights, increase your cost of living, lower your home’s value, and hurt your 401(k) – all while killing countless jobs.

For starters, Biden wants to take away your choice to live in the leafy suburbs. During the Obama-Biden Administration, the federal government began trying to increase the population density of the suburbs and to take away the ability of local governments and residents to determine what type of housing was built. If the residents of a suburb wish to urbanize, that is one thing; but the federal government should not be deciding where high-rise apartment complexes are built.

If elected, Biden would make our communities more dangerous. Although we depend upon the police to maintain order and enforce the law, Biden supports defunding the police. In recent years, the American people have seen what happens when police are ordered to back off – chaos and violence rapidly ensues. Nonetheless, when Biden was asked earlier this month, “Do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?” Biden responded, “Yes, absolutely.” He also said that police “become the enemy” when they use surplus military equipment.

When police funding is cut, the super-wealthy, who can afford their own security, and powerful politicians, who have taxpayer-funded security, will be just fine; but almost everyone else will suffer. Housing values will fall, businesses will fail, and everyday citizens will lose some portion of their freedom of movement as they conclude that it is unsafe to go to certain areas or to go out at night. Meanwhile, gangs and criminals will thrive.

Making matters even worse, Biden supports confiscating “assault” weapons. In other words, he wants to make it harder both for the police and for you to protect your family.

In keeping with his soft-on-crime approach, Biden supports abolishing the death penalty, even for heinous crimes. Of course, this means that prison staff will have to deal with the most violent criminals for decades; and decades of incarceration increase the chances that these rapists and murderers will either escape or be freed by bleeding heart liberals.

Biden would kill middle-class jobs. For example, Biden has promised to end “new fracking” and wants to phase out oil and gas. It should be noted that fracking has created 1.7 million jobs, driven down the cost of gasoline and electricity, significantly increased state tax revenues, and made our country much less dependent upon foreign oil and gas producers.

Biden would also kill entry-level jobs by supporting a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. Although most big businesses would be just fine – many would automate and eliminate jobs – many mom-and-pop businesses would not be so lucky. Young, inexperienced workers would also be harmed as businesses chose to hire older, experienced workers rather than train new workers for $15 an hour.

Although many businesses are struggling to survive the coronavirus shutdown, Biden wants to hike taxes. In particular, he wants to raise corporate taxes and to tax carbon emissions. Higher corporate taxes would likely force more small businesses to close; and a carbon tax would lead to higher electric bills and more expensive diesel and gas. Higher electric bills could result in fewer factories and fewer data centers, and higher transportation costs could sink trucking companies. All of which would mean fewer jobs.

Biden’s anti-business policies would also harm consumers, especially those living on fixed incomes, and people investing for retirement. Under a Biden presidency, consumers could expect the price of goods and services to rise, the price of gas to increase, and utility bills to go up. While the affluent might not notice if their heating, cooling, and transportation costs rose, the middle class, the working class, and the poor would certainly notice. By eroding corporate earnings, higher corporate taxes would depress stock prices and lower the value of your 401(k) plan.

As if all of that were not bad enough, Biden has the support of Marxist and former Black Panther Angela Davis. Why does she support him? Because she thinks that Biden will be the “candidate who can be most effectively pressured.”

Throughout his long career in government, Biden has repeatedly been wrong; and he has obviously learned nothing from his mistakes. That is why President Trump is the only sensible choice for voters this fall.

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Richard McCarty is the Director of Research at Americans for Limited Government Foundation.
Photo “Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.







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9 Thoughts to “Commentary: Joe Biden Is a Clear and Present Danger to the American Way of Life”

  1. BLM - Biden Loves Marxism

    Come on America get you head out your A$$ unless you are still trying to see things from the Democrats point of view. It not about saving America it about destroying it and putting those in power you want you to be the serfs. America is about freedom for we the people not about dictatorship of the masses. It not about BLM but about All lives who are protected under We The People. The liberal media is now the tool for the pending destruction of your rights to live in a Freedom.

  2. Jeff Petree

    Biden must go 1 on 1 in PRESIDENTIAL debates against Trump ! The whole world will see Joe get destroyed back DONALD TRUMP ! Joe is incapable to be where he is .” His mind has turned to mush before our eyes as he’s lead along like a circus freak by democrats so they can take over and RUIN everything about America ” This shouldnt be happening ” Joe Biden is a disaster waiting to happen to US !!

  3. William R. Delzell

    His danger comes from his closet-RIGHT winged views. This was the guy who pushed for mass incarceration of poor and non-white folks, who waged the Reagans’ war on drugs, and so forth. He is now trying to mend fences with the Left. His views on foreign and military policy are even to the Right of Trump.

    So, Biden still has a lot of work to do to convince the Left that he has genuinely changed from his old right-wing self. He’ll have to do a lot of convincing before he persuades me to vote for him in the general election.

    1. John

      William, your statement is full of as many holes and Biden’s brain. In fact, I think we’ve found someone with less brains than Biden. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Deplorable Bay Stater


      You are so full of s**t you’re eyes are brown! Nobody with even half a functioning brain cell would associate Joe Biden with right-wing views. Of course, for someone like you who is so far out on the left edge that you can’t even see the center, I suppose everyone looks like a right-winger.

      1. William Delzell

        I was born with blue eyes, but they became brown as a child later on. That’s no insult!

      2. William Delzell

        You obviously don’t remember Biden’s early career ca. forty years ago when he blamed black people (especially male blacks) for everything under the sun–and possibly the sun itself. He capitalized on busing and on the belief that crime came exclusively from black people (especially males) and that ALL black people (especially males) were predators when most were law-abiding citizens who had a JUSTIFIED mistrust of law enforcement as law enforcement had a knee-jerk presumption of guild that let many WHITE criminals of either gender off the hook if law enforcement could frame an innocent black for the crime. Remember Charles Stewart, the white guy who killed his pregnant wife, but who attempted to pin his crime on a black person named Bennet who had a prior record but who had NOTHING to do with this crime. The Boston Police attempted to tamper with evidence that would have let the real criminal get away had not the criminal’s brother turned Charles Stewart in, leading to Stewart’s suicide.

        Law enforcement will have to EARN and KEEP the trust of law-abiding blacks, especially of law-abiding black males (there are numerous numbers of such male blacks) if they are serious about persuading law-abiding blacks to willingly cooperate with police to root out crime and other plagues in the ghetto. Most of our police forces, however, show no willingness to confront their own bigotries, much less to mend fences with solid black citizens of either gender.

  4. Sim

    The sign at my Church says:

    “If God seems far away, who moved”???

    When I joined the Army I swore an oath to defend this country against people such as the Rioters and Looters in the streets and people advocating the same policies Joe Biden is campaigning on,

    Since when do the protesters have a right to loot and destroy but I as a citizen who swore an oath don’t have the right to defend this country from such people when the Government fails???

    Who moved the definition of “RIGHT” from the “Right” to the “Left”????

    Isa 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

    Everything is being turned around “Backwards”, instead of the Citizens “TAKING” charge of their country they have turned it over to the corruption of the Politicians.

    That oath I took is still good, just need a few others who are willing to keep theirs.

  5. Julie

    Biden is not the danger, it is whoever his handlers are. As long as he can still read from a teleprompter he will be serving his purpose.