Google Deliberately Alters Search Results for Breitbart News

by Eric Lendrum


As the 2020 election draws nearer, search engine and tech giant Google is being exposed as engaging in election interference by artificially altering search results to negatively impact right-wing sites, as reported by Breitbart.

Breitbart reports that its own visibility on Google search results has been reduced by as much as 99.7 percent of its previous performance since the 2016 election. In contrast to its performance in April of 2016, when it was among the top ten search results for 355 key search terms, it now ranks in the top ten of only one such search term in the month of July of this year.

Overall search traffic to Breitbart from the Google search engine is down by 63 percent from 2016, with an accompanying graph showing the massive decline taking place abruptly in mid-2017.

The censorship has focused on several particular subjects, including Breitbart’s coverage of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. On May 1st, a search for Joe Biden on Google would generate as much as 30,000 views on Breitbart. But on May 5th, that number suddenly dropped to zero, in a move that was clearly an artificial alteration of the organic search results.

Big Tech censorship of conservatives has become even more apparent in 2020, with some platforms even directly censoring President Donald Trump. Most recently, President Trump spoke out in defense of a group of doctors who gave a press conference in front of the Supreme Court addressing misinformation about the coronavirus and explaining why Hydroxychloroquine is the most effective treatment of the virus yet; Twitter and other platforms have attempted to delete and suppress videos of the doctors’ comments, including temporarily suspending the account of Donald Trump Jr.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Google Censorship” by Mike Mackenzie. CC BY 2.0.







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