Gun Owners of America Endorse Manny Sethi


The Virginia-based Gun Owners of America (GOA) on Thursday endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi.

Sethi and GOA members announced the news on their respective Facebook pages.

Sethi and Bill Hagerty are competing against one another to replace the retiring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) in a Republican primary. State officials have scheduled the election for August 6.

“I’m honored to be endorsed by Gun Owners of America, who are staunch defenders of our Second Amendment rights,” Sethi said in an emailed press release.

“As your next Senator, I believe any law or government action that inhibits any law-abiding citizen from owning or carrying guns in any way is unconstitutional, and I will fight to defend our rights. Our Second Amendment rights ensure the protection of all other Constitutional rights.”

Members founded the GOA in 1975 to preserve and defend gun owners’ Second Amendment rights, according to the organization’s Facebook page.

As The Tennessee Star reported last week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) endorsed Sethi.

“Primaries are a time for choosing. Too many times the Washington swamp tries to trick voters into choosing their preferred candidate. We need conservative fighters in the U.S. Senate that will stand up for our values and that is why I’m endorsing Dr. Manny Sethi for United States Senate. Dr. Manny is a pro-life doctor who will fight to finally repeal Obamacare, defend the Second Amendment, and help get our economy moving again,” Cruz said at the time.

“There’s a reason the Establishment’s throwing everything they’ve got at Dr. Manny these final days—he’s winning. I am urging Tennessee conservatives to stand up to the attacks, join me, and stand with Manny Sethi.”

As also reported, conservative radio and television personality Mark Levin endorsed Sethi.

“I have kids who live in Tennessee, I have grandkids who live in Nashville. If I lived there, I would be voting for him. That’s the bottom line,” Levin said.

“I like that he’s a citizen, a serious doctor, he’s a conservative, and he’s not tied to Romney. Tennessee needs him in the Senate. His opponent is tied so closely to Romney, that if he gets into the Senate, you know damn well what will happen.”

Also as The Star reported, former U.S. Sen Jim DeMint (R-SC) endorsed Sethi. DeMint, known for his work in the Tea Party, is a University of Tennessee graduate and founder of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Individuals including U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY),  Memphis-based Varsity Spirit founder Jeff Webb, and former Congressmen John J. Duncan Jr. have endorsed Sethi as well.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Manny Sethi” by Manny Sethi. Background Photo “Gun Owners of America Endorsement” by Gun Owners of America.







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6 Thoughts to “Gun Owners of America Endorse Manny Sethi”

  1. John

    I hope this endorsement is the nail in the coffin for Hagerty. I’m sick of hearing his lying negatives ads. I’m also appalled at how much PAC money has been spent for these ads, using the tried and true liberal tactic, if you say it enough, eventually it becomes truth.

  2. Kevin

    I know that this gun owner endorsed and voted for Dr. Manny. So, did all of my friends.

  3. Ron Welch

    As a long time member of Gun Owners of America, this is excellent endorsement for Dr. Manny Sethi repudiating the current false negative ads against him alleging that he supports gun control.

    Occasionally, it’s an enemy of freedom and the RKBA who pays you a great compliment. In June 2016, then leftist Democrat Senator Harry Reid said, “The NRA is bad, really bad, but Gun Owners of America is worse than bad.” Thanks, Harry. And congratulations, Manny Sethi!

  4. Julie

    I hope Dr. Sethi wins. Here is why Trump endorsed Hagerty, he has also let the RINOs know he is “on the team.”

  5. Trevor

    Dr Sethi will be a true Tennessee Conservative! No more democrats dressed up like a republican ( Billy Haslam, little Bob Corker, Bill Hagerty, federal Judge Campbell appointed by Trump, a Bob Corker’s recommendation). Remember folks Bill Haslam, was a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors against guns! And then while governor he continuously blocked conceal carry in parking lots and the state capital. Hagerty served Haslam as ECD commissioner. Hagerty=Romney Republican! Time to add diversity to the US senate, generational and racial. Dr Manny will make us proud. Marsha is confused! She was elected senator, not to tell Tennesseans whom to vote for! Marsha has been a big disappointment. Dr Sethi the true Tennessee conservative!!! 🙂

    Thank you for the endorsement, Gun Owners of America!!!

    1. Ron Welch

      Trevor, Haslam and his allies on House Committees also blocked Constitutional Carry which is precisely pursuant to the wording of Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution Declaration of Rights. Therefore obedience to their oath of office to the Tennessee Constitution DEMANDED supporting the right to keep AND CARRY the means of self defense in Tennessee without a permit–just as ALL OTHER RIGHTS!