On Election Eve, Donald Trump Pushes One More Time for Bill Hagerty

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On Wednesday, one day before Thursday’s GOP primary, U.S. President Donald Trump held another tele-town hall for U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, whom he endorsed last year.

“I went to Bill. I said we need your help. I want you to be on our transition team. I appointed him as ambassador to Japan. And he was truly one of our best. He was an incredible ambassador to Japan. They still talk about Bill. He really became legendary over there, and that is why we are doing this next step,” Trump said during a six-minute call.

“As your next senator Bill will be a stalwart defender of our conservative values. He’s proudly pro-life and pro-family and pro-gun. He’s going to be defending that Second Amendment all the way. There is tremendous pressure to take away your guns by the radical left. Nothing happened. But I need Bill. Bill will be a great help.”

Trump went on to say that Hagerty will defend police, fight ANTIFA, and fight against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration.

“Bill will make sure China is held accountable with me, held accountable for the lies and the deceit that unleashed the China virus upon the world. It’s so unfair not only what happened to our country but every country. We now have it in very good shape. We have learned a lot about it,” Trump said.

“We want to open up our schools. A lot of your Democrat mayors and governors don’t want to have the schools open but on the day of the election, you watch what happens. They’ll come out and they’ll say ‘Oh, let’s open up.’ They’re doing it for elections, they are not doing it for what’s right, but we want to open up our schools and our businesses and that is basically what is going to be happening.”

Hagerty and Manny Sethi are competing against one another to replace the retiring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Bill Hagerty and Donald Trump” by Bill Hagerty. 





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One Thought to “On Election Eve, Donald Trump Pushes One More Time for Bill Hagerty”

  1. Kevin

    It’s kind of interesting that if Trump and Hagerty are so close, such good buddies, how come Trump didn’t come to Tennessee and hold a live event? No, this was purely a qui pro quo between Murky Muddy Mitch and the President.

    But the included picture tells the whole story. Notice the skeptical look on President Trump’s face, and how Hagerty has that “no, no, look, look it’s right here”, expression. Like a kid who’s trying to convince his parent that he didn’t steal a cookie.

    My prediction is that President Trump will be calling Dr. Manny very shortly after the race has been declared.