Tennessee Star National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe Details His Recent Interview on Carter Page Acquiring Attorney Lin Wood to His Legal Team


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Tennessee Star National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe to the newsmakers line.

During the second hour, McCabe discussed his recent story at The Star where he interviewed attorney Lin Wood known for the Covington High School case. He explained how Wood decided to help Carter Page in his lawsuit against the claims that he was a Russian spy by joining his legal team.

Leahy: Neil McCabe our good friend! Welcome, Neil. How are you this morning?

McCabe: Phenomenal and getting better every day Michael.

Leahy: Washington journalist. Our National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe is here. And we just published your exclusive story about why Nicolas Sandman’s lawyer joined the Carter Page team. Tell us about that.

McCabe: This attorney Lin Wood actually represented Richard Jewel back in 1996. Richard Jewell is a hero security officer who discovered the backpack bomb in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta on July 27. And he really saved maybe hundreds of lives helping to evacuate buildings and alert law enforcement.

Unfortunately, the bomb went off. One person was killed and 111 were injured. And then instead of being treated like a hero Richard Jewell was literally accused of being the bomber himself and that this was all some sort of sick plot because he was seeking attention. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NBC News, and others basically said he was the bomber.

Well, Lin Wood went on to carry other cases. And he’s the one who is really the brains behind Nicholas Sandman, the boy from Covington High School who was wearing a MAGA hat and accused of being a racist in front of the Lincoln Memorial. And they’ve won lawsuits against CNN and The Washington Post and has now joined the team of Carter Page.

And Carter Page is suing Yahoo News and The Huffington Post which are all owned by the same company. It used to be called Oath. It is now called Verizon Media Group because it’s actually owned by the same Verizon that a lot of people have a cell phone that’s with Verizon. Well, that same company owns The Huffington Post and Yahoo News.

And they basically accused Carter Page who was an aid to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who is a graduate of Annapolis. He was also campaign staffer for the 2016 Trump campaign. Yahoo News and The Huffington Post accused him of being a Russian spy. And of course, we all know and we all remember the Russian collusion hoax. And Carter Page with the FISA warrants and whatnot.

Carter was having some trouble getting his legal stuff together. And he approached Lin Wood. And Lin Wood has now joined his team. And Carter Page has a suit in federal court that was dismissed on procedural grounds. And Lin Wood and Carter Page’s legal team has now refiled that in Delaware state court which is where Verizon Media is based. And they are going after them, Mike.

Leahy: What’s the outcome of that suit look like?

McCabe: Well it’s funny. (Chuckles) What Lin Wood seems really obsessed with is discovery. And what he says is that as soon as they overcome the obligatory motions to dismiss and everything else he expects to put people on the stand who were sources for this Yahoo News and The Huffington Post series of stories.

The most significant of them was one that was written by Michael Isikoff in September of 2016 that went into great detail showing that Carter Page had met with the Russians. Carter Page had been offered the part of a Russian company in exchange for cementing this treaty between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

And of course, none of these meetings happened. And of course, the whole thing was completely made up. But there is a lot of people in Washington, D.C. who are going to receive subpoenas. He wouldn’t give me their names. But basically what he is really chomping at the bit to do is to grab these guys and put them on the stand and force them to testify about their role in feeding Yahoo and Huffington Post this story.

Which of course brings us to Christopher Steele. The Democratic National Committee. Perkins Coie, the democratic law firm was of course was a cut out between Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS and the Hillary Clinton campaign. It’s funny the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele like a million dollars. But on their expense account, they said legal expenses. So it never showed up.

Leahy: They lied about it.

McCabe: Well I think so.

Leahy: Isn’t that a violation of reporting?

McCabe: Well I think so. But it went through Perkins Coie?

Leahy: And the partner who is really the key guy there named Mark Elias at the law firm of Perkins Coie, right?

McCabe: Exactly. And of course, the partner who is really the key guy there is Mark Elias. And so when we see all of this voter fraud and election fraud.

Leahy: It’s all Mark Elias, right? He’s the voter fraud guy.

McCabe: He’s the guy. And of course, I couldn’t help asking Lin Wood what he has planned for the Covington High School case and Nicholas Sandman. And so they actually have six more lawsuits to go, Mike. They have ABC. They have CBS. They have NBC. They have The Rolling Stone. They have The New York Times.

And it’s like they are going to go after all those guys. And the thing about these lawsuits against the other media outlets is it’s going to be in the same courtroom in Covington, Kentucky. Same judge. (Leahy chuckles) Same everything. They’ve proven their case twice. And they’re just going to keep going.

Leahy: Keep proving it. How did you get this interview with Lin Wood, the famous attorney? That’s a pretty good get on your part.

McCabe: You know all priesthoods are based on mystery Michael. (Leahy laughs) I’m not going to tell everybody how I do my job. Come on.

Leahy: But he’s a very hard guy to get a hold of.

McCabe: It took me a few weeks of sort of interacting with him and we built a level of trust. He doesn’t do a lot of media interviews.

Leahy: That’s my point. He went with The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network’s National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe and didn’t talk to most other media outlets. (McCabe chuckles) That’s pretty good Neil. A tip of the hat to you.

McCabe: I’d like to write up some of the Richard Jewell stuff and some of the stuff he told me about Covington in the near future. We really spoke for a fairly long time. Wonderful guy. He actually wanted to retire Mike.

And when Nicholas Sandman was sort of stuck in this situation and people came to Lin Wood and asked him to help, he wasn’t expecting to be back in the game. And you can pretty much say that if he’s suing half a dozen major national media outlets and representing Carter Page I think that pretty much puts you back in the game.

Leahy: Well the reports were that when they settled with The Washington Post and CNN it was a 250 million dollar lawsuit. I don’t know how much they settled for but I think there were a lot of zeros there.

McCabe: And there were people from CNN and The Washington Post who both sort of Tweeted that it was a nuisance payoff and that it wasn’t that bad.

Leahy: Yeah trying to spin it.

McCabe: But if there is a non-disclosure agreement you are not supposed to talk about it. Actually he’s going to try and get people fired who ended up tweeting about it.

Leahy: They deserve it. They are trying to spin it. Neil W. McCabe, a spectacular interview that nobody else in the media in the country has. We have it at The Tennessee Star thanks to the great work of our friend Neil W. McCabe.

McCabe: Under your leadership Michael of course.

Leahy: Of course! (Laughs) Neil McCabe. Great job. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Neil.

Listen to the second hour here:

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