Rutherford County Schools Tell Parents Not to Monitor Their Child’s Virtual Classrooms


Parents of students who attend Rutherford County Schools (RCS) must agree not to monitor their child’s online classroom sessions.

Officials at all county schools are asking parents to sign forms agreeing not to watch these virtual classes.

The Tennessee Star received a copy of such a form this week.

“RCS strives to present these opportunities in a secure format that protects student privacy to the greatest extent possible, however because these meetings will occur virtually RCS is limited in its ability to fully control certain factors such as non-student observers that may be present in the home of a student participating in the virtual meeting,” according to the form.

“RCS strongly discourages non student observation of online meetings due to the potential of confidential information about a student being revealed.”

The form asks parents for their signature and warns that “violation of this agreement may result in RCS removing my child from the virtual meeting.”

RCS spokesman James Evans addressed the matter in an email to The Star this week.

“We are aware of the concern that has been raised about this distance-learning letter that was sent to parents. The intent was not to prevent parents from being involved with their children during distance learning, but it was intended to protect the academic privacy of other students in the classroom who are visible during certain virtual class sessions,” Evans said.

“We have issued new guidance to principals that parents can assist their children during virtual group lessons with permission of the instructor but should refrain from sharing or recording any information about other students in the classroom.”

Evans did not elaborate.

As reported Friday, 50 miles away, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles said  “NO!!!” to Gov. Bill Lee’s Big Brother-style child wellbeing program that plans to send government officials to families’ homes to do welfare checks of children.

The Tennessee Department of Education says it released a toolkit on child wellbeing checks to ensure the needs of children are being met during and after extended periods away from school. It is promoted as protecting children.

The department earmarked $1 million in COVID-19 funds to set up regional overseers to work with districts, which are encouraged to apply. A grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will give funding for eight regional staff members to work across the state.

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131 Thoughts to “Rutherford County Schools Tell Parents Not to Monitor Their Child’s Virtual Classrooms”

  1. […] he has to be more careful with his words now that parents can listen to online class sessions. Some school districts have gone so far as to ask parents to sign a disclaimer that they will not watch class […]

  2. […] are requiring parents to sign papers saying they will not listen to their child's classes. The Tennessee Star first reported that Rutherford County Schools in Tennessee was requiring parents to sign such a […]

  3. Thanks for the useful information!!

  4. Sherry Spilman

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Owasso v. Falvo reiterated that public school students have no expectation of privacy.

    Found on Wrightslaw

  5. Kaleb Castleberry

    I think parents should check on their kid once in awhile to see how they are doing, but I don’t think the parents should watch them the whole class or the whole period.

    1. Zachary Minkiewicz

      I agree, and with the parents staying in the entire period/class, they could give the kid answers or help they don’t need, having their child learn nothing.

    2. Joseph Marra

      Kaleb that’s why we have the problems we have. You may choose to do what you want with your children. But do to Teachers wanting their union agendas to be continued they seem to be indoctrinating our children to beliefs we think are dangerous to support their agenda. We pay their salaries. Therefore we have the right to make sure our children are educated not indoctrinated.

  6. Jeffrey Abell

    What is this school system trying to hide from the parents, is it the Marxist indoctrination, is it the fact they are teaching inaccurate history of our nation, or is it the false idea of white privilege?

    1. L M S

      Maybe this is the covid silver lining-educational transparency.

  7. Kathleen Wagner

    Nobody should be saying or doing anything in a classroom that requires privacy. As previous commenters have pointed out, this is supposed to be school, not group therapy and not a consciousness-raising session. If it’s all right for the other students to hear it it’s all right for parents to hear it.

    1. Bob

      With the horrendous record of children being sexually abused by male and female teachers….190000 from 1991 to 2000…..with the absolute lack of schools to protect children in the classroom from attacks by assassins and unwillingness to have police protect them(by defunding them) and with the lack of respect by school educators, administrations and the department of education to teach correctly history I will in no way adhere to their requirements. I am recording every season with my child and if any social justice criteria is taught I will immediately tale it to marsh’s blackburn and FOX news. I will distribute the recordings as I see fit to protect my child and raise him to think opposite of these criteria being pushed onto students. The school is to teach children reading, writing math. Of you can’t respect my wishes that I payfor through taxation then I will not honor your laws either.

  8. Susan Marshall

    This is worthy of the Babylon Bee. This is actually why parents should demand monitoring of classrooms– obviously to determine that their children aren’t being bullied Either by students or teachers, (but we don’t have to add that detail) and we can “protect the childrens’ privacy” by not having a teacher body-cam, but a “nanny-cam” at the back of the class so the kids’ faces are not seen. Teacher accountable, kids remain anonymous. If kids’ need to do “chalkwork”, then have a board out of sight of the nanny-cam. Just have a small area (lectern, board, and other display area for teacher’s displays to be seen in background, but kids’ don’t need to go to that location to participate).

    1. Melody Nossem

      Good idea. In today’s school environment all activies need to be monitored. Me I’m not a fan of big brother tactics, but the schools have brought this on themselves.

  9. Caty

    What do they have or want to hide? Parents have a Right to know what their children are learning! Are teachers indoctrinating them in any way? Are teachers teaching them Negative stuff? If that’s not it, then why don’t they want parents to see their classes? They should be able to give a good reason for not wanting the parents watching!! WHY?
    I didn’t say anything because , because my opinion was not showed!!!

    1. Trina

      It doesn’t say the parent from what I can see. I understand this need for a couple of reasons.

      1. It can be disruptive if they consistently interrupt (and you know they will).

      2. It can be to protect your child. Others can have people monitoring your child w bad intent. There is no way to know.

      I think their issue is that they need to state that parents can quietly monitor. People are so quick to personalize offense that they need it stated and maybe laid out step by step how this is for their child’s well being.

  10. Mike Rotch

    What do they have to hide?

    1. Caty

      Maybe the want to indoctrinate them on false history, or other things I think about but would not write here! What is there to hide? Parents should know “WHAT” teachers are teaching their kids, no matter what the subject is. They want to hide from parents for some negative reason. Parents, be on the “LOOK OUT” for these teachers!

    2. Kathleen Wagner

      Well, exactly.

  11. L. R.

    This is exactly the same issue that has just been uncovered in other schools. In the article above one teacher, Matthew R. Kay, was caught posting that he was worried about parents discovering he was indoctrinating students with a radical left agenda and colluding with other teachers how best to prevent parents from catching on.

  12. Sidney

    Not only will we be watching, we’ll be recording in our house. We encourage others to do so as well. These teachers, whose salaries we pay – not to mention equipment and facilities – can stuff it. The value of the digital product is we can watch lessons repeatedly. Shouldn’t be a problem if they’re quality lessons, ie: everyone’s doing their job. Cheers!

  13. E=mcTriangle

    I’ve tried to comment on this article 3 times…maybe I have to reframe the comment.

    Go to the most popular search engine and type in “Philadelphia teacher conservative parents”.

    This situation seems to pattern itself after the Philadelphia model of not wanting parents to sit in on distance learning sessions.

  14. Jocko Smth

    America-haters unmasked at last. One good thing coming out of the pandemic.

    Say it with me:

    “If they don’t want you to see, it’s because they’re up to no good.”

    ANYONE who specifically asks parents to not watch the class is evil. And I’m married to a teacher, who thinks their ilk should be fired outright.

  15. DelVita Ahmed

    That’s a BIG no-no. Children belong to their parents, not the government or school systems.

    1. Im not trying to start anything, but children aren’t property. We don’t belong to anyone. We are under the care of the parent, but they do not own us. One day children will get tired of their oppressive caretakers.
      Viva la revolution

      1. Taarna

        You either have really awful parents or are a victim of the brainwashing already. I was a kid too, and I was rebellious, but when I GREW UP, I realized Mom was trying to protect me even though it did not seem that way at the time, I was just being “repressed” by mean ol’ Mom.
        Khai, be careful, there is a lot of bad stuff out there and I experienced more than I could say first hand while out disobeying my “oppressive mother.” I wish to God I had the respect & insight to have listened to her instead of the bad things that did happen to me that I will carry with me forever. I am not lecturing you either, I just hope something I say will stick so you don’t get into bad situations with bad people.

    2. Cheryl Cotton

      This requirement is telling us that our children belong to the state and they have the responsibility to teach them amp make up the rules. Well, folks, these children and we’re given to us by God to love and protect. The states are even trying to outlaw homeschooling. Which my husband and I finally opted to do when we realized what our children were being taught in a “christen” school. If it’s hidden and you cannot see it, they are hiding something. And communism has been taught in schools for years right under our noses. Time to wake up and take control.

  16. I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow our children to be indoctrinated in the pagan (a.k.a. “public”) schools. We must rescue our children! See specifics at I am not raising funds. My goal is to rescue children.

    1. Cynthia Thatcher

      Rescue the children from whom? Their parents ?
      The audacity that anyone knows better how to educate or raise their children or what values to instill other than parents is beyond incredible. Teacher teach your own and keep your indoctrinatating theories and beliefs to your self . For the love of humanity . Talk about over reach! God helps us all

    2. Sue

      If any student is able to state what beliefs their teacher has, that teacher is worthless.

    3. George

      Free Public Schools for all children is the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto.
      You reap what you sow!

  17. mike deiters

    what on earth is going on in the mind of educators / administrators that thought this type of orwellian mind control would be a good idea. TN is a proud Red State, this type of stuff is straight out of California or NY. Fire the people that came up with these ideas!

  18. Mr. J

    If ever there was a warning sign that you SHOULD monitor the classes and be directly informed of what the teachers are trying to indoctrinate into your kids’ minds, this is it.

    Do not let teachers indoctrinate your children. This is how you destroy a good mind with communistic teachings.

  19. mike deiters

    don’t want you to hear their liberal indoctrination, TN can do better, get rid of the people that came up with this nonsense

  20. JReder White

    They can request, but they cannot mandate. This really does violate the Constitution. If privacy is important to these educators, then there privacy of the home should be sacred, not the privacy of the public sector or the public school.

    Look. I’m a teacher. Teachers who think that classroom discussions bring out reality from their students are deceived. The intimidation of the student body is far more important to students than is the intimidation of their parents. A teacher may feel that she is a trusted medium of truthful discussion is being self-important.

    Students control what other students say in the classroom with the social manipulative available to them outside of the classroom. Bullies shout down the opinions of others and have retaliatory methods if the teacher opens the opportunity for quiet ones to state their opinions anyway. Many of these students have years of baggage dealing with these blowhards and influencers. One classroom discussion led by a caring adult does not negate this practice.

    We teachers need to do our jobs and teach, not counsel or act as priests of the progressive, new social order.

    If a teacher recognizes, in private conversation, that a student is struggling with an issue, then the teacher can direct the student to the appropriate help.

    If, on the other hand, a teacher wants to bring up a sensitive issue for discussion, that teacher needs to know how to do so in a public forum in an appropriately public manner.

    1. LORI BUSH

      Oh hail no!!! Ima keep an eye on my kid to make sure he’s on track and physically redirect him if necessary. In the classroom the teacher can do this. With distance learning (s)he is powerless to stop aimless doodling, napping at the desk, or other self-distraction behaviors. I’m my home it is my responsibility to keep my kid on task, meaning I’m going to monitor him. Admin doesn’t like it? Too bad!

    2. ajh

      Or maybe the teacher (and school board) don’t want the parents to be aware the children are being indoctrinated with leftist, anti-American propaganda instead be taught the subjects the teacher is paid to teach

    3. Tom

      Someone should organize a parent’s union and use it to control curriculum to the extent that parents can see what their children are being taught.

      1. Larry

        Now that’s a Union I could support! Great suggestion- fighting fire with fire!

    4. George

      You’ve made some excellent points here, but the bottom line is it’s not the responsibility of the state to educate children. This is the responsibility of the parents! The Socialistic/Communistic/Authoritarian public school system is anathema to any American concept of Liberty. Children are forced, under penalty of prison for their parents and foster care for themselves, to attend classes with underachievers and violent bullies where they’re taught to obey those bigger and more powerful than themselves, then thrust into adulthood unprepared. Public schools in America should be abolished.

  21. Steve Cherry

    Just another way to cover for bad teachers. Exactly what teachers unions have been doing for years

  22. Kevin K

    Here’s what my take would be: if my child is using the computer I paid for, the wireless I paid for, and being taught by teachers my taxes pay for in the house I pay for, then I have every right to monitor what I want. How about that?

    1. John Curran

      Parents have the God-given right and responsibility to be the primary educators of their children. The parents have, in effect, hired the schools and teachers to teach their children. So, it is the parents who should be setting the terms and conditions of the education of their children, not the other way around. Parents should require the teachers to sign forms that state the teachers will welcome the parental involvement and monitoring of classroom activities, virtual or real. Sometimes, evening Tennessee folks get the cart before the horse.

    2. ina (@ina73827837)


  23. Art Almarez

    If Class is online then parents should have the right to put their kids in whatever class the deem fit. Parents should receive a voucher so that they can fund the schools of their choice. Though the powers that be want to think that they they are overseers of all impressionable minds, they are Not. NOT YOUR BODY, NOT YOUR CHOICE.

    1. George

      How about we all get to keep our money, and parents raise their children themselves, and the public school employees can go find another job?

  24. Sarah Howell

    I know that this is nuts but it seems like a lot of commenters are also glossing over them saying that THEY WANT TO SEND PEOPLE TO DO A “WELLNESS CHECK” ON THE STUDENTS IN THEIR OWN HOMES. That is even more alarming! It’s lunacy. They don’t want you to listen in on what they’re teaching your children and want to come into YOUR home. School systems are pushing to have control of children. I didn’t used to believe it when people said schools were trying to indoctrinate students but as time goes on, I’m seeing the truth in that more and more. They have no rights to people’s children. NONE. Their job is to teach them the subjects they’re paid to teach and THATS THAT.

    1. Robert

      My eyes opened a lot this year. I withdrew my kids from public school and am now homeschooling. It’s kicking my but physically since I also work full time, but worth it.

  25. Bryon Rogers

    The communist state now being brought into full swing “For the Greater good”… Wake up America…

  26. Robert Sattelberger

    If the information is confidential it should not be shared with other students. This needs to be investigated.

  27. Dana

    People who have nothing to hide, don’t hide. These parents had better get their kids away from these unfit adults.

  28. Mohammed

    I dont want my child observed by other adults in the homes of other students. I certainly don’t want another student’s parent to secretly record my child as he appears on the screen. So, I have decided to homeschool this year. I dont for one second believe that signing waivers is really going to prevent invasion of privacy. Relying on the honor system is naive.

    Parents with these concerns who cannot homeschool should ask for real privacy measures, like allowing students to turn off or cover their camera when they are called on to speak. Tell students to turn off their microphone when they are not speaking. The district could provide lightweight folding screens so the inside of the home is not on camera.

    I suspect this is not about student privacy at all, but about teacher privacy. They dont want parents to see how bad public education is.

    1. John Nicholas

      My children are both grown and gone, I understand your concerns with other parents … especially having the ability to record (what happens when someone decides to manipulate the video?), and 100 percent agree this is about teachers and not the students. I am old enough to remember teachers asking parents to observe classes.

    2. Douglas Phillips

      Agree with you

    3. Elora Pilgreen

      The government run teachers union don’t want parents to know what they are teaching our children , That’s the reason . Look at America today and all that is happening , young people hating America , they did not learn this at home ( maybe some homes )
      Parents start home schooling . Maybe learn to not have two incomes , you won’t have as much material items but your children will certainly be better citizens
      Than a lot of what we have today .

    4. No Commies

      Yep! For THIS very reason, ALL parents should DEFINITELY observe every class from now on. This should raise all of the red flags and set off alarm bells for every parent. Record it too. If you don’t share it and only use it as a tool to review with your child any homework or classwork, it should be fine.

  29. karon L adams

    Send me a form like that, it will come back with GFY! written across it. and you come to my HOME demanding to inspect to ensure *I* am properly caring for MY child and I’ll have you arrested for trespass.

  30. Janet

    Allow the children to feel safe sharing their life, fears, concerns, failures and victories with their peers without worrying about their friend’s parents listening in and getting involved. Let school at home be like school on campus. Teachers are trained to deal with anything inappropriate or a danger to their students.

    1. Penrod

      What about when the teachers are the ones teach in inappropriate material?

    2. Frank

      That’s not your job. Your job is to teach math science English. Nothing else

      1. Carl Watson

        Well said.

      2. Kenny Tomlin

        And don’t forget American history

    3. Pearl

      School is not the proper forum for minors to be “sharing their life, fears, concerns, failures and victories” with peers or anyone else. School is supposed to be a place of learning, not group therapy. The fact is that public “education” has long ago been perverted into indoctrination. Parents who learn what these miscreants are up to will certainly withdraw their children and that is the reason for the secrecy. They should lose all funding and shut down for good.

      1. Carl Watson

        Well said.

    4. Maria Elena

      Students should NOT be airing personal matters during class. Oh man, whatever happened to schools to deviate so far from Math, Literature, Science, and History? Kids can communicate the personal stuff to their friends on all the social media apps outside of class. Email the teachers.

      My kids don’t want to hear about your kid’s fears and victories when they’re trying to learn how to take the derivative of a function. I do feel sorry for all the emotionally leaky children, but their parents need to teach them to put a cork in it during school and save it for the shrink.

    5. E Barton

      What happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic? In what class do students share a lot of personal feelings? We didn’t have any such classes when I was in school.

  31. When adults ask children to keep secrets from parents, it is a sign of an abusive relationship.

    1. It sure isnt a good sign !
      Unbelievable, the nervo of the trachers unions that are pushing this .

  32. Da Bear

    Both kids went to private school, and the classrooms all had three or chairs for parents to come and observer at any time.

    Parents, tell the district to go pound sand.

  33. Christopher Bannister

    Okay then…. SIMPLE SOLUTION….
    Provide an AUDIO ONLY link into the class sessions for the parents…. this way… parents can be ASSURED that their children are NOT being subjected to liberal indoctrination… and are being taught legitimate history, civic, math, science, sociology.

    I bet they won’t do this for the parents…. let’s see.

    1. Tanny L Cross

      Anyone with the Zoom meeting ID and password can logon from anywhere. Parents can do this, keep the video off, mute audio. RCS is playing games. Be smarter.

  34. John

    If it can’t be discussed in front of parents it doesn’t need to be talked about in front of other students!

  35. Richard Wilson

    Nope! Not the same when it comes to MY home. Schools reaching too far. Probably have no right to require virtual learning anyway.

  36. Pearl

    Explain to me why school officials WANT TO HIDE their activities from parents. This should be considered an admission of their unfitness to teach or have access to young minds. Under no circumstances would a good parent allow their child to be instructed by such nefarious, untrustworthy, agents of the left, MUCH LESS SIGN SUCH A STATEMENT.

    1. George

      Yeesh, you would think the school officials would realize that this type of request will only force parents to pay MORE attention to what the heck is going on with their kids.

    2. Nows the perfect opportunity for parents to see whats going on, and weigh in.

  37. Joseph Edelen

    All parents should abstain from signing. Let the school have to explain the increase in home schooling as their budget gets cut.

  38. Matthew

    An Alternative would be allow the parent to take the online courses at the same time with the same content. Then the parent could decide if it’s ok for them to be teaching the subject to their children. Any variation from the school administration guidelines should be grounds for dismissal. And if the guidelines are political or other offensive subjects then the school board should be dismissed. Far and even punishment for infractions.

  39. Bill

    Any school system the tells parents not to listen should be a red flag and all parents should listen to every aspect of the failed instruction they are about to spew into the minds of children.

  40. Mojo Jojo

    School’s ONLY purpose is to prepare children for adulthood, not push the left’s pinko agenda.

    1. Hurtaugh Fortinbush

      Public education’s main purpose is absolutely to indoctrinate students in the prevailing Marxist ideology, to teach them how to conform their thoughts to it, and to teach them to comply with what they’re being fed by the state, in school. It is not to prepare them for adulthood, and it is not to teach them how to think critically. In fact, critical thinking is out, and critical theory is in, and you better learn about it while there’s still time to slow it down and maybe stop it, before it eats your guts.

      Preparing children for adulthood is the the responsibility of parents, ultimately. But most parents have chosen to abdicate that responsibility to the state’s public education system, and the gift of SARS-Cov-19 is that what the state is doing to their kids is starting to come out into the open just a little. Dig deeper people.

  41. David Snipes

    Don’t you know that they really can’t change history if kids parents are privy to it. Teacher Unions are already making demands , supporting BLM , and listening to antifa. For Christ sake…they are requiring children to know and understand and accept LGBT .First teacher that told one of my children that gender is a choice would have to hide from that day forward. If that’s your thing…whatever, but a child’s mind is innocent and they do not need to be confused by some liberal teacher that is going to tell Mikey that it’s ok to act like a Michelle. ABSOLUTELY NO GENDERISM school!

    1. Jo

      Oh my goodness! Read the article. Every year parents have to sign a waiver that says that the school does have permission to take a picture of a child and use it in any publications such as newsletters, or they deny the right. That’s exactly what all of this is about if you would read the article. Other parents don’t have the right to take pictures or videos that include other children without consent. The stance was changed to allow parents to participate, but to promise not to take any pictures or videos because other parents have the right to protect their children’s privacy. Stop this nonsense !

      1. Jen

        You and I both know the government knows how to word things in their favor. If it was ONLY about photos/videos, then that’s what it would have said.

      2. Eric

        You must be involved in this to take the board’s side.

  42. JanD

    This is not to protect the students, this is to permit continuous, unmitigated, anti-white agenda and distorted history, so that parents don’t know what they’re paying for until their kids are in graduate school. Also part of the well publicized Muslim Brotherhood agenda. Who’s kidding whom?

  43. Donald F. Ardito

    please continue this and let us know what is happening in those schools. it would be see what is happening in those school systems.

  44. Gary

    …….keep the DEEP STATE out of our U.S.A. SCHOOLS…….. !

    1. Jo

      Please the article.. Other parents don’t have the right to take pictures or videos that include other children without consent.Every year parents have to sign a waiver that says that the school does have permission to take a picture of a child and use it in any publications such as newsletters, or they deny the right. That’s exactly what all of this is about if you would read the article The stance was changed to allow parents to participate, but to promise not to take any pictures or videos because other parents have the right to protect their children’s privacy. Stop this nonsense !

  45. Jo

    Big brother’s watching you [ and your kids ]. But, I also have a gut feeling its not just all that, but too, don’t watch what we’re putting out for the kids to see and learn…which could be anything and perhaps immoral.

    1. Roger Jessup

      Perhaps some concern that the public might pickup on how much socialist indoctrination is in the course material?

  46. Bothered Bob

    This would make me, as a parent, VERY suspicious. What is the school trying to hide from us? Are they, in fact, trying to teach the children the ‘alphabet-starting-the-letter-L’ way of life? Are they trying to brainwash the children into socialism/communism/Marxism as the colleges have done? As a parent, I would want to know what they are teaching my children, and I would NOT sign anything that says I can’t observe what they are teaching. I would also start a petition to get the other parents not to sign, and to make the school district show us the curriculum as well as observe EVERY subject being taught. This is simply wrong.

  47. Steve Earle

    What are they trying to hide? Seems if nothing bad is going on they would be open and above board. No parent has to sign any such paper it is not in the best interest of their kids seems to me.

  48. Rich

    The warning is to keep parents away finding out why America has moved down to 11th (or worse) Ranking in K-12 Education in the world, even though we Incinerate more dollars for K-12 education than any other nation.

  49. Doc

    A great indication that educators don’t want parents to know what the teachers are elling their children. Government liberalism/socialism indoctrination schools.

  50. Doug Carter

    They don’t want parents watching when Susan is whisked away for a secret abortion or when they ask Jack if he would rather be a Jackie and have the school help him through the operation. Things like that.

  51. Jerry

    It is time to quit talking to the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, if they try to get away with this start shooting

    1. Sagebrush

      Sounds a lot like Communist China education style teaching.

  52. Tommy

    To think that the school believes there is something the teacher should be privy to that a parent shouldn’t is astounding. Or is it? Nowadays, we all realize the reason behind this – they know they are doing wrong and are doing everything they can to hide it.

  53. Tommy WIENKE

    To think that the school believes there is something the teacher should be privy to that a parent shouldn’t is astounding. Or is it? Nowadays, we all realize the reason behind this – they know they are doing wrong and are doing everything they can to hide it.

  54. Brenda Black

    They dont want you to know they are brainwashing them, as they have been since the millenial generation.

    1. Marlene

      That was my first thought!

  55. Janet

    Absolutely bizarre. There shouldnt be a single parentin agreement with this. I hope all of them decide to home school.

    1. Sagebrush

      I think we seriously need to rethink just who is teaching our kids.

  56. jami Brizendi

    Any parent should have every right to visit the classroom where their child is receiving instruction in a public or private school. There has been far too much indoctrination, and too mch cancel culture going on for far too many years.

  57. I could certainly see there being issues during instruction on evolution.

  58. Stevie Nichts

    Even if parents do become aware that their kids’ teachers are indoctrinating them… what can you do about it? If the kid doesn’t parrot back the proper words, the kid gets failing grades.

    Homeschooling is taking off like gangbusters, and this is a primary reason why.

  59. Tamara W.

    No student should be revealing confidential information in the classroom. Public school classrooms are public and it is a violation of the public trust for teachers to teach content while hiding it from parents.

  60. Joe Lammers

    So the Rutherford County School Board doesn’t want parents to watch their children’s indoctrination, uh, “education”. One wonders why.

  61. Kathy

    Parents 20 years ago I took my children out of public schools when they put police in the schools. I felt the needed to be children before worrying about issues like what was happening. I now have 2 children and I am homeschooling again. It is ultimately a parents job and rigjt to teach and know what is being taught to your child.
    At no time does the government have the right to tell you what can and cant be done with your child. It is your right do not be a sheep and follow question anything ur gut says is wrong. All 7 who homeschooled 20 years ago own their own businesses and are all successful and no issues from being at home learning…

  62. Electronic Person

    If school – and by extension, government – officials want parents and voters to sign forms “to protect the privacy of students”, maybe we should ask “Why then are students not taught individually, because in a PUBLIC classroom setting, the other students will see and hear those violations of privacy?”
    We should also demand the same types of contractual agreements from school teachers, administrators, and politicians – across the board – so that we the parents and voters can ensure that they will/are not violating our privacy and the privacy of our children. That contract between adults needs to include legal, financial, personal penalties for those appointed and elected bureaucrats of all stripes who violate privacy laws, and federal code which specifically protects the Rights of Citizens.

  63. Anne

    This is one of many instances I’ve been seeing recently of “educators” expressing apprehension at the thought of parents seeing what’s being taught. If you are teaching something to my child that you know I would not approve, and try to keep me away while you do it, then you are grooming, not teaching.

    We are very happy with our decision to homeschool

  64. S.S.

    I thought they retracted the “well-being” tool kit. Is the end of this article a way of letting us know that it’s still in effect?

  65. Amielou

    Seems to me like they don’t want the parents knowing what they’re teaching. You can go to a school and you can sit in on class if you want to. They need to remember these are public schools paid by parents tax money. You don’t have to look over their shoulder but if I wanted to hear what is going on I will hear it. Maybe the parents ought to start going and sitting in on a few classes when they start back to real school.

  66. Dave

    The parents have a right to know what’s being shoveled into their children’s minds under the guise of “education”.

  67. PJ

    The teachers need to study their grammar.

    It should be ” greatest extent possible; however, because…”

  68. 83ragtop50

    I would also be ashamed to be monitored considering the quality and accuracy of what is being taught in public schools.

    1. Charlie Obrien

      That would be a “lack of accuracy and quality” which there is a definite lack there of!

  69. rick

    Rutherford Co Schools if there is a better explanation, it needs to be given.
    Talking about shooting yourself in the foot. A true sign someone is getting to big for their britches, what about it school board!

  70. Sharon Kilzer

    There is no way in hades i would ever agree to this. That’s like signing a blank check and handing it to a stranger. Any parent who agrees to such has abdicated the right to be a parent.

  71. Kelly Wyatt

    Distant learning is an extension of the classroom and parents are not in the classroom during traditional learning. Allow the teachers to teach without distractions.
    My child has mentioned he needs to pay attention to the class and he doesn’t want me looking over his shoulder. Stay out of the classroom!

    1. Deborah S Tucker

      In traditional learning my living room is not the classroom. I’m going to hear anything that is said, it is impossible not to. That does not mean I will be distracting my child. It means my house is small enough you can hear the computer anywhere in the house.

    2. Stevie Nichts

      So would you also suggest that parents not ask their kids what they’re being taught?
      Do you review your child’s’ homework assignments?
      Do you care what kids are being taught?

      No, this sounds an awful lot like “What are they hiding?” This sounds like that Philly teacher worried that “conservative parents” will overhear what he’s teaching.

    3. John Moore

      Kelly, are you really that indoctrinated yourself not to see what is actually going on within these school districts? Kids are NOT being taught the truth about anything. You as a parent, have no business being a parent, if that is your belief. By allowing this, you are also allowing you kids to be brainwashed and not educated. Another point is that, you are the child’s parent, not their friend. Be a real parent and take the initiative to find out what your kids are being taught in school. You might just find out that you’re not a smart as you thought and realize that kids are actually being indoctrinated against you.

    4. Kathleen Wagner

      And when you find out – after it’s too late – that your child has been indoctrinated to hate your country, your faith, and your morals, remember that you had the chance to prevent it but you wouldn’t do it. Because that will be the truth.

  72. Virginia Mae Walker

    Seems Andy Ogles is the only Mayor who isn’t under the spell of Lee and his Orwellian mandates. Maury County feels like the only safe place for now

  73. Mike Johnson

    Orwellian insanity! Pull your child from public schools and form local homeschooling groups. This is totally outrageous!

  74. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Sort of makes you wonder what’s going on that the school administrators don’t want parents to know about…we don’t have any such restrictions where I live — or anywhere else, as far as I can tell — and I can only imagine what would happen if anyone tried to implement such a policy here.

    1. Julie

      They don’t want parents aware of the one-sided, leftist viewpoints that are being taught to their children. It has nothing to do with the other kids attending the virtual classroom. So basically if you don’t follow what is in the form you signed and tried to make a complaint later you are in violation.