Nashville Judge Rules in Favor of Left-Wing Activist Justin Jones


A judge in Nashville just made left-wing activist Justin Jones a happy man.

Jones has led demonstrations against the police at Legislative Plaza for the past few months. As reported last year, authorities banned Jones from inside the Tennessee capitol building after he threw a cup at then-Speaker of the House Glen Casada.

Jones updated his followers of his latest developments on his Facebook page.

“The judge denied the District Attorney’s motion to ban me from the Capitol grounds and require electronic GPS monitoring. The state filed this motion at the direction of Gov. Bill Lee’s appointed commissioner and stated I was a ‘danger to public safety,’” Jones said.

Jones, in his post, did not identify the judge.

“One important note in the judge’s ruling is stressing the seriousness of the government restricting people’s constitutional right to free movement especially in issues of moral dissent and protest,” Jones wrote.

“Grateful for this step forward for protecting constitutional rights, especially after last night’s passage of extreme anti-protestor bills in the Tennessee legislature.”

Staff for Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk said Friday they were still working on gathering information for The Tennessee Star concerning the identity of the judge and additional information about Jones’ case.

As The Star reported last month, recent protests at the State Capitol have forced the Tennessee Highway Patrol to spend nearly $900,000 in overtime costs. And that’s just between May 31, around the time the protests started, up until June 30.

As reported in June, Tennessee Highway Patrol officers removed protesters’ extra equipment from Legislative Plaza after they failed to comply with an agreement made between the two sides. Demonstrators renamed the plaza the Ida B. Wells Plaza. Wells was an early civil rights leader.

When organizers started this protest on June 12, they asked for “government officials to defund and demilitarize the police, remove what they call racist statues, and fire Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson.”

As The Star reported, Anderson recently vacated his position.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Justin Jones” by Justin Jones. 






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3 Thoughts to “Nashville Judge Rules in Favor of Left-Wing Activist Justin Jones”

  1. Dave

    This is the state of our current justice system: protect lawless radicals & anarchists, punish law-abiding registered gun owners, & silence conservative voices. The leftists can expect a huge backlash in November!

  2. lb

    He has funding for his Activism, Lawyers, etc. WHERE is there an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER who will do some digging on this guy?
    He supposedly graduated in 2017 but he can camp at the Capital for months–HOW does he afford to do that? Does he work? Where? How does he pay his bills? Who funds his Activism and Attorney Fees?
    It is PAST time someone exposes this fraud from Oakland

  3. 83ragtop50

    Jones needs to go back to the bastion of left-wing insanity called Vanderbilt where he fits in perfectly.