FOX Nation Host Tomi Lahren calls Nashville Mayor John Cooper ‘A Little Tyrant’


FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren tore apart Nashville Mayor John Cooper late last week during her Final Thoughts segment and called him “a little tyrant” for how he has managed the city during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lahren, who recently moved to Nashville, compared the city to her former home of Los Angeles.

“First it was our mayor’s stay-at-home order back in March, which he extended all the way through May, even when our neighboring cities and counties reopened. Then it was the phased reopening that gave us all a little hope, only to be dashed when he pulled the rug out from underneath us about a month ago, returning us to Phase Two,” Lahren said.

“Yes, this was after he announced a 34 percent property tax increase to pay for his shutdown after he encouraged BLM protests, which led to the historic courthouse being set on fire and historic Lower Broadway looted and ravaged. Then it was the mask mandate. Then it was the announcement Nashville students wouldn’t be returning to classrooms. And when that wasn’t enough what did the little tyrant do? He forced bars to close and imposed a 10 p.m. curfew on restaurants, a move that crushed and continues to crush Nashville bars, businesses, employees, musicians and residents who rely on tourism and nightlife to survive.”

Lahren said that Nashville officials are allowing a nearby strip club to stay open until 3 a.m. Mondays through Thursdays and until 5 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. She also said Metro Nashville Police officers are spending their time downtown “making sure masks don’t fall beneath the nose” instead of protecting the city from violent crime.

“It would seem to me this has far less to do with COVID and far more to do with Mayor John Cooper’s personal vendetta against Broadway and Midtown bar and restaurant owners who happen to be his vocal critics,” Lahren said.

“None of it makes much sense unless you factor that into the messed-up equation.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]




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18 Thoughts to “FOX Nation Host Tomi Lahren calls Nashville Mayor John Cooper ‘A Little Tyrant’”

  1. Carla

    Everything you said was hurtful to read but all so true..all because of Mr C who denies ever thing. I hope he gets impeached by us if that’s even possible and our cure is we need a Republican out here to run and win!! It’s DC’s only chance. Someone out there ya gotta step up to the plate
    .we will vote for you! USA USA

  2. Fireguy

    Well, my wife and I finally had enough when the tax increase passed, without any sacrifices on the government side. But I didn’t really expect anything different. We will be closing on the sale of all of our properties in the next four weeks and moving to a county where, thankfully we will able to vote for a conservative congressman and not that other “Cooper” guy. We are so tired of the whining from every one of them in the council, and state senate and house. Every last one of them have the same loser, tax and spend, and you can’t live without us agenda. Keep it up Nashville and you will be the next Detroit, New York City, Chicago, etc. Do you see a pattern here? We will not miss you!

    1. Rebecca Kirkpatrick

      This politics as usual, is killing America. So much dishonest, covert crap in our Nation and state Capitols.
      Anywhere you have organized
      Politics you find illegal works! Pay offs etc.
      I’ve pledged to move to Panama, get dual citizenship and wait till it hits the fan. If I have to give up my weapons, I’ll have to move, Cause, I cant fight fair along side our firefighters and all those who make life safer ccx and less worry. Blessings for country like mine, east Tennessee.

    2. Johnny Anderson

      I don’t blame you I don’t like the lily liar either. It’s so they can keep up their spending that’s what I think

  3. Jere Brock

    Nashville has historically been a different place than the rest of Tennessee and the Democrats there seem to like all the crap until they get stepped on themselves.

  4. Sheila Gunter

    I live in Indiana but, my heart & Love For Nashville runs very deep. I happen to know several of those that are personally affected by this so called mayor. Not understanding how or why anybody would want to cut the throat of what has brought millions of dollars, people & conventions to this beautiful city.
    Praying for everyone affected by this so called Tyrant!

  5. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Yeah! The portly little tyrant needs to go?

  6. Sandra

    Thank you Tomi Lahren! Thank you for putting to words what we have all been thinking. Thank you for your honest observation . Refreshing to see the truth calmly presented in print . Welcome to Nashville! It really is a unique, special town.
    Blessings to you in your reporting.

  7. Wolf Woman

    What a great rant by a well informed young person. It’s so refreshing to hear.

    She’s thrown down the gauntlet to you, Nashvillians. Will you pick it up and fight the little tyrant Mayor? Or will you submit to him and the socialist council members who want to empty your pockets and then hang you out to dry?

  8. Dave

    It’s great to have any conservative voice for Nashville. I applaud her courage in standing up to our terrible mayor, a complete disaster even compared with previous libtard administrations.

  9. Alex Otto

    She was SPOT ON! You go girl!

  10. Stephanie McGuirk

    I appreciate Lahren’s message. But I would like to see a good analysis of the back story of where Nashville’s shortfall comes from. For example, in 2008 or so, when the tax-and-spend leaders of this city — both elected as well as nonelected leaders — were promoting the construction of the new convention center, the conservative voices were doing the math. We were warned about the construction projects Nashville is now paying for with the 34% tax increase. Nevertheless, we the people elected those (and/or approved of their plans) who told us we would be able to pay for it easily by tourism and other tax revenues. I remember many conservative voices who brought forth facts and arguments based on other cities’ experiences that forewarned of our current financial woes. I’d love for some good reporters to research it. And I’d love to see economic cause-and-effect finally demonstrated to the voters. Maybe then we’d stop putting these tax-and-spend people in control.

    1. Allison Frazier

      Amen!! Been saying it for years and finally uprooted and moved away.

  11. Kevin

    Now that’s how to rip ’em a new orifice! And great job tying in the strip joint hypocrisy! Mayor Pooper is one in a long list of Democrats mayors who continue to exploit city residents by promising riches while handing out morsels, all just to get votes.

    You only made one fundamental mistake when moving to Tennessee, it’s called Davidson County! The Democrats have turned it into a freak show The good news is that Nashville is waking up, including lot’s of youngsters like you.

  12. John

    I was going to leave yet another ranting comment, but Lahren said better than I ever could have….

  13. Julie

    Not much is going to change, Tomi. The majority of people in Davidson County love to vote D. Expect it to continue to look more and more like blue cities the Democrats have run into the ground.

  14. You’re So Nashville If...

    ….property taxes are climbing higher than positive Covid-19 tests.