Nashville Mayor John Cooper Announces Left-Leaning Policing Policy Commission


Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced the city will have a Policing Policy Commission (PCC) to review use-of-force policies within the Metro Nashville Police Department.

This, according to a press release that Cooper’s staff published on the city’s website.

Many commission members lean left politically.

“In response to a call to action from President Barack Obama for cities to address use of force policies and practices, I have created the Policing Policy Commission (PPC). The first purpose of the Commission is to identify ways for the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to reduce the use of force,” Cooper said.

“But it also has a broader purpose: to begin a community-wide process of reimagining how Nashville can build trust and enhance community safety.”

Cooper asked commission members to produce a report on standards no later than October. That report, Cooper added, will influence who he and other city officials select to replace former Police Chief Steve Anderson.

Following Cooper’s announcement, the city’s Community Oversight Board Chair Ashlee Davis, in a press release, opined about the new commission, of which she is a member.

The Community Oversight Board has independent authority to investigate allegations of misconduct against the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

As for the new commission, Davis said she wants a transgender person to serve.

Davis, according to her LinkedIn page, is currently the senior diversity and inclusion manager for AllianceBernstein in Nashville. She also worked at the White House under former President Barack Obama.

In addition to Davis, other Policing Policy Commission members include the following:

• Karl Dean, Co-Chair of Police Policy Commission, former mayor and public defender of Nashville

• Richard Dinkins, TN Co-Chair of Police Policy Commission, Judge, Court of Appeals, State of Tennessee

• Phil Ponder, Former Councilmember

• Beth Seigenthaler Courtney, Managing Partner, Finn Partners

• Russ Pulley, Public Safety Committee Chair

• Bob Fisher, Belmont University President

• Whitney Washington, Campaign Organizer Stand Up Nashville

• Melissa Blackburn, Judge of Division II General Session Court

• Bob Allen, SWAT Team Instructor, Fraternity of Police

• David Esquivel, Founding Member, Bass Berry

• Mac Huffington, Founder & Owner, Mac Productions

• LeShaun Oliver, Police Captain, Vanderbilt University Police Department

• Juliana Ospina Cano, Executive Director, Conexion Americas

• Margie Quin, CEO, End Slavery Tennessee

• Robert Sherrill, CEO & Founder, Imperial Cleaning Systems/ Impact Youth Outreach

• Chris Jackson, Pastor, Pleasant Green Baptist Church

• Sabina Moyhuddin, Executive Director, American Muslim Advisory Council

• Phreadom Dimas, Youth Leader, Oasis Center

• Darrell Talbert, President, ICON Entertainment

• Larry Woods, Chairman, Wood & Woods Attorneys at Law

• Jimmy Greer, Pastor, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

• Tom Turner, President & CEO Nashville Downtown Partnership

• Reggie Miller, President, National Black Police Association Nashville Chapter

• Nawzad Harami, Manager, Salahadeen Center

• Meera Reddy Balal, Founder, Women’s Healthcare Initiative

• David Fox, Financial Markets Trader, Former Chairman of Nashville Board of Public Education

• Rachel Freeman, President & CEO, Sexual Assault Center

• Clifton Harris, President & CEO, Urban League of Middle Tennessee

• Torry Johnson, Former District Attorney of Metro Nashville and Davidson County

• Demetria Kalodimos, Executive Producer, Nashville Banner

• Lonnell Matthews, Juvenile Court Clerk, Davidson County Juvenile Courts

• Amanda Lucas,LCSW, Criminal Justice Member, Nashville Organized for Hope and Action (NOAH)

• Bruce Maxwell, Pastor, Lake Providence Baptist Church

• Sharon K. Roberson, President & CEO,  YWCA

• Larry Turnley, Violence Interrupter, Gideon’s Army

• John R. Faison, Pastor of Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church

• Manuel Delgado, Owner, Delgado Guitars

• Gary Moore, Former State Representative, Retired Nashville Fire Department, IAFF Local 140

• Worrick Robinson, Member, Robinson, Regan and Young PLLC

• Eli Foster, Blue Ribbon MNPS Teacher

As The Tennessee Star reported this month, Chief Anderson vacated his position at the police department sooner than he previously stated he would — without explaining.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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15 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor John Cooper Announces Left-Leaning Policing Policy Commission”

  1. Dave

    Whenever I hear “re-imagining” policing, I grimace because you know your city will become the next Portland or Seattle. Nashville hasn’t had a Republican mayor since the late 1870’s, you’d think even the Demoncrap libtard sheeple majority here would be ready by now to at least try successful economic & social policies under a Republican. But they”ll vote Demonrat no matter what & will help further destroy this once great city.

  2. MAGA

    I didn’t see Megan Barry on the list? I guess she was too busy teaching ethics.

  3. Pissed Off Nashvillian

    Stazi !

  4. 83ragtop50

    The only surprise here for me is that “community organizer” Justin Jones is not on the list.

  5. Looks like a list of Who’s Who for Miscreants International. I just want to know if Nashville will be purchasing nails “Made In The U.S.A.” or those cheap imports, when preparing to put the final ones in its coffin.

  6. Susan E Gingrich, Patriots Reborn TN

    Pray tell how much this unneeded policy commission will cost taxpayers? Just more bureaucracy and bigger, big, Nashville government!

  7. Larry

    It’s obvious as the nose on your face that the first thing that this commission will look at when going through the applications will be political affiliation and if you’re a transgender.

    This commission is not only a bunch of hypocrites but extremely bias as well. Since when is
    a persons political affiliation and sexual orientation have priority over qualifications to determine whether they get the job?

  8. Jim

    Cooper is an idiot! But this is all great data, to help support the argument that Democrat mayors “apply negative pressure”. And as people, especially the younger ones, start to wake up, they are seeing it!

  9. David Longfellow

    Cooper seems intent on turning Nashville into another liberal governed city consumed with crime. That’s the way Democrats roll.

  10. jj

    Mayor Cooper never ceases to amaze me with his ignorance. I guess the old saying “you can’t fix stupid” has some merit.

  11. John

    “As for the new commission, Davis said she wants a transgender person to serve.”

    So they are singling out one specific gender for a job, instead of weighing their qualifications? That’s called discrimination and there are laws against that. Or are those laws on the books only to prevent straight white people from having a fair shot.

  12. M. Flatt

    Is this based on a four-year-old call to action, or did someone in Cooper’s office forget the word “FORMER” before “President Obama”? That is a subtle, but very powerful, undermining of the currently duly-elected national leadership.

    Okay, now Nashville’s Police Department has -eleven- different versions of “accountability” on top of it. The so-called “community oversight board” wasn’t enough that we have to have a pile of forty people to “weigh in” on how the police do their job?

    How about we “defund” all of this “oversight”, step back, and let the police do their work efficiently and effectively?

    1. I caught that, too. A faux “whoopsie” moment for Mayor McCheese.

  13. rick

    Commie Cooper! GET RID OF HIM!

  14. ArKane

    In other words, Nashville is getting to say “hey Portland…hold our beer!”