Crom Carmichael Draws Striking Parallels to Bannon and Lai Arrests and the Violence Across America


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

During the third hour, Carmichael weighed in on Steve Bannon’s recent arrest and compared it to the arrest of billionaire publisher Jimmy Lai in Beijing citing their similarities. He later discussed the violence that has been sweeping the nation and the Democrats’ blatant ignorance of it.

Leahy: Crom, we have some breaking news about my good friend Steve Bannon. As you know he was arrested yesterday on charges of fraud and made bail. And as I said in my statement at 6:30, I stand by Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon is an honest man. This is a politically motivated prosecution who’s purpose is to try to take him off the stage prior to this presidential general election.

Here is the breaking news. Steve will be on his War Room Pandemic podcast and radio program this morning. 9:00 am central. And you can listen to it on The John Fredericks Radio Network. John Fredericks as it turns out is our affiliate. he is the owner, publisher, and editor and chief of our newly launched The Virginia Star. but my guess is he’s going to come out guns a-blazing.

Carmichael: We’ll see on his podcast whether or not he sticks to the subject of his podcast or whether or not he talks about his trial. My guess is they’ll slap a gag order on him because that’s generally what they do. I want to take Steve Bannon’s story and I want to read a little bit from a book that I am reading.

And then I want to talk about what’s happening to Jimmy Lai in Hong Kong because they all kind of tie together. The book I’m reading is called Hitlers First 100 Days. The scope of violence appalled. This is after Hitler had become chancellor.

But before the election which took place just a couple of months after he was named chancellor. The scope of violence appalled those Germans who realized that Nazis sowed the very violence from which they promised to protect peaceful citizens.

Yet, precisely the fighting spirit of the Nazis and the fact that they were consequential and will not so much to restore old peace as to impose a new order made them attractive. Nazis by the way Michael were not popular among the working class. They were popular among the college-educated in Germany.

And then it goes on to say that Hitler knew that he was not repelling potential supporters when he defended violence. I want no softies in my movement he affirmed to the reporter at The Daily Mail. I want fanatics. So let’s look at where we are today in the world in our own country. And then in the world. Jimmy Lai is a publisher in Hong Kong. He was born in China.

He was born into very poor circumstances. He moved to Hong Kong and became a billionaire. He has a British passport. If Jimmy Lai wanted to he could simply move from Hong Kong/China. He could move to Great Britain and live the rest of his life in whatever manner financially that he wanted to. But he didn’t do that. He chose to stay in Hong Kong and continue to use his publishing company to criticize the Beijing government.

For his trouble, he’s now been arrested. He was put in handcuffs along with a bunch of other people. And what you see in Hong Kong is that Beijing is breaking all the promises that they made about how they would treat the people of Hong Kong. How they would treat the area that constitutes Hong Kong. So if we then fast forward to our own country, what we see is violence all across the country. We see Democrats who ignore the violence. They literally ignore it.

Leahy: Yes. No mention of it Crom at the Democratic National Convention. And it’s violent.

Carmichael: The violence is terrible. President Trump to his great credit and this is why Jon Meacham, I’ve never met the guy. I’ve read his books. He’s a very good historian. But I’ll tell you what, you’ve got to be a partisan hack to say what Jon Meacham says in the face of what is actually going on. So let me talk about this just for a second. There was a child in Chicago named Legend. A four-year-old Black child.

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: He was asleep in his bed and a drive-by shooting took place and a stray bullet killed him. The Democrats don’t care. They don’t care. There are thousands of Black people being killed across the country. And the Democrats don’t care. Violence is up.

81 percent of Black people want more police presence in their neighborhoods. 81 percent. And Joe Biden says he cares about Black people. He doesn’t care about Black people. He sees Black people as a stepping stone and then they need to stay the stepping stone. That’s how he sees them. So what you have is you have Trump who initiated not long ago Operation Legend.

They’ve now arrested in the last three or four days about 1500 of these violent people. And Bill Barr says and there are many more arrests to come. And these are federal law enforcement who are handling these arrests because the local law enforcement officials are handcuffed by these mayors.

Leahy: The mayors won’t have them enforce the law.

Carmichael: No no. They won’t let them enforce the law. It’s even worse. They say just stay over there. Let the lawlessness happen. And this is what the Democrats now stand for. You even had CNN, it was so silly. This one CNN reporter was standing there looking at the camera a couple of weeks ago in Portland saying there was no violence while he’s standing there with a building burning right behind him. And he was saying these are peaceful protests.

Then you watch the coverage of the Democratic convention and the statements that they make. Ebola never got to this country. So how in the heck did Joe Biden do anything to protect Americans against Ebola? H1N1 turned out to be a disease that was very very commutable but it wasn’t deadly.

And so what did the Obama-Biden administration actually do? They didn’t do anything even though the WHO said that this was a disease that could destroy all of humanity or something hyperbolic like that. Then you see in Hong Kong a man with the character of Jimmy Lai and the fortitude of Jimmy Lai who could do anything he wants to. But he said no. There are certain things you must stand up for.

And he is standing up to the Communist Party in China. He’s been arrested for it and he may spend the rest of his life in jail. This is somebody who is more akin to the Founding Fathers of this country and the people who stand against the swamp.

Leahy: The other thing about this is, who is standing with the Chinese?

Carmichael: Joe Biden.

Leahy: Joe Biden

Carmichael: John Kerry.

Leahy: John Kerry

Carmichael: Hillary Clinton.

Leahy: LeBron James.

Carmichael: LeBron James.

Leahy: They are all standing with China.

Carmichael: It’s all about the money.

Leahy: It’s all about the dough ray me. It’s not about principles or rights.

Carmichael: No. It’s just about money and it’s just about power. We are truly at a tipping point. I thought the last election was. And it’s true the most consequential election so far. Because the Democrats assumed that they would retain power and they didn’t.

So then they concocted the Russia Hoax story and all kinds of other things to truly have a coup. That’s what they attempted to do. The media just looks the other way. And the election is going to come up. And if Trump gets re-elected, they are already setting it up that he cheated to win. And if Republicans get the House and the Senate and retain the Senate and Trump wins then they will have to use their position of power to try to right the ship.

I’m not exactly sure what they’ll need to do. One of the first things that I would do if I could is I would pass legislation saying that no government employee can become a member of a union. Government employees were allowed to become members of unions through congressional legislation. So I assume the congressional legislation could repeal that. you free up the Democrats from the vice grip of the five or six thugs who run the unions. There are a lot of wonderful wonderful people in the government. They are scared to death.

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