Crom Carmichael: Joe Biden Can’t Think and Will Do Whatever His ‘Experts’ Tell Him to Do



Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

During the second hour, Carmichael discussed a recent ABC interview with Joe Biden where he proclaimed that he would do whatever his ‘experts’ told him to do and whether they were constitutional or not because he was committed to stacking the courts. He later analyzed Joe Biden’s response to the H1N1 virus as Vice President in the Obama administration as an example of poor decision making.

Leahy: Crom Carmichael, the original all-star panelist is here. Good morning Crom.

Carmichael: Michael, how are you, sir?

Leahy: Well, I’m just awestruck at the positivity and excitement around the Democratic National Convention last week. And now we have the Republican national convention. I was talking with Doug Kellet in the five o’clock hour and I said I think it’s a very low bar for the Republican’s to beat because it was so dark and gloomy. And I think you showed me the list of all the things they are for. They are pretty awful.

Carmichael: Oh, yeah, I mean Biden and Kamala Harris did an interview with ABC. Did you see that?

Leahy: I didn’t see that.

Carmichael: With Muir. And Biden said that it’s his experts told him to shut the economy down. He would shut it down. The whole economy.

Leahy: I did hear that.

Carmichael: He wouldn’t ask the governors. He would shut the whole economy down. There are two or three things about that that are pretty interesting. One is he’s been in politics for almost 50 years. By the way, Trump just as an aside.

Trump was giving a talk and he said that he was in Pennsylvania. He said actually went to Scranton where Joe Biden was born. And he said he moved from Scranton when he was nine years old. He moved to Delaware when he was nine years old but yet he acts like he grew up in Scranton.

He said he hadn’t been to Scranton in nearly seven decades. I just thought that was hysterical. Now he’s in Delaware at his home in Delaware. And Trump kind of rolls his eyes and he says he hardly comes out of his house in Delaware. It was just hysterical the way he said it.

But Biden goes on ABC and he’s interviewed and when he says I will shut down the economy if my experts tell me too. We’ll talk about what that means later. But essentially he’s saying that he thinks that he should be a dictator. That is a true dictator. Trump never did anything like that. Trump put out CDC guidelines. And then it was up to the governors’.

There are some people that say that the constitution doesn’t allow Biden to do that. That doesn’t matter. One thing that Biden has made very clear is that he’ll stack the court so that the Supreme Court will rubber-stamp whatever he does. So Biden on one hand complains about unemployment.

On the other hand, he says I will happily, without the word happily, but it was clear, I said if my experts tell me to do it I will shut down the economy. But let’s take that to an even bigger picture. What happens if his generals tell him to bomb China? Well, those are the experts.

What if his foreign policy experts tell him to start a trade war and his economic experts tell him to raise taxes by 80 percent? He’ll do it because Biden can’t think. He’s said so. In as many words he’s said that my job is not to think. My job is to do what my experts tell me to do.

Leahy: Even if there is no constitutional authority for it?

Carmichael: That doesn’t matter. Michael, he’ll have the constitutional authority because he will pack the courts. He has said so.

Leahy: Well, not in the first month.

Carmichael: It doesn’t matter. He said he will pack the courts.

Leahy: But if you look at the timelines, he won’t be able to pack the court…

Carmichael: Michael, it’s his thinking that we are talking about here. It’s his thinking.

Leahy: Speaking of thinking. He’s an expert. His name was Ron Klain and he was advising Joe Biden about the H1N1. Katie, play this entire clip. Here we go. This is Ron Klain talking about the H1N1 virus.

(Ron Klain clip plays)

I just have a couple of things. I was in the White House from 2009 to 2009. I wasn’t directly involved in the H1N1 response but I lived through it as a White House staffer. And what I will say about it is that a bunch of really talented and really great people working on it and we did everything possible wrong. 60 million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time. And it’s just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It just had to do with luck.

Carmichael: That was Biden’s chief of staff in May of 2019 at a panel about future pandemics. And he essentially said I was in the White House. By the way, do you know who was the head of infectious disease at that time?

Leahy: Anthony Fauci.

Carmichael: Yeah. Anthony Fauci the great expert. Do you know how many Americans contracted H1N1? 60 million. Do you know what the Obama administration did as the number escalated? They stopped testing altogether. They stopped. Rather than expand it, they stopped it all together.

Klein went on to talk about all the things they did wrong. Now, if you recall, during Obama’s speech on behalf of Biden he lifted Biden up and said what a great job he did managing the H1N1 crisis. He lifted him up in his speech.

Now we have a person who before it became politically correct at a time when the facts actually mattered. Biden did finally get right we believe in truth and facts line. He finally got that line right. But anyway, Klein pointed out that they did nothing right. By the way, the H1N1 was not particularly deadly but the deaths were mostly children.

Leahy: Different.

Carmichael: It was different. So what you have here is this combination of Biden telling Muir that he will follow his experts and that’s the way he will govern is by following his experts. Apparently an economic expert says but Mr. President if you shut down the economy you’ll put millions of businesses out of business and you’ll put tens of millions of people in the unemployment line. Biden won’t care.

Leahy: You know why? Because all of these shutdowns do not hurt the elite class. It does not hurt government employees. They don’t lose their jobs. It’s small businesses and trade people who’d lose their jobs.

Carmichael: Of course. On the one hand that unemployment rates are too high. On the other hand, within hours he says, I’ll take what Trump did that created unemployment and I’ll do it nationwide.

Leahy: I want to go back to one of your themes Crom about all of these talking heads in the mainstream media that do these interviews. That general principle of complete inconsistency. Why doesn’t a George Stephanopoulos, a Chuck Todd, and an Anderson Cooper point out those inconsistencies?

Carmichael: Well, we already know that. We know. CNN, I have a friend of mine that says you never watch CNN. I said, why should I? Because you’ll get the other side. And I say OK. I already know what the other side is. Why do I have to listen to know what the other side is?

I already know that before Biden spoke that all the people at CNN had already written how great the speech was. And I would accuse people and have the facts to back it up, by the way, accuse the people at CNN for being paid to support Biden.

Leahy: Oh. yeah.

Carmichael: For being paid to do it. And then they would say no I’m not. I’m not paid by the Biden campaign. I’d say I didn’t say that.

Leahy: They’re being paid by CNN to support Biden.

Carmichael: If you did not support Biden you would lose your job.

Leahy: You would not have a job at CNN.

Carmichael: There is one person that tells everybody what to say. And then they say what they are paid to say.

Leahy: You are talking about of course, Jeff Zucker.

Carmichael: Could be. Could be the guy above Jeff Zucker. What I’m saying is that there is a point in the hierarchy and there is somebody there that wants Biden to be elected and it doesn’t matter how bad a job he might do. And he is showing you how bad a job he will do because his thinking is truly incoherent. He says on one hand we have too much unemployment. And then he says, on the other hand, I will shut down the whole country.

Leahy: The logic would be on the one hand A. On the other hand, not A.

Carmichael: He never has had good judgment. Every single foreign policy decision that I know of. I’m not going to say that he hasn’t made one good decision. But I know of, gosh, just one bad decision after another. Perhaps the pinnacle was when he proudly said he was the only person advising Obama not to take out Osama Bin Laden when Obama overruled his Vice President.

Leahy: And this is the guy that the mainstream media is propping up.

Listen to the full second hour:

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