Donald Trump Jr. on Joe Biden: He Took Your American Dream and Sent it to China


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am on 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Donald Trump, Jr. to the show.

During the show, Trump Jr. explained what motivated him to write his new book Liberal Privilege and highlighted some of the context for his analysis of Joe Biden’s ineffective 50 years in government.

Fredericks: Joining us now Donald Trump, Jr., eldest son of the president, been a multi-time guest on The John Fredericks Show. Hey Don, great to have you back man.

Trump Jr.: Good to be here, good buddy. How are you?

Fredericks: Never better, especially when I see your father surging in all of the new polls coming out. Since the convention is over, the one to speak of, the Tralfagar Poll in Michigan, he was down there now has him up by two and a half there. He’s also surging in Georgia, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.

Every single battleground state poll closing. In Pennsylvania, he’s within three with some of the fake polls there. We both know that all of these polls that come out that the majority of them are fake polls to set a narrative. So if you see your dad within three, you are in pretty good shape, right?

Trump Jr.: Without question. You look at the polling and the way they are doing it. It’s Democrat plus 45. I’m like yeah OK. (Laughter) It’s embarrassing. These polls serve like the media. They are just on the side of the left for the most part. They are doing whatever they can to help that narrative. So those kinds of polls are designed to say oh, it’s over.

Don’t bother showing up. Don’t bother voting. It’s over. It’s a suppression poll. So no, I feel really good about what’s going on. And we really should after the RNC last week. Juxtapose that to what I saw which was the I hate America Zoom call that was the DNC. It was truly sad. According to those people, it’s like there is not a single redeeming quality about America.

If you like anything about America you are a racist, misogynist, homophobe, plus. I can’t imagine a different vision for the country. But when I saw the RNC it just made me all the more proud to be an American. You saw stories that could only happen in America. You saw people that were lifted up by policies of this administration. It’s really amazing. I think people will get that.

Fredericks: Well for those of us that were there and saw the culmination at the White House like I was on Thursday night then trying to get out of there. I was one of the people who had a very hard time getting through the mob just trying to get back to transportation. Look, I’m in the city all the time.

I’ve never seen Washington, D.C. turn into this complete enclave where there are no cops. Everybody has to stand down. Complete lawlessness in the capitol city. I’ve been there for a long time. I’m shocked at what I’ve been through. What we’ve all been through in the past two weeks. And the mayor there has no intention of restoring law and order.

Trump: No. You are one of many. Look at what happened to Rand and Kelly Paul. What is so sad about the mob and that mentality is they don’t even know why they are there. Meaning, they are screaming at him ‘say her name’ as it relates to Breonna Taylor not knowing that Rand Paul, not the Democrats, not Nancy Pelosi, but Rand Paul is the guy that introduced the legislation to stop no-knock raids with her name on it.

That was his was his bill! And they are assaulting him in the streets. Not realizing that’s what he has been fighting for what they are trying to assault him for. They are not activists. They are either agitators, or they’re paid to be there and given a couple of bullet points and told to go have fun. They didn’t even know that the guy that they are attacking is literally the champion of their cause in Washington, D.C.

And that’s just sort of a perfect metaphor for everything that’s going on in America. You can’t go to church, John. You can’t go to work. And your kids can’t go to school. But if you want to loot and riot that’s OK. It’s the first time in America you get arrested for opening up your business to feed your family but not for someone else looting it. And that’s got to change.

Fredericks: Unbelievable. Donald, you have a new book out. Liberal Privilege.

Trump Jr: Yes.

Fredericks: And I saw you on Levin last night on Fox and you were basically saying that you took the time during the pandemic where you were stuck at home. How did you get inspired for this?

Trump Jr.: It’s exactly this. I came up with Trigger last year which was a great success. Because I couldn’t go to work. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t leave the house. I was there with Kimberly for four months by myself. But I’ve got to do a little bit of work here. So I started looking at the guy we are running against. Oh my god, there is so much here.

I brought in a researcher to help. I was amazed. If the American people knew about Joe Biden’s history and his decisions international and otherwise. Decisions that destroyed trade in America. That destroyed manufacturing in America. That really created our only export for the last 50 years. That export is the American dream.

We took your American dream and we sent it to freakin China for the last 50 years. And Joe Biden is running like he’s done something for manufacturing. When you talk about families. Since we’ve been hit so hard, I’m saying I look beyond just Hunter. There is a lot in there about Hunter and the Chinese government and Ukraine. And a lot of shady dealers.

It’s amazing how he became an international businessman once his father got on a world stage and was VP. Just how he got every job by his father’s positions prior to that. I go into Joe’s brother, who started getting billion dollars contracts who’s never built a home before, but now he’s building homes in Iraq with government money. The amount of shade.

Robert Gates saying that Joe Biden’s been on the wrong side of every major decision in his entire life. They say things. No name former loser Republican warmonger politician. And they say oh look! It’s the Republicans against Trump! But when Obama’s people go against Biden and when Joe Biden’s own guy and the chief of staff that they had dealing with Swine Flu and H1N1, you’d think that would be relevant. They basically said they made all the wrong decisions.

They forgot to replenish. They got lucky that it wasn’t as deadly as COVID. No one has talked about it. So I basically self-published because I wasn’t sure if the lockdown would have ended, John, I wouldn’t have had time to finish my schedule. I self-published. I didn’t want to be censored. I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do. There are literally 50 pages of citations in the back going through all of these things that every American should know going in.

And because the media has advocated their responsibility to tell the American people and inform them in exchange for being left-wing activists. Which is all they are at this point. They are just left-wing activists. Nothing more. Nothing less. I said someone has to step up and sell this. If you are a MAGA person you are going to want to hear these things anyway because its the perfect material to those that you know who are on the fence.

But its also the perfect book for that person that is not sure. You’ve got to hear both sides of the story. You’ve heard everything negative about Donald Trump. That’s what the media does. It’s been 96 percent negative and it has been for the four years that he’s been in there. and his 50 years, 50 years John! Think about that. He’s been there for half a century.

I’ve heard of people that take a little while to warm up. But half a century to warm up? Now you are going to fix things? Now you are going to do it? Is anyone that stupid anymore? I would hope not. But when you are constantly bombarded by that media it makes it hard. So if you know people on the fence, Liberal Privilege is the perfect book to read because at least they’ll see the other side of the story. They’ll realize this guy is incompetent.

They’ll realize his health issues that are not on the table. They are on the table for Donald Trump. But a guy who’s had two brain aneurysms that almost killed him. I interviewed a White House doctor and the decline that he’s seen. And how he’s shocked that no one has acknowledged this. It would be one thing if he functioned normally.

But when he needs his wife’s help getting off the stage the other night. When he forgets where he is. When he forgets her name and the office he’s running for. I don’t know man. I don’t think there is a doctor in the world that if you told him it wasn’t Joe Biden that someone that’s had two explosions in your brain and not have it affect you cognitively. They’d say it’s almost impossible. But you won’t hear those things. So anyone who wants to learn that truth. And anyone who wants to see the job that the media should have been doing will love this book.

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