John Fredericks Commentary: Trump Surges as Blacks, Hispanics Abandon Biden

by John Fredericks


President Trump’s re-election campaign, labeled DOA by the fake news legacy media only a few weeks ago, is now surging in the latest public opinion polls and surveys.

Trump’s post-convention lift looks more like a rocket than a bounce.

Fresh polling out Monday shows President Donald Trump receiving a post-convention increase in support. A poll, conducted by Emerson College, surveyed 1,576 voters between August 30 and August 31 to ascertain the impact that both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions may have had on the public.

Emerson’s results indicate that Trump has tightened the race, now only trailing former Vice President by two percentage points (49 percent to 47 percent.) This is stunning.

More troubling for national Democrats is Trump’s astonishing inroads into minority communities, long taken for granted as reliable Democratic voters regardless of the failure of Democrats to improve their lives.

The same poll found that Biden garnered 77 percent support among Blacks, compared to 19 percent for Trump.

A similar poll taken by Zogby Analytics found Biden leading Trump, 77 percent to 14 percent.

If Trump gets 14-19 percent of the Black vote, he gets re-elected in a rout.

Trump earned eight percent of the African American vote in 2016. He’s doubling that today.

Concerning Hispanics, Trump is currently polling at 37 percent, according to internal polls made available to this writer.

This is exceeding the GOP watermark of 35 percent of Hispanics who voted for George W. Bush in 2000.

Battleground State Moving to Trump

A recent Trafalgar Poll in Minnesota shows a dead-heat, with both candidates locked at 47 percent. Clinton defeated Trump in MN in 2016 by one percent. A Republican presidential candidate has not carried Minnesota since Richard Nixon in 1972.

As a result, the Biden camp just upped their media spending in the Land of 1,000 Lakes.

Getting into panic mode, Team Biden, holed up in his basement for months, is now faced with new polls showing him losing Michigan to Trump, trailing by two points in a new survey out Monday.

Internal Trump campaign polling shared with me today on a conference call show Trump is moving comfortably ahead in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona. If Trump wins those states–Biden has to run the table in the rust belt to get to 270 electoral votes he needs to claim the Presidency.

Bottom line: Biden now has to win all of these current toss-up states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota to get elected.

All are tied — and all are moving toward Trump — and away from Biden.

The race is now Trump’s to lose. He’s become the betting-line favorite to win re-election in London books. 

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Photo “Latinos for Trump” by Michael Vadon. CC BY 2.0.








John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star.
He is also a Trump 2020 delegate and the chairman of the Trump Virginia Delegation.

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One Thought to “John Fredericks Commentary: Trump Surges as Blacks, Hispanics Abandon Biden”

  1. William Delzell

    Looks like Biden is in trouble with important parts of his LEFT flank: blacks and Latinx’s. Perhaps his strategy of allowing Neocons to enter and take over his candidacy is backfiring on him. These Neocons are even more trigger-happy than Trump is, which makes them especially dangerous to our nation. Biden better get to work on his left flank because without their votes, he cannot win the election. Even if all the Neocons get on board Biden’s bandwagon, most conservatives will stick with Trump anyway. Relying on Neocons and Big Pharma will only alienate the Progressives that Biden needs so badly to win. Phil Bredesen suffered a defeat by Marsha Blackburn for the same reason. Has Bredesen learned his lesson though? I doubt it; and it looks like that neither Biden’s centrist strategy will work either.