Crom Carmichael Weighs in on the New Marxist Curriculum in California’s Government Run School Systems


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

During the third hour, Carmichael discussed the new curriculum occupying the government-run school systems in California that have adopted a Marxist agenda peppered with hate.

Leahy: Neil W. McCabe is on assignment so we are going to talk with Crom about what’s going on in the crazy left coast of America. When I say left coast, and Crom I did a story way back in 2016 right after the election looking at the voting behavior in the United States. And if you took about 50 coastal counties on the west and about 40 coastal counties on the east coast and you look at the vote there, it was about two to one for Hillary.

You take those 90 counties out of the United States, Trump won the rest of the country. 54 percent to 46 percent. It sounds like they have a different view of the world. You’ve got riots in Seattle. You’ve got riots in Portland. You’ve got riots in LA. You’ve got a governor in California who is just like a tinpot dictator – Gavin Newsom.

Carmichael: The things in California are worth paying attention to because they tend to show up elsewhere because California is a very very big state.

Leahy: Very big with 38 million people.

Carmichael: And it’s influential, but we’ll see over time. I checked during the break, and I’m using New York as part of this discussion because California is able to tax its people at the level that it does primarily because of the weather.

Leahy: It’s like an 11 percent income tax?

Carmichael: Over 13.

Leahy: 13 percent. Yikes. And by the way, if you ever live in California they want to track you down for taxes for the rest of your life if you ever leave.

Carmichael: It’s a state where the regulations are very high. Gasoline prices are incredibly high. They are moving to a world where they have no fossil fuels and the process where they have rolling brownout and where the temperature is over 100 degrees. And Governor Newsom calls the brownout unacceptable, but they are a result of his policies.

Then you have the craziness on the taxes. Then you have the craziness on the regulations. But the latest thing is that California is introducing a radical and if you think the 1619 Project is radical, what California is introducing into its government-run schools is essentially Marxist with elements of hatred.

Leahy: Oh!

Carmichael: Laid in. Additional hatred laid in.

Leahy: Marxism on hatred steroids. (Chuckles)

Carmichael: Yes.

Leahy: What is this? And how is it coming about? The public schools in California?

Carmichael: Yes. Last year the California Assembly passed an ethnic studies bill known as AB-331 by a 63 to 8 vote. Then the state department of education put forward a model curriculum so extreme that the Senate actually bought even though they had a supermajority.

Then eventually it did pass the Senate. The curriculum, among other things, ‘within ethnic studies of the system of capitalism as research has shown that native people and people of color are disproportionately exploited by the system.’

Leahy: Exploited.

Carmichael: They have a model curriculum where students can be taught that the four I’s of oppression. ‘The four I’s of oppression. Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized.’ Now if your curriculum on your subjects including science and math are going to include ideological institutional and internalized discrimination and oppression, you aren’t going to learn math very well.

You are not going to learn science very well. You are not going to learn English very well. Notice that the I that is not here is Innovation. Where is this money coming from? Where are these ideas funded? Because if you can make your population stupid because a prerequisite of a free people is to have an educated electorate. If you can create an educational system that creates ignorance or even worse but actually…

Leahy: Close mindedness.

Carmichael: Close mindedness or a false view of reality.

Leahy: Anti-intellectualism. That’s what we are seeing here.

Carmichael: So California is interesting because of what it is doing to itself. And this is what you and I discussed. What will the people in Portland, and how will they vote when they see what’s going on to their own city by clearly Democrat militants? Somebody can call it whatever they want to. They run around in t-shirts and say, Black Lives Matter. These are not White Supremacists masquerading as Black Lives Matter. (Leahy laughs) That is not what they are.

Leahy: That is not what is happening.

Carmichael: This is the modern-day KKK of the Democrat party. And anyone who does not recognize that is completely foolish. And I don’t believe the people in Portland are completely foolish. So, that doesn’t mean that they won’t still continue to vote the way they do.

Leahy: I may beg to differ with you on that.

Carmichael: On what?

Leahy: The people in Portland are completely foolish. (Laughs)

Carmichael: I only meant to say that they recognize that the militants who are rioting and looting in their streets are not White Supremacists. They recognize that much.

Leahy: I think so. But the question is, let’s take an example of these far-left cities. If you live in Portland right now and live even in the city of Seattle, what is your world view? How do you look at this? And I think that these are just permanently stupid people, frankly, who are not going to change in light of any facts, and they cannot be helped, Crom. They cannot be helped.

Carmichael: OK. I am hoping you are wrong. I’m not saying you are. (Leahy chuckles) I’m hoping that people when they are confronted by the reality that is different than they anticipated, I’m hoping it will help them. Because one of my questions when I’m discussing something with someone with whom I disagree.

Is there any information that I could provide to you that would cause you to change that mind? Now if you want to ask that question of me, I’m happy to answer it. And if we are disagreeing, is there any information or set of facts that would cause you to change your mind? They could either say no, which means they are close-minded and they admit it, or they can say yes, and I would ask what would those facts be?

And now they would have to confront what they believe to be true is true. I would be happy to confront that same argument. So now the question is in Portland when these people see all the mayhem the question is to them, does this cause you to change your mind? If the answer is no, then, Michael, you are 100 percent right.

Leahy: I think there is a growing percentage, it’s a small percentage of people that live in Portland. And let me take another example that we were talking about earlier. Washington, D.C., and Mayor Bowser who wants to get rid of all these federal monuments.

Carmichael: I would put Washington in a different category.

Leahy: Why is that?

Carmichael: Because it’s the seat of the federal government. And they live and breathe their wealth comes from extracting money from the rest of the country. So they have a different way of thinking. The wealth in Portland is because the people in Portland produce something. In Washington, they don’t. And so I put Washington in its own unique category.

Leahy: I would concede that the mayor of Washington, D.C., Muriel Bowser, is uniquely stupid. I would agree with that.

Carmichael: There is a long list of mayors. And that’s because the government is all they think about.

Leahy: But see they’re really not that bright. And they really are anti-factual. They cannot look at the facts.

Carmichael: Well, you can be bright and not look at the facts. You can be bright and have an alternative world view. And if you derive your personal power and your personal success from supporting a worldview that is the opposite of freedom, then as I said earlier, for the right amount of money they will buy into it.

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