Erin Perrine Weighs in on Joe Biden’s Shrinking Poll Numbers and President Trump’s Leadership for America


Live from Virginia Wednesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Erin Perrine to the show.

During the interview, Perrine discussed Joe Biden’s inability to condemn Antifa and the violence in the streets until his poll numbers starting going down and how President Trump has shown true leadership with his recent trip to Kenosha.

Fredericks: Joining us now Deputy Press Secretary Trump-Pence 2020 Erin Perrine. Erin, great to have you.

Perrine: Thanks for having me. Happy to be back on.

Fredericks: Erin we are really fired up here in Trump world today looking at these numbers and the fact that the President had a great meeting in Kenosha. Met with the Sheriff and the people there and toured with the destruction going on. He promised we’d get this under control. Give us your perspective right now how this campaign looks, Erin.

Perrine: The campaign is absolutely heading in the right direction. The President is a stronger footing now than Obama really was in 2012 at this point. You have to think about it. Joe Biden has hidden in his basement and the President has eaten up absolutely all of the oxygen that exists with a strong message of leadership.

Joe Biden comes out of his basement to essentially cut a terrible TV ad as he lies to the American people about what is going on. Voters see the chaos in the streets. They see violent riots. They see the looting. They don’t think they are Trump supporters because they are not. They see a radical left-wing that is trying to destroy America and they know the only force to stop that is President Trump.

Fredericks: When you look at his response now to some of this violence, the President has offered to send in the National Guard as you know Erin and on multiple occasions has been turned down by the governors. But in his speech in Pittsburgh, by the way, there were six people there for his speech in Pittsburgh.

So I was wondering why he went to Pittsburgh. Sidebar. There were six people. It was almost like he made a veiled threat. What he said was, as long as Trump is president this violence is going to continue. Was that not a veiled threat Erin?

Perrine: Oh, I mean, that’s certainly one way to look at it. And this is the lie that Joe Biden is telling the American people that somehow this violence is President Trump’s fault even though every day the President has said you have violence in your city, please let the federal government come and help. He’s not a tyrant so he’s not going to force the federal government on any state. Look at Portland.

Look at what’s happening in Portland. They’ve had 99 nights of violence there including the other evening when the violent mob tried to burn down the mayor’s house. The same mayor who has refused federal resistance. Tony Evers, the governor of Wisconsin at least came to somewhat of his senses after two nights of violence and said OK we need help from the National Guard. The President surged the National Guard and those resources. Saved countless lives and businesses and restored law and order.

Fredericks: If he gets re-elected Erin, I’ll just ask you straight out and in your capacity of what you know. If President Trump gets re-elected. And these riots get worse because Biden inferred they would because their whole goal here is to flood the zone with crisis and fear and you’ll get rid of the incumbent.

That’s basically been their strategy from the beginning. So Trump wins again and the riots get worse, what will the President do? The governors aren’t going to do anything. Do you think he’ll say, look, I’ve had it? And send in the National Guard under the Insurrection Act? What do you think?

Perrine: I certainly can’t predict what the President will do when it comes to these specific localities. But he wants to be a federal partner to these states and to these cities and say listen, as soon as you ask we are here to deliver. But Democrats really need to remember the role they have played in all this violence.

Not only with their lack of condemnation but the fact that that from the very beginning, even Nancy Pelosi said I can’t believe there aren’t uprisings everywhere. Maxine Waters has encouraged people to get in the face of Trump supporters and people that work for the President and make them uncomfortable.

Kamala Harris Tweeted out a link for people to donate money to bailout violent rioters and looters. This is absolutely at the feet of Democrats. If they actually care about America and America’s cities the would stand up and say enough is enough we need to have law and order.

Fredericks: Where do we go from here with this narrative? The President yesterday going to Kenosha. I thought it was very successful. Is this part of the campaign now in telling the American people that Trump is the candidate for law and order and Biden is the candidate of mobs, not jobs?

Perrine: Yes. I mean we’ve been saying this for a long time. We’ve kept up the drumbeat enough that people are paying attention. It’s communities, not chaos. It’s jobs, not mobs. We have said for months, you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America and this is only proving that.

It just took Joe Biden three and a half months to come out of the basement to safely say, eh, maybe you shouldn’t do that. Sort of, kind of, maybe. And President Trump has been out there the entire way to make sure that people know safety and security and law enforcement is how we should handle these things in America.

Fredericks: Erin, I want to get your reaction here about the one thing that Joe Biden said. There is a clip here from Stacy Washington. Cut to Stacey Washington saying Joe Biden condemned the violence as he was dropping in the polls. So he did nothing for the violence at the end of June and July where he went up in the polls. Now he starts to drop and all of a sudden he’s got a problem with it. Cut two.

(Stacy Washington clip plays)

Fredericks: Reaction.

Perrine: I think Stacy Washington is 100 percent correct. Stacy is an absolutely amazing voice and she hit the nail right on the head there. Now that Joe Biden knows that maybe the American people don’t like violent mobs and riots in their streets and it’s affecting my campaign, now I’m going to pretend like I care. It’s clear that Joe Biden is just paying lip service to justice while President Trump has fought every day to provide safety and security and justice for the American people.

Joe Biden needed a poll and poll testing to tell him what he needed to say. President Trump has never wavered. President Trump has always said we need to increase security. We need to ensure these violent mobs don’t take over our streets. Joe Biden had to slip in the polls and actually see what leadership looked like from President Trump before he stood up to say anything. And he still hasn’t condemned Antifa and the violent riots. And it’s unbelievable that he thinks his half-hearted answer does anything to change the narrative.

Fredericks: This is one of the things that’s very frustrating Erin for us because the fake news legacy media will not pick up on the key things that the President says. I have one more clip I want to play and get your reaction to that nobody reported on yesterday. Here is the President saying we are going to help people rebuild their businesses in Kenosha. So he’s going there saying that we are going to help you get your life and business back by various means. No where was it reported in the fake news. Cut six.

(Trump clip plays)

Fredericks: Not picked up by anybody. The President saying look I’m going to help you. This is no fault of your own. Your business got burned out. What’s your reaction to that?

Perrine: The mainstream media and that sad excuse for the press corps don’t want to talk about the good work this President does and he has to stand in front of burnt out buildings to say I stand with the American people as he always has.

He has protected jobs and livelihood through the coronavirus. He of course is going to do the same. This is no business’s fault of their own by what happened in Kenosha. It’s all at the governor’s feet. It’s all at the mayor’s feet. And the President is stepping in to show what true leadership looks like and it drives the media crazy.

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