Commentary: Catholics Should Not Vote for Fake Catholic Joe Biden


Democrat Joe Biden has built his half-century in politics largely on the myth that he is a faithful Catholic with working class roots. In reality Biden is neither a faithful Catholic, nor a friend of America’s blue-collar citizens.

Indeed, two of Joe Biden’s principle campaign positions are that taxpaying Catholics must be forced to be complicit in the sin of abortion by repealing the Hyde Amendment prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion and taxpaying Catholics must likewise be forced to be complicit in the sin of transgenderism by being forced to subsidize taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery.

Here is a short Fed Up PAC video on what Saint Teresa of Calcutta said about abortion and here is a short Fed Up PAC video documenting why Catholics are no longer welcome in the Democrat Party.

Martin Bürger, reporting for our friends at, recently posted an article that included an eye opening quote from Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest Vatican court. Before that, Burke was the archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri and the bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Cardinal Burke pointed out that so-called “Catholic” politicians, including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, must be denied Communion for advocating policies contrary to natural law and basic Church teaching, including on topics such as abortion and homosexuality.

“They may not present themselves to receive Holy Communion, because they’re not in communion with Christ,” Burke said during an August 8 Fox News interview with Martha MacCallum. “It’s not a punishment. Actually, it’s a favor to these people to tell them don’t approach, because if they approach, they commit sacrilege.”

According to Mr. Bürger’s reporting, the Cardinal said “Catholic” politicians so often back abortion and pro-LGBT legislation that many non-Catholic leaders of government believe that the Church has changed her teaching on these matters.

“I’ve had non-Catholic leaders of government in this nation tell me that they were certain that the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion and the so-called same-sex ‘marriage,’ and so forth, have changed, because so many Catholics on Capitol Hill are regularly supporting this kind of legislation … [a]nd that’s a scandal.”

As Lauretta Brown, writing for the National Catholic Register observed, over the years, Biden has earned ample criticism and correction from U.S. bishops over his support of abortion.

Time noted that, in 2006, “then-Wilmington Bishop Michael Saltarelli pressured Biden’s high school alma mater into dropping plans to name a new student center after him, citing a 2004 statement from the USCCB: ‘Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.’”

Then-Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop James Conley responded to Biden’s comments on abortion in 2008, writing that “abortion is a foundational issue” and “is always grievously wrong.” They added that, “in reality, modern biology knows exactly when human life begins: at the moment of conception. Religion has nothing to do with it.”

“If, as Sen. Biden said, ‘I’m prepared as a matter of faith to accept that life begins at the moment of conception,’ then he is not merely wrong about the science of new life; he also fails to defend the innocent life he already knows is there,” the bishops emphasized at the time.

And on Election Day 2008, Bishop John Ricard of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Florida, wrote a letter to Biden after it was disclosed that the vice-presidential candidate had received Communion the previous Sunday at a Mass he attended at a church in Bishop Ricard’s diocese.

In his letter, Bishop Ricard praised Biden’s positive contributions to public life but added, “I also observe, by your support for laws that fail to protect the unborn, a profound disconnection from your human and personal obligation to protect the weakest and most innocent among us: the child in the womb.”

Bishop Ricard’s letter cited relevant passages from the U.S. bishops’ 2004 document “Catholics in Political Life,” regarding reception of Communion by those in public life, indicating that someone with Biden’s position on abortion should not present himself for Communion.

“Democrats are no longer the party of Truman, Kennedy, Carter, or even Bill Clinton,” said CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie. “They are now a Party captured by radical politicians who want to force observant Jews, Christians and especially Catholics to change their devout beliefs to fit their socialist agenda.”

“The media won’t tell Catholics the truth,” said Mr. Viguerie, “But we are launching a video and social media campaign to show how Democrats like Joe Biden want Catholics to abandon our Faith to accept the radical agenda of the Far Left.”

Democrats know that the biggest threats to their socialist agenda are observant Catholics and other people of Faith who hold traditional values and cannot accept their radical agenda:

*   For taxpayer-funded partial-birth abortion on demand
*   Against school prayer and religious symbols in public
*   For men in women’s bathrooms
*   Against tax-exempt status for Churches that preach against abortion
*   For forcing small businesses to act against their Faith
*   Against granting tax-exempt status to Catholic Schools

This is just part of today’s Democrat Party’s radical anti-Christian, anti-Catholic agenda.

And it is why New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the Democrats have “slammed the door” on Catholics, our Faith, our Church, and our traditions.

Joe Biden’s advocacy of abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism put him in direct conflict, not with some ephemeral policies of church administration, but with the fundamental precepts of Catholicism that make a Catholic a Catholic. As Cardinal Burke said, Joe Biden is “not in communion with Christ,” or his church. Catholics should not be persuaded to vote for Joe Biden in the false belief that he is a faithful Catholic.

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