Pam Bondi: Changing Polls Reveal Democrats Fear That President Trump Is Going to Continue to Save Our Country


Live from Virginia Friday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed senior advisor to President the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign Pam Bondi to the program.

During the show, Bondi talks about President Trump’s commitment to law and order and squelches The Atlantic magazine’s recent article citing with anonymous sources that the President was disparaging America’s military men and women in France on Bastille Day. She added that this is a desperate attempt by Democrats because the polls are changing in the President’s favor.

Fredericks: Joining us now, Pam Bondi, the former senior advisor to President Trump. Now a senior advisor to Trump-Pence 2020. The former attorney general of Florida, and she’s with us now. Pam Bondi, great to have you, Pam.

Bondi: Thank you. Good morning my friend.

Fredericks: You have a new nickname here on The John Fredericks Show, the Pamster. I hope you are not offended by it.

Bondi: I heard that.

Fredericks: I said when can we get the Pamster? Boom! They got you right on. We appreciate that, Pam.

Bondi: Of course.

Fredericks: Pam, I want to start with a new poll just out. All the polls going in Trump’s direction. Pennsylvania, the Rasmussen poll has him tied. Trafalgar Poll has him tied in Minnesota. He’s up in Michigan. He’s moved ahead in Florida. Ahead in North Carolina. Why are the numbers shifting so significantly right now in the President’s direction?

Bondi: Well you and I have always said the president is going to win, and he’s going to win big. We’ve always known that. A lot of the polls you just mentioned have always been slanted against us. So think how good the real numbers truly are. They are probably even better than what you just announced, because the president is law and order.

John you and I have known that forever. I think all your viewers recognize this. Everything the president does and will do to rebuild our economy. Even when he says I did it once and I’ll do it again, I don’t think there is a person in this country that doubts that he is the person to rebuild this economy and to end this pandemic.

But more than all of that, as I always say as a career prosecutor, is that he is going to keep us safe. Every morning when we turn on the news, we’re seeing these liberal cities with these liberal mayors and these liberal governors, and people are dying who do not need to die. And President Trump is going to stop that. Look what happened when he sent in the National Guard to Wisconsin, the violence stopped.

Fredericks: Is this about law and order or is it about safety? Which is it?

Bondi: Both. I think they go hand and hand. I think that’s a good way of putting it. I think when people hear the words law and order they don’t understand that that’s safety. But our great men and women are out there every day. The majority of their job is keeping us safe. Keeping our kids safe. Protecting victims of crime. Protecting the elderly.

Protecting women from rape cases. It’s really amazing what the men and women in law enforcement do. John, it never makes the news. Some never even make the news every single day. When they are out there helping kids and babies who are choking in the middle of the night.

I posted on Twitter somethings that our great men and women in law enforcement have done, and it goes really unnoticed around this country unless you are a victim or you unless you truly need them. So yes, its about safety. But it’s also about keeping the bad guys off the street.

Fredericks: I want to ask you a question. We have a lot to go over today. But in Portland, Oregon there was a shooting of a Trump supporter shot dead. You saw it in the video. Cold blood. Point blank. The suspect did a video appearance with a magazine called Vice. You are an attorney general. How do you do a news article with a magazine when you are wanted for murder and you are not picked up? Please explain to average people how this now works.

Bondi: I was looking at that this morning, and he appeared on the run out in the woods somewhere. Clearly with a warrant out for his arrest. Yet a media outlet could find him and talk to him. He’s a fugitive at that point waiting to be arrested. It makes no sense to me, and it shouldn’t be happening in our country but of course, it does.

Fredericks: If there was somebody that was wanted for murder up on charges and was a fugitive on the lamb and he came and stayed in my house and they found him, wouldn’t I be complicit in that? Wouldn’t I be charged with aiding and abetting?

Bondi: In Florida, it is called accessory after the fact when a crime has been committed. So if they were helping him, did he turn himself in shortly after that? I’m not sure. It’s always remarkable to me how all these people charged with crimes can always find the media before they can find the police station to turn themselves in.

Fredericks: Pretty unbelievable the society we are living in today. Pam, let’s get to the phony story in The Atlantic. I’ve seen fake news and we’ve all witnessed it. But now you have a story in The Atlantic magazine where the entire Trump team came out today basically saying that he made comments on Bastille Day when he was in Paris disparaging to our soldiers there that were dead in graves. Everybody has come out and said it was absolutely untrue. They never heard him say that. How does a magazine make this stuff up? How does this happen?

Bondi: I don’t care that President Trump is a public figure, you can not come out and flat out lie about someone even if they are a sitting president of the United States. It’s reprehensible. And I think Hogan Gidley put it best when he said they are disgusting and grotesque and reprehensible lies. I don’t think it could be said any better.

Everyone that spoke on the record gave their name and said they were there and it wasn’t true. Sarah Sanders, Hogan Gidley, Dan Scavino and Stephen Miller all said they were there. They were in the room. It didn’t happen. Yet The Atlantic uses anonymous sources. Anonymous sources? Really? You disparage a President of the United States by anonymous sources. Well come forward, people, and tell who you are because you are lying.

The president of the United States supports our military. He always has and he always will. I’ve known that before he was president of the United States. He’s die-hard support for our great men and women who fight for this country every day. I think they’ve stooped to a new low to go after him. It’s what we talked about earlier how the polls are turning in the president’s favor.

And I think they are getting so scared. That’s my only way to reconcile how somebody could print such vicious things about the president of the United States that we all know is not true. He supports the men and women in law enforcement. I’ve spent so much time around him, and I’ve never heard him say anything close to that. It’s the complete opposite of the tremendous respect he has for men and women in uniform. The country knows that.

Fredericks: So The Atlantic magazine does a story basically saying that the president disparaged our servicemen and women in France. And disparaged them. All unnamed sources. Not even a source of where it was said. Just people that said that he said that. Then you’ve got like eight people that were with him the entire time. You mentioned some of them. Dan Scavino. Stephen Miller.

Bondi: Sarah Sanders.

Fredericks: Sarah Sanders. People that were with him the entire time all said that never happened. And yet they run the story. Where’s the legacy media? Where is the fake news media saying this thing should have never gotten published? How do you have a story with zero sources named disparaging about something the president said. And then you have eight people that said, we were there with him the whole time and he never said that. Then how does the story run?

Bondi: They need to tread very carefully, because the law is changing in that field in our favor, where you cannot, despite being a public figure, come out and flat out lie about another human being in an attempt to destroy their reputation. It’s not going to work. Because everyone knows that the president supports our great men and women in uniform.

Whether it be first responders or officers, and especially our military, who are fighting for our country. He always has and he always will. And there is nothing they can do to change that. This is a desperate attempt because of what you and I talked about earlier. The polls are changing. The public polls are changing, and they are scared to death that President Trump is going to continue to save our country.

Fredericks: Well, they are in panic mode, Pam. No question about it. The Democrats are in panic mode.

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