Bishop Aubrey Shines Tells Sebastian Gorka Why Conservative Clergy of Color Demands Meeting with CEO of Nike to Stop Support of BLM


During Thursday’s broadcast of America First with Sebastian Gorka, host Gorka welcomed Conservative Clergy of Color member Bishop Aubrey Shines to the show to discuss his recent announcement that takes the CEO of Nike to task for contributing to a communist country and using slave labor for production while using his athlete foot soldiers to promote divisiveness in America.

Gorka: A very, very exciting conclave called the Conservative Clergy of Color has just made announcement a couple of hours ago. To give us the scoop is none other than Bishop Aubrey Shines. Follow on Twitter him right now on Bishop Shines. Welcome to America First.

Shines: Love being with you. Thanks for having me.

Gorka: First thing is first. What is this initiative or organization called Conservative Clergy of Color and what is the big statement you issued a couple of hours ago?

Shines: So, we are a bunch of guys that have been doing work in the city government for a long period of time. We are clergymen but we have always been outspoken as it relates to conservative issues regarding this nation. You’ve probably seen at least an op-ed or so that I’ve done.

Even in the times when the question was asked if America was racist and I said sure and it came by one political party. This is what we do. While we don’t endorse a candidate individually Sebastian, I have done a ton of work.

Conservative Clergy of Color, we are just here to give an alternative – especially to Black, Brown, and White America – that the mainstream media does not represent the views of all Americas. And Sebastian, that’s what we do in a nutshell.

Gorka: Fabulous. What is your latest push-back concerning?

Shines: Well, we went straight for Nike CEO John Donahoe. And we just simply said this: You are contributing millions of dollars to a Marxist organization called the Black Lives Matter movement. And what happens, in a nutshell, is when you contribute money to a Marxist group that hates America and hates out Judeo-Christian ethos; that hates the concept of what is called hetero-normative homes that you, Mr. Nike, you are forgetting about the oppression that is going on in China that they are using slave labor.

Whether they are the Uyghurs and or Christians that are being oppressed. So when you put your foot soldiers like Colin Kaepernick and or LeBron James in the front you are harming Americans. And we are calling them out to simply say that you must stop this behavior because you helping sow seeds of racial divisiveness within the fabric of our nation. And Sebastian, we just think that they can do better. So we are taking these guys to task simply saying enough is enough. And whether you are Black or White we better work together if we are going to preserve this great union.

Gorka: Has there ever been any justification from the likes of Nike or LeBron James that their products and the things they sell and the things they brand themselves as are actually tied to the biggest communist nation in the world and a nation that has slave labor camps? Is there any justification they’ve given us?

Shines: No. They haven’t given us anything. But we know that the moment those guys begin to talk like LeBron James, Steve Kerr, and everybody else they get shutdown. And they become again the foot soldiers of these corporations because what most Americans have not realized until groups like ourselves have come along here is what they are doing. They are telling you about some alleged injustice in this country. Are you aware that your products are, and then we kind of fill in the blanks there.

Once people begin to find out, of course, my friend, they aren’t going to say anything about that. Why? Because they are making money. And they are making money on the ignorance that, unfortunately, has been permeated throughout our society simply because we have dishonest men and women that work in social media. Mainstream media. They won’t talk about these issues.

Well, we’re talking about these issues and we are getting traction as a result of it. We are informing all Americans Black, Brown, or White we have got to work together if we are going to preserve this nation.

Gorka: He is Aubrey Shines, follow him on Twitter @BishopShines. He’s part of the Conservative Clergy of Color. In the last 90 seconds we have with you Bishop Shines, what is your message to Black America after the last 60 to 70 years of domination by Democrat politicians as we face a choice for this nation in 60 days’ time?

Shines: Oh, it’s simple. It’s very very simple. It’s not just Black. It’s all Americans. When Black Americans begin to take their journey. Forget about the last seven decades. How about the inception of this nation. There was one primary group that fought against you and that group was called the Democratic Party. They fought the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to make sure you would never be counted as nothing and they still see that today. We are simply saying to Black Americans return to your roots.

And that is the roots that you are American first; period. And if you do that you will abort the party that continues to cause genocide within the framework of your Black communities that have failed miserably under the auspices of a particular Democratic system.

We believe we can do better by simply putting Americans first. And that’s why,  that’s why we are doing the work that we do.

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