Sunday COVID Numbers Show Downward Trends


Ohio’s COVID numbers were updated yesterday, revealing a downward trend across the major COVID indicators.

778 cases of COVID were reported Sunday, which is well below the 21 day reported average of 1061 cases. Deaths and hospitalizations are also down, with a drop from an average of 21 to 17 deaths yesterday, and 29 fewer people being hospitalized than the average of 75.

The state has seen an uptick in cases for young adults between 18 and 22 years of age.
Governor DeWine weighed in on the increase on Twitter and announced that the increase may be due to increased testing identifying existing cases, instead of a new outbreak in the demographic.

The governor also shared a public service announcement urging young people to wear masks, social distance and be mindful of the fact that they may carry the virus without being symptomatic. The PSA warned that as carriers of the virus young people can infect the elderly or the immuno-compromised at home or work.

Even with the uptick in youth diagnosis, the elderly remain the most at risk with 91% of all virus-related deaths reported in Ohio being from people above the age of 60. Only 16 deaths have been reported for people under the age of 30.

Newly reported cases may continue to increase as Ohio expands it’s testing efforts. Ohio’s COVID Dashboard urges anyone who believes they are experience symptoms of the virus to speak with a medical professional. Anyone who experiences severe symptoms should contact an emergency department immediately.

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Ben Kolodny is a reporter for The Ohio Star and the Star News Network. You can follow Ben on Twitter. Tips can be sent to [email protected]





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