Trump Supporters Hold Rallies Across Country


Supporters of President Trump held numerous rallies across the country this week and over the Labor Day Weekend.

Trump supporters in Oregon caravanned and rallied with hundreds of vehicles showing up for the event. The Oregon For Trump 2020 Labor Day Cruise Rally event page on Facebook received over 6000 responses with over a thousand people saying they would be attending.

A similar caravan took place in Oregon on August 30th, ending in a Trump supporter being killed, and his killer, reportedly a proponent of the far-left group Antifa being shot and killed by law enforcement as they attempted to capture him.

In Wisconsin, local NBC affiliate KARE reports that around 1500 Bikers for Trump attended a rally that was counter protested by Black Lives Matter activists.

Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Texas saw Pro-Trump boat parades or ‘flotillas.’ Hundreds, if not thousands of voters took part, and some events were so crowded that the wakes of some boats swamped and then sunk smaller crafts NPR reports.

In Florida, The Emerald Coast Boat Parade saw enormous turnout, as part of an attempt to break the record on boater turnout. Boats sporting Blue Lives Matter, Trump, and American flags took part in the event. Tom Petska, an organizer for the event told reporters for The Ohio Star that the event had 1400 registered attendees, and that they were “all patriots.” Petska went on to say that “we’ve never had one mishap at any of our events.”

In Akron Ohio, several similar parades have taken place, Fox reports. Mario Innocenzi, an event organizer for the parade told The Star that the event saw “over 500 boats” with as many as 900 attendees. Innocenzi stated that the purpose of the event was to “show our support for President Trump, and show that there is a lot more support than the media is reporting.” Innocenzi noted that “You can’t deny it when you’ve got all those boats on the water.

The boat parade wasn’t the only Ohio event, Fox reports a Caravan style rally traveled two and a half hours through Ohio and Indiana.

The Licking and Delaware County Republican Parties put on a rally that received over 2000 responses on Facebook. State Senator Andrew Brenner told The Star that hundreds of people showed up and that when he went to speak the tumult from attendees was “was so loud we could barely hear.” The senator described the attendees as “invigorated” and “enthusiastic for Trump and promoting freedom.”

The senator noted that people were “concerned about everything going on” but that he believed Ohio was in a “strong position to support Trump” in the election.

Rallies are expected to continue at least until polls open.

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Ben Kolodny is a reporter for The Ohio Star and the Star News Network. You can follow Ben on Twitter. Tips can be sent to [email protected]




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2 Thoughts to “Trump Supporters Hold Rallies Across Country”

  1. Dee

    As I travelled out here in flyover country for the Labor Day holiday, I looked at all the fields planted in cotton, corn and soybeans; I passed farmers’ homes and barns and grain bins and tractors parked in fields; I passed family cookouts and family reunions; I passed small businesses and country stores and farmers’ markets; I passed vehicles pulling boats going to and coming from the lake, and I asked myself, “What, in their wildest dreams, would these good people have in common with a Biden-Harris ticket?” The answer is that I don’t think anything!

  2. Alex Otto

    Well, I want to do a peaceful protest rally for the president here in Nashville! Who’s with me?