Calls to Impeach DeWine at Women’s Rally


A Women for Trump meetup in Ohio quickly turned into a rally to impeach Governor Mike DeWine.

Around a hundred women who gathered at Donald Trump’s Ohio headquarters to show their support for the president chanted “impeach DeWine,” according to The Columbus Dispatch. The event featured South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who recently spoke at the Republican National Convention.

In the Q&A portion of the event, things turned after Judi Phelps, owner of On Guard Defense LLC, a firearms training company and gun range, called the move to invite Noem “an interesting choice given we have a spineless governor in our state.”

Noem didn’t directly touch on DeWine’s leadership, though warned of the dangers of leaders who overstep their bounds. This triggered the chants of “impeach DeWine” to be repeated by many attendees.

In an interview with The Ohio Star, Judi Phelps elaborated on the event. Phelps said that DeWine “crushed our economy” and “exacerbated the issues” including the opioid crisis, education, and the rioting that’s taken place over the last few months. Phelps said DeWine is the opposite of Noem who she says “did the job she was elected to do, preserve the rights of the people of her state.”

Another source in the room said it was embarrassing to watch. Almost the entire room was chanting, “Impeach DeWine.”

Anger towards DeWine’s response to the pandemic has grown to the point that state Representative John Becker filed articles of impeachment against the governor. A press release put out by Becker’s office in July said “Governor DeWine has violated the Ohio and United States Constitutions” and called on Becker’s colleagues to “join him in ending the madness.”

Phelps said that she fully supports the representatives putting forth articles of impeachment saying that Dewine “is not empowered to protect us from ourselves, his job is to preserve our individual rights” and ending her statement by saying”I’d like to see Dewine impeached.”

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Ben Kolodny is a reporter at The Ohio Star and the Star News Network. Follow Ben on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]
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