Dave Yost Says Ohio State University Should Sue Big 10 If Conference Refuses to Play Football


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said in an interview with Fox Radio that if the Big 10 refuses to change its stance on college football, Ohio State University (OSU) should sue.

Yost said that “it seems crazy,” that with so many other sports, including high school and amateur football being played that OSU will not be able to have a season.

The attorney general said if schools can opt-out of a season if they think “COVID is too big a threat.” However, he encouraged the Big 10 to allow schools interested in playing to have a season.

“I’m all about the kids, I wanna see them play… but let’s not forget that this is also business. There is money involved,” Yost said. “Lots of money.” He added that money “supports all of the other sports that don’t make any money.”

Yost said that the issue was simply from a legal standpoint “it comes down to contracts and torts.”

Yost said his team was in the process of collecting the necessary documents for a lawsuit against the Big 10, and even universities that violated their contracts by refusing to play, a sentiment he echoed on Twitter.

When asked about partnering with other states to sue the Big 10, Yost said “those conversations haven’t happened yet,” but hinted on Twitter that if Ohio State should sue, they might not be alone.

So far Ohio State has made no statement as to whether it plans to sue the Big 10.

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