Federal Judge Blocks Tennessee Law That Limits Some Mail-in Balloting Without ID

by Joseph Weber


A federal judge has blocked a Tennessee law that bars first-time voters from casting November mail-in ballots unless they first show ID at an election office.

U.S. District Judge Eli Richardson in Nashville ordered the preliminary injunction on Wednesday, as states across the country address the issue of voting-by-mail instead of at polling stations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Richardson said he issued the injunction without concern about “how his decisions could aid one side or the other on the political front.”

President Trump and other Republicans argue that states mailing unrequested ballots to every name on voter rolls exposes the country’s voting system to widespread fraud. However, Trump has made clear that he supports absentee balloting.

Democrats argue that efforts to put safeguards on mail-in balloting are an attempt to limit voter turnout, which helps Republican candidates.

Richardson wrote that the state argued for its law, which plaintiffs say affected an estimated 128,000 newly registered voters last election cycle, through “a non-existent” congressional requirement and congressional intent, according to the Associated Press.

A state court judge in June ordered that all eligible voters should have an absentee voting option during the health crisis, and that ruling was carried out during the Aug. 6 primary.

However, the state kept enforcing the first-time voter requirement, which the state judge said the plaintiffs failed to bring up before her ruling.

The state Supreme Court then overturned the absentee expansion last month, restoring the excuse-based absentee voting system and citing the state’s promise — made for the first time in front of the high court — that people can vote by mail if they believe they or someone in their care face a higher risk from the coronavirus due to underlying health conditions, the wire service also reports.

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Joseph Weber is a reporter at Just the News.
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Reprinted with permission from JusttheNews.com

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6 Thoughts to “Federal Judge Blocks Tennessee Law That Limits Some Mail-in Balloting Without ID”

  1. In 1975 i had to show proof of Citizenship, Birth Certificate I believe and Residency in my district.I still have that Voter ID card.
    in the seventies i had to see proof and witness it of my Employees and myself to provide we were Citizens and could work. I had to show Birth Certificate and my Father had to sign some form when I got my license to drive in 1964. We got a home loan, we had to show two IDs.
    To get power turned on at our home I had to show two forms of ID. And now it seems the whole world is trying to steal our IDs or has.
    There is only one reason the Democrat Communists do not want Voters to show proof of citizenship and residency. They are rather open about it….It is so they can vote in multiple districts, and multiple time and so that Illegal Aliens can vote.
    No one is fooled when these Deep State Activist Judges rule against our Republic and us.
    We want it stopped. Surely there are mechanisms to bring these Activist Judges before.Judicial Review Boards and even the Supreme Court and eject them from their seats!

  2. Herman Murdock

    A few years ago, I had to have my photo put back on my TN driver’s license in order to have a valid photo ID at the polls that would allow me to vote. According to our law, you can’t vote in TN without a valid photo ID. No “judge” should have the power or the audacity to circumvent existing law because of a virus or any other reason.According to Article III Section1 of the U S Constitution, “The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour,…”They don’t have “lifetime” appointments and IMO the TN general assembly needs to deal with this politically biased moron.

  3. John

    This preliminary ruling is outrageous. These are the same people which Democrats say they don’t have a valid ID because they are (insert excuse). Well answer me this. How are they getting their liquor? How are they getting their cigarettes?

    Our courts, universities, and public schools are overrun by anarchists, communists and fascists. And the sad thing is, we’re in so deep that I don’t think there is a way out.

    This judge needs to be impeached.

  4. Martha Brown

    Trump appointee.

  5. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Absolutely amazing how corrupt our system really is. The founders tried hard to give us a system of checks and balances and here we can’t even get a fait vote? Unreal. The future is looking bleak. We need a State Bank, modeled after the Bank of North Dakota, on that stacks actual Constitutional Money – Silver. If the Union fails, there is no reason on Earth that Tennessee cannot remain free, independent, neutral and wealthy.

  6. JB Taylor

    Communist frigging judges, so voter ID is not verified, we have no Idea who is actually voting. We do not even know if they are citizens. This judge needs to be removed from his position as soon as possible.