Nashville Bars Account for Less than a Half-Percent of COVID-19 Cases, but Continue to Face Harsher Restrictions

by Vivian Jones


Only 112 of Nashville’s 27,009 cases of COVID-19 can be linked through contact tracing to the city’s bars, according to data from the Metro Public Health Department, with 109 of the 112 cases linked to bars downtown.

Despite bars accounting for less than half of one percent of the city’s COVID-19 cases, bars have faced some of the most stringent restrictions under public health orders since pandemic-related shutdowns began in March.

Mayor John Cooper announced Friday bars would be permitted to remain open until 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Titans football game scheduled for Monday night against the Denver Broncos.

“Thanks to our progress in lowering the spread of COVID-19, [the Metro Public Health Department] approved an exception to extend restaurant & bar hours on Monday night to accommodate fans watching the first [Titans] game. Restaurants/bars may remain open until 30 mins after the game. #MaskUp #Titan Up,” Cooper tweeted Friday.

When Nashville’s “Road to Reopening” began May 11, bars serving food were allowed to operate at half capacity. Limited service bars that derive the majority of their revenue from alcohol sales were ordered to remain closed. When the city moved to phase two of reopening May 25, bars were ordered to remain closed.

On June 22, when the city moved to phase three, bars were allowed to open at 50 percent capacity. Two weeks later, when Cooper reverted the city to phase two, bars were ordered to close for 14 days.

“Our public health investigators have found a record number of clusters originating from bars within the past week, which have affected employees, patrons and musicians. Multiple bars in the downtown and Midtown neighborhoods have recently closed because of outbreaks among their staff and patrons,” Cooper said during a July 2 news conference.

Under modified rules in effect since Aug. 17, bars may reopen with required social distancing to serve a maximum of 25 patrons, but they must close no later than 10:30 p.m.

Nashville has 984 active COVID-19 cases, with 25,777 recovered cases. The test positivity rate reported Friday was 6.8 percent. A total of 248 COVID-19-related deaths have been recorded in the city.

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Vivian Jones is a reporter for The Center Square.
Photo “Nashville” by Robert Easton CC2.0







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8 Thoughts to “Nashville Bars Account for Less than a Half-Percent of COVID-19 Cases, but Continue to Face Harsher Restrictions”

  1. lb

    Its a Vendetta! MiniCooper is OBSESSED with his Image among his Seattle/CA/NYC Friends and every time some “karen” posted a Vid on Twitter about Honky Tonks in Nashville he went bananas!
    I am convinced he wants to destroy the locals on Lower Broad and bring in Hipster places to cater to his beloved Amazon crowd.
    The Merchants of Lower Broad should appeal to Gov Lee AND Sue the pants off MiniCooper and his Unelected Band of Hysterical Beaureaucrats . They should model it off the suit that just won in Fed Ct.
    He is freaking because of the Tax referendum that got enough signatures to get on the ballot. He KNOWS ppl are angry and now sick of his little napoleon act.

  2. Wolf Woman

    Cooper is a political hack and obedient comrade who follows socialist propaganda.

    The following was sent to me by a friend who is a doctor.

    “I watched this video last night. The information is non-political and science/evidence based.
    1. All viral epidemics like the Spanish flu and influenza and Covid-19 have similar infection and mortality curves throughout history, and these are based upon the area of the world in which they occur…the northeast US and Europe have a different curve than the southeast US but all of the curves of mortality rates are the same, and do not change with lockdowns or masking.
    2. Lockdowns and masking have no effect on these viral epidemics, and the effects of the lockdowns and masking have a more detrimental effect than any positive effect they might have (which is probably none) considering the economic and mental health implications.
    3. Since all types of coronavirus infections have cross-reactivity, about a 20% infection rate must be reached for mortality to peak…the rest of the population have some level of immunity against Covid-19. So now since we are ramping up testing we have “casedemics” where the number of positive tests are skyrocketing, but this means nothing since many of these are false positives, indicate old infections, and do not result in increased mortality or hospitalizations.
    4. The rates of all-cause mortality are not that much higher this year than 2018—ie the people at risk that died from the corona virus would have died anyway from something else. This may sound cold and crass, but people die every day, and it is a fact that at risk people are going to contract something (influenza, pneumonia) and die when it is time.
    5. The initiation of lockdowns and shutdowns may be interfering with the natural course of the viral infections in the populations, and basically will delay the arrival of “herd immunity” where 20% of the population is infected.
    6. In countries where there was no lockdown and minimal shutdown of the country versus countries where there was intense lockdowns and masking there is NO difference in mortality rates and the viral curves.

    In short, protecting people at risk certainly makes sense, but it makes no sense to continue this masking and lockdowns. It’s worth 30 minutes to look at this video.”

  3. John

    And here we are again, measuring ‘active cases’ again instead of deaths. Next flu season, are we going to report the ‘active cases’ for the flu and use that number to shutdown everything? We’ve flattened the curve. The death rate is lower than what it was last flu season. Time to end this hoax. I guess suppressing the vote and stealing an election is more important than the livelihoods of the people who made this country so prosperous.

    1. Ned T.

      Exactly right. Democrats will burn down the house to get their way. Evil, evil people.

  4. Alex Otto

    So Corona is dangerous after 30 minutes of the conclusion of the Titans game. Man what a smart virus #hoax

  5. Ned T.

    Mayor Mini Cooper is committed to using CV as a political weapon until November. He will move back to Phase 1 just as soon as a case of seasonal flu is reported.

    Also, Mini Cooper is panicking about the tax referendum. He has already gotten his legal team ready, and his message to voters will be that Nashville will shut down if the tax referendum is successful. Full-blown fearmongering already in the Mayor’s plans.

  6. Julie

    This is because no one is interested in being tested for a virus that is asymptomatic in most people (including businesses that don’t want to be shut down). If they weren’t testing students, prisoners, nursing facility residents, people going to the ED/admitted to the hospital (in order to bill an enhanced rate) and others required to test the numbers would be nonexistent. Also, the PCR test should not be used for diagnosing infection, PCR should only be used for DNA replication. This comes from the Nobel Prize winner who invented the technology (God rest his soul). You can learn more about it here:

  7. rick

    Cooper and his Metro Health Department, they have the Democrat political sickness of lies and distortion that provide them more power! Its about like Cooper and his do nothing Congressman brother are going help the live musicians that have been hurt financially by the Mayor’s action on the virus hoax and get them Federal money, a problem Comrade Cooper caused. Sick! Cooper’s attack on the bars and music business is personal, he is from the supposed arrogant upper crust side of town and he detest, the music and the tourism business, which has financially help build this city. He is a elitist arrogant democrat. Cooper sees most citizens in Nashville as ignorant rednecks that have to be told they can stay at a bar or restaurant an extra thirty minutes after their common people entertainment of a football game is over but, then they must submit immediately after his allowed 30 minutes of extra time to his control.
    The Napoleon complex on steroids.