Ohio Representative Wants to End Political Dark Money

by J.D. Davidson


An Ohio lawmaker wants to shed more light on political contributions with proposed legislation that would force organizations to disclose funding sources for monies used for certain political purposes.

State Rep. Diane Grendell, R-Chesterland, announced her plan to introduce what she’s calling the “Light of Day” bill, which she said would shine light on campaign funding and eliminate dark money.

“It is time to get rid of dark money influence in Ohio,” Grendell said in a news release. “My legislation focuses on removing dark money in Ohio’s politics and increasing our political donation transparency. Issues surrounding undisclosed funds for or against political candidates has remained an issue in our state for far too long. The present Ohio laws are outdated.”

Specifically, the bill requires nonprofits, organizations and corporations to file a disclosure that shows sources of all funds received and used for or against an issue or candidate on the ballot for any election in Ohio.

It also separates definitions of political action committee and political contributing entity, while requiring any and all political contributions and donors, regardless of the dollar amount, to be disclosed.

Grendell also wants political contributing entities to keep separate accounts earmarked for the purpose of political expenditures. Individuals donating to organizations for charitable purposes or reasons unrelated to political expenditures would not need to be disclosed.

Grendall, who is seeking co-sponsors and plans to introduce the bill next week, introduced a resolution in the Ohio House last month that urged Congress to pass legislation that requires corporations and labor organizations that make political expenditures to disclose their donors.

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J.D. Davidson is a regional editor for The Center Square.
Photo “Ohio Capitol” by Jim Bowen CC2.0

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