Tennessee Woman Files Suit Against Public School Mask Mandate



A Coffee County mother is reportedly suing the county school system over its mask mandate for students.

That woman, Heather Murchison, said the mandate prevents her son from concentrating at school, and she also said only parents can decide if their children should wear masks.

In a Facebook post last week, Murchison also said she observed a certain level of hypocrisy among the people enforcing the mandate.

“Walked into the Coffee County school board this morning! No one wearing masks! No one!!!!! Not even Dr Lawson,” Murchison wrote.

Murchison told the Memphis-based WMC Action News 5 that her son, Nico Sanfilippo, a freshman at  Raider Academy in Manchester, showed up at school not wearing a mask. School officials placed him in in-school suspension.

“Murchison said she tried to get a doctor’s note, citing her son’s anxiety but said she spoke with six physicians who said they wouldn’t provide the note for political reasons,” the station reported.

“Murchison then decided to sue.”

In her lawsuit, Murchison said that, by denying her son entry into the school, the board denies him equal educational opportunities. She also said the board acted beyond the powers that state officials granted to it, the station reported.

School system officials did not appear to address the matter on their Facebook page.

According to The Tullahoma News, Director of Coffee County Schools Charles Lawson had little to say about the matter.

“The board attorney has advised that the board of education is well within their legal rights to make a mask requirement as was done at the board meeting on August 10,” Lawson reportedly said.

WMC Action News 5, meanwhile, quoted Murchison as saying she filed the suit to protect other people’s rights. The station also said that if Murchison’s lawsuit is successful it could have a ripple effect across Tennessee. The state attorney general, the station reported, has already declared the mask mandate constitutional.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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10 Thoughts to “Tennessee Woman Files Suit Against Public School Mask Mandate”

  1. Concerned!

    Parents rise up! The next attack will be our children. The ultimate goal everyone knows is to demand a vaccine. If you don’t get a vaccine you won’t be able to buy, sale or work. The mask is to force submission, and it’s a world issue. The people still have rights, stand up and take back what is legally ours. If Trump does not win, it’s over for this nation. We pray Heather will win big and that the Judges will not be controlled by the Elite. You have our prayers Heather.

    1. Ron Welch

      A mandated vaccine, or ANY mandated medical procedure is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore ILLEGAL. We have a 4th Amendment right to be “”SECURE IN OUR PERSON”!! Anyone forcing a vaccine is a criminal!

  2. Wolf Woman

    I posted this on the article about Nashville bars but it seems to be pertinent to this article also. It was written by a doctor here in Nashville who watched the video last night. I wish Heather Murchison success in her lawsuit and thank her for her courage.


    The information is non-political and science/evidence based.
    1. All viral epidemics like the Spanish flu and influenza and Covid-19 have similar infection and mortality curves throughout history, and these are based upon the area of the world in which they occur…the northeast US and Europe have a different curve than the southeast US but all of the curves of mortality rates are the same, and do not change with lockdowns or masking.
    2. Lockdowns and masking have no effect on these viral epidemics, and the effects of the lockdowns and masking have a more detrimental effect than any positive effect they might have (which is probably none) considering the economic and mental health implications.
    3. Since all types of coronavirus infections have cross-reactivity, about a 20% infection rate must be reached for mortality to peak…the rest of the population have some level of immunity against Covid-19. So now since we are ramping up testing we have “casedemics” where the number of positive tests are skyrocketing, but this means nothing since many of these are false positives, indicate old infections, and do not result in increased mortality or hospitalizations.
    4. The rates of all-cause mortality are not that much higher this year than 2018—ie the people at risk that died from the corona virus would have died anyway from something else. This may sound cold and crass, but people die every day, and it is a fact that at risk people are going to contract something (influenza, pneumonia) and die when it is time.
    5. The initiation of lockdowns and shutdowns may be interfering with the natural course of the viral infections in the populations, and basically will delay the arrival of “herd immunity” where 20% of the population is infected.
    6. In countries where there was no lockdown and minimal shutdown of the country versus countries where there was intense lockdowns and masking there is NO difference in mortality rates and the viral curves.

    In short, protecting people at risk certainly makes sense, but it makes no sense to continue this masking and lockdowns. It’s worth 30 minutes to look at this video.

  3. Chrissy

    100% agree with the mom! Go get them and win!

  4. John

    What have these politicians and government types done to our children? Why have we let this continue, despite the facts from REAL science? All of this because because they don’t like our President. This scorched earth bs has to stop. Hope this lady wins her lawsuit.

  5. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Good for her. They do nothing. If you can small a fart through a mask, you can get any aerosolized virus, 200 of which cause respiratory illness, 15% of which are coronaviruses.

    Respected German author Ernst Jünger predicted the ubiquitousness of face masks to enforce conformity and uniformity in a dystopian future society in a novel called The Worker that was published nearly 70 years ago.

    With face masks now becoming a mandatory part of the “new normal,” the enforcement measures to make people wear them, by both agents of the state and members of the general public, are becoming more dehumanizing and draconian.

    When I became a nurse 22 years ago they simply offered everyone flu vaccines. Then, after the last swine flu scare in 2009, the media, which get 70% of its revenue from pharmaceutical companies, went to the suits at the hospitals and asked “what are you doing to keep patient safe?”

    Mandatory flu vaccines were the answer. That is, unless, you wore the “mask of shame.” There is CDC published studies that state that the masks do little to stop the flu virus, much less any other virus. Handwashing continues to be the best way to prevent the spread of pathogens.

  6. Julie

    Authorities believe they are within their legal means to require masks, social distancing, and lockdowns. Even if one of these cases makes it to the Supremes I am not hopeful that the ruling will be in favor of freedom. That being said it will fall on we the people to push back (there are some organized efforts in other countries which you can Google) particularly since the left has already told us not to expect this to go away if Trump wins re-election.

  7. Mary

    Good! Hope she wins.

  8. Mike Johnson

    Good for you Heather! Stand up to this mask insanity and the damage it’s doing to our children. You busted the school board…now let’s bust the politicians…