Protesters Harass New ICE Director at His House


Protesters from a group calling itself Charlotte Underground showed up at ICE director Tony Pham’s house to protest.

The organization, who describes itself as “a coalition of community members dedicated to ending state violence against Black and marginalized people” on it’s Facebook page,  arrived at Pham’s house, chanted, and yelled at police and neighbors.

In a Facebook video posted to the groups page the woman filming, presumably an organizer for the group berated fellow protesters with shouts of “hurry up” and “Quick! Quick!”


The woman explains the group’s motivations, telling the camera “what he’s doing is not appropriate” and notes that  “there is a police presence in the neighborhood, it seems like neighbors have been tipped off,” as the group approaches Pham’s house.

Protesters ran onto Pham’s lawn, and tossed cardboard tombstones on the grass, which the organizer says are for “folks who passed away in ice detention facilities.” The organizer goes on to say “our people are dying, so we are here to say no,” and “Abolish ICE,” before chanting “Pham is not family!”

Later in the video organizer explains the decision to protest at Pham’s house “we pulled up at his house ya’ll cause the issue is that important,” and then seemingly rebukes her fellow protesters asking “do ya’ll understand how important this is?”

A woman peered out of Pham’s house as protesters chant no borders, no nations, no fucking deportation,” triggering the woman filming to yell “F*ck you, lady! Come out and talk to us! Be accountable!” What the woman, be Pham’s wife, needs to be accountable for was not mentioned.

Before moving away from Pham’s house protesters threw their signs onto Pham’s lawn, which was already covered in a manikin made of trash bags, signs, and fake tombstones.

A man left his home as the group walked passed and walked up to talk to the protesters. The organizer yelled “F*ck the cops and f*ck you, sir! I don’t give a f*ck! I don’t give a f*ck! I don’t give a f*ck! You don’t have no street on stolen land! You don’t have no street on stolen land! You don’t have no street!” at the man.

The organizer then alternated between the police officer and the now retreating resident, repeating various insults and slogans.

Police followed the protesters as they continued away from Pham’s residence. Pham, a Vietnamese refugee took over Immigrations and Customs Enforcement after Matt Albence retired. As of press time, no statement has been made by Pham regarding the incident.

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Ben Kolodny is a reporter for The Ohio Star and the Star News Network. Follow Ben on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]






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