Trump Victory Campaign Secures Two Million Voter Contacts in Virginia


The Trump Victory campaign announced Friday it has passed two million voter contacts in Virginia ahead of the quickly-approaching November election.

The milestone brings with it plenty of confidence and optimism from those working on the campaign.

Samantha Cotten, Trump Victory spokesperson, issued a brief statement about the achievement.

“Trump Victory Virginia is operating the most advanced campaign in the history of the Old Dominion with thousands of volunteers engaged,” Cotten said. “Our two millionth voter contact is just the latest milestone in a record-breaking campaign that cannot be matched by Joe Biden and the DNC.”

Republican Party of Virginia chairman Rich Anderson shared similar elation and excitement when he heard the news on Sunday, and spoke with The Virginia Star about the Virginia campaign’s current momentum.

“It’s an outstanding achievement,” Anderson said. “It’s the largest number of contacts, I believe, the Republican party in Virginia has made with the voting public, and it tracks very closely at the national level we have now blossomed out to two million volunteers working across the country. So, I am very pleased with this.

“The enthusiasm I’ve seen…the word I use is stratospheric. [In] the dozen years that I have been involved in Virginia politics since I retired from the military, this is the highest level of intensity and enthusiasm [I’ve seen.]”

In Virginia and other battleground states across the country, Trump campaigns have been focusing their efforts on contacting voters through a mix of 0n-the-ground work and phone banking, differing from the Biden campaign that is only using phone calls or texts to reach voters instead of door knocking.

In June, Trump campaign field teams began transitioning back to in-person activities, hosting events throughout the Commonwealth and contacting voters at their doors while following state and local guidelines to ensure the protection of voters and workers.

“The surest way of convincing a voter to vote for your candidate is to make eye-to-eye contact, to show that you care enough to trudge through hot, muggy weather and knock on someone’s door,” Anderson said. “That is the surest way to affect the outcome of an election. It’s an old-fashioned method and it is still valid today even in this age of technology as it was many years ago.”

Fueling the extensive ground game of the Trump Victory campaign is tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the state actively working to secure voter contacts.

Nationally, the Trump campaign also achieved a significant milestone last week.

“We have already made over 100 million voter contracts, that’s about three times more than we ever made in 2016,” Mercedes Schlapp, a senior advisor to the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign, said on the John Fredericks Radio Show. “We have a true ground game that is very sophisticated. We are ready when it comes to ensuring that on the day of the election, we have the right people deployed to the right targeted states and precincts to get through this voting process.”

The Presidential Election is only 49 days out.

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Jacob Taylor is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network. Follow Jacob on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected] 






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