The Daily Wire Decides to Abandon Lawless Los Angeles, Move to Nashville


The Daily Wire is moving to Nashville, with one of the founders citing lawlessness in Los Angeles as one reason.

The conservative media outlet is moving from Los Angeles, Deadline reported Tuesday.

The Daily Wire’s 75 employees are being given a deadline of October 1 to decide whether to move, Deadline said, quoting Jeremy Boreing, one of the founders. He said that about 80 percent would make the move.

According to The Daily Wire website, the organization describes itself as one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies. Boreing, Ben Shapiro and Caleb Robinson launched it in 2015.

As of July 2020, neither Shapiro nor Boreing have ever met Dan Wilks or received any money from Wilks Brothers, LLC, which doesn’t stop the site’s detractors from braying about how the company is “bought and paid for by the evil fracking Wilks Brothers!” — “Wilks Brothers” sounding, we guess, like Koch Brothers and thus more nefarious to leftist media outlets. Or something.

Fox News reported further on the move.

In a statement sent to Fox News on Wednesday, Shapiro, host of the daily podcast “The Ben Shapiro Show” and editor of The Daily Wire, also attributed the move to a declining quality of life.

“I’ve spent my entire life in Los Angeles. I love California, I love Los Angeles,” Shapiro said. “But between the extraordinary tax burden, the refusal to maintain law and order, and the deliberate willingness to degrade quality of life for citizens, the governance of this state and my home city have driven us away.”

Shapiro tweeted, “We’ve been asked over and over and over again when we would leave California. The answer: now. See you in Nashville, gang!”

The Daily Wire tweeted, “We’re packing up and headed to Tennessee! To celebrate, get 15% off all memberships with coupon code: NASHVILLE! Y’all can join here:”.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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5 Thoughts to “The Daily Wire Decides to Abandon Lawless Los Angeles, Move to Nashville”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Leave your California leanings behind. Those living in a bubble are often ignorant of how far they have drifted to the left.

  2. Frank List

    My wife, who has a degree in elementary education and her Tn Teachers’ Certification, has wisely decided to avoid going into the liberal cesspool of public schools.

    She would rather bring her writing and editing skills to a fine company such as this.

    In short, she can spot spelling and grammar errors from 40,000 feet, and would prove to be a valuable asset to your company when you come to town.

  3. John

    These guys are in for a shock if they relocate their business inside Davidson county. The county is as blue as LA itself.

    1. Barbara

      Tim Wise and now Ben Shapiro. What are they doing coming to Nashville? Nashville has always been a joke to them.

    2. Arlea

      They should locate alittle more south, Columbia? GREAT Town full of Friendlies.