Steve Cortes Discusses Positive Virus Trends, the Economy, and How Trump Can Win Big in November


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Senior Strategist to the Trump-Pence 2020 Campaign, Steve Cortes to the show.

During the show, Cortes weighed in on positive coronavirus news and how that type of news is directly correlated with improving the economy. He also touched upon how many mayors and governors of cities were using the COVID as a depression tactic with the public in order to defeat Trump.

Fredericks: Joining us now, Steve Cortes. Steve is the senior strategic advisor to the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign. Steve, the poll’s looking and good running in our favor but I want to talk a little bit about COVID. Steve with us right now and this coming from the health and human services testing guru Admiral Giroir today on the very encouraging virus trends in our country right now but the fake news legacy media won’t talk about it. What’s going on Steve?

Cortes: That’s right John. Thanks for having me. By the way, I’m so glad I was listening to you and I now know what I’m doing tonight from six to eight. I’m gonna be listening to you and my friend Steve Bannon talk about this critical issue of the election. So thank you for doing that show.

And yes sticking back to your question, Admiral Giroir and I believe it’s pronounced Giroir is how you say it. Admiral Giroir who is the HHS testing czar and physician. Of course, he was on with Jake Tapper on CNN and he said this and I think you know obviously Tapper didn’t want to hear it and most people in the media and don’t want to hear it.

How good are the trends right now regarding the virus? And look, nobody’s saying it’s over. Nobody’s saying we consider the all-clear however we should also recognize that the trends are right now very constructive and very optimistic trending toward health.

So to give you his exact stats that the Admiral cited. He said from the peaks in July the number of cases went down 40 percent. The number of ICU people in ICU down 62 percent. The number of deaths and not surprisingly given those other two stats down almost 30. So these are fantastic trends. The virus is trending the right way toward health in this country.

Corporate media doesn’t want to talk about that so we have to John on shows like yours and people like me working for the campaign have to make sure that news gets out there. And that again we can’t declare victory by any sense. However, the great news is that as a country we are learning how to deal with this virus.

We’re learning how to protect the most vulnerable. We’re learning how to mitigate risks. And our amazing doctors and nurses are learning very well how to treat those who do get infected. And our therapeutics are so much better than they were even just weeks or months ago. And of course, we’re very optimistic.

We can’t count on it yet but we’re very optimistic. But the silver bullet that a vaccine is in the offing. But I think we as a country we need to celebrate that good news and know about it. I also believe John to connect us to the economy the economic numbers lately you know that’s really my focus.

I spent 25 years on Wall Street before I got into this game of politics. And because of that, I pay a lot of attention to the economic data. And the economic data lately has been just astounding. And I think part of the reason why is it’s very much related to the virus news.

As the virus news improves the economic news improves because people are more willing to go out and to purchase things. In terms of business owners to hire somebody you know. We are smartly reopening and you won’t know that I know you’re in New York City.

You won’t know that if you’re in Manhattan because it doesn’t seem like it at all. It doesn’t seem like in Washington D. C where I am right now. However, when you get away from these coastal cities and these lockdown cities a lot of America is largely back. Not entirely, but largely back to normal economically.

Fredericks: How do we get this message out that things are getting better? I mean I’ve got Michael Patrick Leahy from Nashville coming up. Mayor Cooper there in Nashville hid the positive information from the public. Hid it so that he could continue with the lockdowns and destroy people’s lives. Who would do that? Why would you do that?

Cortes: Isn’t it incredible?

Fredericks: Yes.

Cortes: That’s just honestly and I don’t use this word much in politics that’s evil. I mean that is outright evil right? That’s not just you know a bad policy or it’s not you know. That is evil for you to say we are going to suppress information that we know that the bars and restaurants of Nashville, a major industry there right it’s such a big tourist town, we know that the bars and restaurants are not significant sectors for spreading the virus but we’re going to suppress the information so that we can keep them closed.

So that we can keep the very people we’re supposed to serve the citizens of Nashville so that we can keep them out of business and unemployed. And that we can make some of these business owners go permanently out of business. I mean this, I don’t know another word for it other than evil.

Thank goodness that it’s been revealed. Unfortunately John I don’t think it’s rare. You know in my hometown of Chicago Lori Lightfoot is I think perhaps the worst mayor in America. Although a lot of New Yorkers would probably argue with me that De Blasio is.

And they have a case to make as well. But Lori Lightfoot you know not only did she use the virus as a pretext to seize a lot of power but it really became about punishing people. For example, the Chicago lakefront which is glorious. For listeners who’ve never been there, it’s glorious. It’s about 18 miles long.

Fredericks: Oh it’s beautiful.

Cortes: It’s beautiful one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the world. A lot of people don’t really realize that Chicago has a shore. Essentially you know it’s almost an oceanfront. And it’s expansive and beautiful all of it public. All of its parkland. Lori Lightfoot would close the entire Chicago lake area.

You could not go for a walk or a bike ride by yourself. Now that has nothing to do with the virus right?  That clearly it was not a virus transmission risk it had everything to do with seizing power and controlling people’s lives. And quite frankly trying to make them miserable because unfortunately, that’s where the left saw an avenue to political power.

It’s so that if they could depress the country enough economically and psychologically so they could defeat Donald Trump. Oh and then places like Chicago by the way and the state of Illinois would get bailouts with a President Biden.

And that’s what they’re unfortunately banking on. None of that’s going to happen because people like you patriots. Like you and all of your listeners out there are going to fight against that and we’re going to not just win this election but as I’ve told you before John we’ve got to win big so we make it almost impossible for them to steal it afterward.

Fredericks: Define winning big on election night Steve Cortes. What does that look like?

Cortes: Well you know bigger than last time. In other words, holding all the states we held last time plus adding three or four or five new states. And I think is it likely? I’ll be the first to say no. It’s not likely but it is doable. Yes
it’s absolutely doable.

It’s not implausible that we can do that. Can we flip New Mexico? The way we are trending with Hispanics right now in the latest Fox News poll, Fox News polling generally isn’t all that Trump favorable. But it shows us on a nationwide basis 41 percent among Hispanics can we flip New Mexico? Nevada? New Hampshire and up on the Northeast? Can we flip Minnesota? I think it’s entirely plausible that that could happen.

If we flip all of those states then we are talking about the electoral math count going well over 300. Well well, North over the 270 we need. I’m not saying that the Democrats might not still try but it makes it far far more difficult for them to try to flip the election that way…

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