Steve Bannon Explains How Florida is the Key to a Trump Victory on November Third and How the Dems Plan to Steal It


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Steve Bannon to the show.

During the show, Bannon reiterated that it was time for all Trump supporters to step up and make getting out the vote their primary objective. He goes on to explain how the Democrats are preparing to steal the vote after a Trump victory on November third and that Florida is the key.

Fredericks: Joining us now is Steven K. Bannon. Thanks for being with us Steve.

Bannon: Well thanks, John. I think this is the power of The John Fredericks Radio Network. On a dime, you can flip and say hey, let’s just go do it live. It was very powerful last night. I just got the report that 20 million viewers in China last night. They lived streamed it live. They had GNews and GTV team here and Luda who is their big personality. He live-streamed the thing to a massive audience in China.

I heard the live streaming that they did from the club was huge. So it was quite an event last night. I want to thank you for being there and doing the live radio broadcast because I think that added a lot to it. The whole sense of it. It was a great night. And the President’s big hunk of his Dayton speech he did two things.

He totally beat down on the Chinese Communist Party. He talked about economic nationalism and bringing the imperative of bringing jobs back. And man he really went off on this voting fraud thing. I think the President is very focused on what exactly is going to happen. He’s going to win on election day and win big with the real vote.

And they’ve got to reverse that. They are going to use all means necessary to reverse the fact of that election. And I think President Trump is completely woke to that. We’re going to do polls to open the show today on War Room Pandemic. But the President is obviously very very focused on this now.

And he’s focused on the details and the granularity. And he was talking about things happening in Michigan. Things we talked about on your show afterward. The issues in Michigan. The issues in Pennsylvania. He’s very much into the granularity of this.

Fredericks: By extending these mail voting deadlines, it’s so fraudulent. You look for instance you take Wisconsin, the ballot had to be there and it’s up to the person voting. You are not an idiot. You apply for the ballot and you get it and you mail it back in time. But it had to be there by 8 pm on election night. Now a judge has extended it for six days. So its gotta be postmarked but it can take six days to get there.

Which means I can mail it at midnight on election day after the polls have closed. And now Michigan has got 2 weeks, 14 days. So Steve it almost seems like the Democrats are doing is they want an extension so they can see how many votes they need to win. And then they’ll just manufacture them or find them in a box. Doesn’t it appear that way or is it just me?

Bannon: It’s not appearing. This is what they are doing. Let’s go back in time. And this is why The John Fredericks Radio Network helped us launch War Room Pandemic. Why did we start focusing on this back in the spring? We pride ourselves of being the signal not the noise. The one thing I notice is these Democratic primaries. Nobody was voting. They were all doing it by mail. And they didn’t have a system set up to handle it.

This is why in this city that we are sitting in, their primaries which Republicans had nothing to do with. It was all run by Democrats. 30 percent of the mail-in votes in Brooklyn were tossed out. These are Democrats tossing their own votes out because they were illegitimate or couldn’t meet the standards ro be certified. 20 percent in Manhattan. So I started noticing this and said oh my god. This is going to be it.

And I started really focusing on the messaging they were doing on mainstream media. What the Democrats do is they always overplay their hand. Don’t push Mayor Garland because Hillary is going to win and we’ll get a more progressive judge once she’s in there. Ginsberg, don’t step down. When Hillary wins President Clinton will get two picks her first year right? They always overplay their hands. They can’t help themselves. Here what they were doing is they were traumatizing their base.

Whereas on Pandemic and your show you and I disagree. Jack Maxey disagrees. We have a reasonable conversation. We lay out all terms and people make their own judgments. If you look at it, the mainstream media traumatized their base with really not giving them the information. 69 percent don’t want to go to a polling place.

They understand they have a horrible fact right now. They can’t get people actually out to vote on election day. And in doing that they meet in a mad panic to come up with a plan to essentially manufacture enough votes so that they can reverse the fact that Donald Trump is going to win on election day. This is why it’s unique in American history. Totally driven by the Democrats.

And this is why it’s so important. I tell people look, even if Trump’s not your guy, just to keep the continuation of our Republic you have to back Trump’s victory on game day. Joe Biden will never take office. We’ll fight that tooth and nail. But you are talking about an illegitimate, un-elected guy and the whole administration they are trying to push forward.

You just nailed it. They are changing the rules at every level that they possibly can. By the way, is you haven’t seen the worse yet. They are going to get in there and get into the ballots themselves. They intend to keep counting until they win.  That’s why they got social media talking about it. That’s why they’ve got Facebook talking about it. Go to Zero Hedge where the lead story there is about how social media will be taking off voices they feel are violent.

In other words, the street war that’s going to come they are going to have all opportunity to get BLM and Antifa up. But when conservative groups try to start rallying people to come out to show the support for the President that there is no anarchy or chaos, that’s all going to get taken down. This is a three-part. They got the legal part. They’ve got the street muscle which is all these rioters and protesters.

And they’ve got the most important and powerful which is the social media and digital part. They are going to use this as the hammer to crush Trump. And the smartest guy they’ve got Michael Bloomberg and here’s the tell. He got Hawk Fish and then he realized they had a problem when they put these reports out.

And they realized Trump would win on election night and they knew immediately that’s a problem because Bloomberg can count. They got Hawk Fish out there to do the analysis. They think Trump will get 404 electoral votes on the evening of November third. So Bloomberg gets Hawk Fish to say no if you count all the votes in a week Biden wins with 280 electoral votes.

He’ll win when you really count. More importantly this is what connects the dots. The $100,000,000. dollars that Bloomberg came up with last week was to flood the zone with Get Out the Vote because Bloomberg knows that 11 o’clock on the third in Florida it could be game,  set,  match. And so Bloomberg is forcing it. This is why every supporter of President Trump and the people of Florida you’ve got to turn it up because Bloomberg understands that that’s the lynchpin to this thing.

Fredericks: It’s Florida.

Bannon: Florida on the evening of the third. Bloomberg now has Hawk Fish out there to spouting this that Trump’s going to get 404 electoral votes. That’s a huge problem. They call it the red mirage and the blue shift is going to come. The blood-red fact or the bold red fact is that Trump will be winning and essentially winning the presidency.

The blue steal and the blue theft as they come in and try to use the courts to basically count the votes they want to count. They want to count the votes. And they are going to be coming in by the pound. They’ve got ballot harvesting. They’ve got all this stuff. They are going to sow total chaos.

And that’s why Trump supporters have got to the ramparts today! Not tomorrow. Put the golf clubs away. Put the tennis rackets away. Cut off the football. Forget all that stuff. You’ve got to get engaged today because this is going to be a long nasty fight.

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