Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game


Alecia Kitts drove an hour and a half from Marietta to Logan, Ohio to watch her son’s football game.

In the first quarter she was approached by an officer from the Logan Police Department because she was not wearing a mask.

The video below shows the three-minute encounter between Kitts and the officer.

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her.  Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

“There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also pointed out the female officer who is shown running toward the Logan officer and Kitts at the end of the video was not wearing a mask – pulling one out of her pocket as she was in pursuit.

“Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too.”

Kitts appears to be socially distanced from others in the crowd and sitting with her family. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” said Kennedy.

The Logan Police Department declined comment and sent an inquiry to Captain Ryan Gabriel. The Ohio Star left a message with Captain Gabriel and will report back after making contact.

Alecia Kitts was contacted but had not returned comment before press time.

Sources indicate that Kitts was charged with criminal trespass and released on her own recognizance.

– – –

Jack Windsor is Managing Editor and an Investigative Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an Investigative Reporter at WMFD-TV. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].




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277 Thoughts to “Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game”

  1. William Delzell

    It was wrong to tase her, but she was wrong not to wear a mask. When you are in a crowded area, you have a responsibility to your fellow Americans to protect them from any contamination that you may unwittingly have. Wearing a mask is no big sacrifice. It’s sure a lot better than coming down with Covid! Our hospitals are overworked and underequipped to deal with the sudden patient backlog. Do your part and be a good American, lady!

  2. Phil

    She shouts and struggles a lot for someone who “has asthma” and I don’t see her needing an inhaler at any point. She knew the rules but chose to go in and flout them. What about people who really do have asthma and who would DIE from covid because people like her are spreading it?

    1. Then stay out of public you noodle-armed coward.

      1. Brian

        Hey dumbfuck Jack, she pays her taxes to do what ever the fuck she wants in public……My god how you lefties just need to be told what to do and fall in-line. Fuck outta here anti-constitutionalist.

        Dont believe your gov’t makes the world turn, but us citizens.

        You are an embarrassment to the word American

    2. Robert Adonizio

      your right Phil

    3. Scott Esk

      There’s a moron like you in every bunch…

  3. Marcia

    It’s like I don’t even recognize this country anymore. Where am I?

    1. Phil

      Tell it to the virus.

  4. Usunder53

    This is when you need to sue, for violating your constitutional rights. Forced to go against your own health and will being is dead wrong.
    We need to fight back if you’re scared stay at home but the people that want to continue with their life as normal leave us alone. I will not be put in a self-made prison just because our government is running a trial run on who can be controlled through scare tactics.

  5. Bill Rice, Jr.

    Did you pull the actual video from your story? It doesn’t show up on my page. Why would you do this?

  6. Shirley

    If this had been a white cop and black female there would be riots and all over the news double standards

  7. Ron

    So you have a 275 pound pos beating on a mom who looks ti weigh about 130. Then said pos takes the mom and the electrical charge goes thru the meter bleachers and the child sitting to her left gets tazed as well????? PLUS THE MOM HAS ASTHMA AND KEEPS HOLLARING THIS….

  8. kit kat

    Everyone should stop wearing mask, everyone in the United States, just stop. Stand up to governemnt now or be enslaved forever and generations thereafter. Starts with the mask this is not goin g to end anytme soon, more force will be implemented.

  9. Rachel

    Oh but why is this different everyone. Remember back the blue, just comply, if they are arresting you you must have done something wrong, we must expect our officers to use force. Stop sugar coating things. If the races were flipped it would easily be everyone saying “thug” or just comply. Clearly what we don’t see in the video is the women probly refusing to put on a mask or leave. And then to ask if it’s a real cop?what you meant to ask was can we please get a white cop. Lawsuit my ass. The title shouldn’t read arrested for not wearing a mask, but arrested for refusing to leave property at request of school

    1. PeytonH

      Nah, if the races were flipped, the response would be nation wide protests and rioting. Logically that is what we have seen repeatedly.

  10. Rich

    The country is being burnt to the ground as people are arrested by ILLEGAL mandates.. This woman has been assaulted and the Governor should be impeached!

  11. Shawna

    Hey lets gwt the story straight. From people who were there and from this area. This woman went in with a mask on took it off. Asked to leave due ro the rules of the School. She did not comply despite being asked numerous times. After that then security was called. She made a scene. Look up her rap sheet. Goodness

    1. PeytonH

      Yeah we saw all that on tape. It’s not okay what happened. Leave the woman be, she wasn’t hurting anyone. The problem here is civil rights and personal liberty. Or have we just thrown that away? We as a people need to say enough is enough. We will not be ruled by power hungry individuals.

      1. phil merlot

        The problem here is your failure to understand that the virus couldn’t give a damn about anyone’s “civil rights” and “personal liberty”. If you want to test your arguments why don’t you test them on someone whose beloved relative is dead because your airy-fairy ideals allowed it to spread in the general community and then into care homes etc.

  12. Sharon Long

    This whole incident was unnecessary! She was outside with no one near her. Why does she need a mask? Whether she has asthma or not, this whole thing is idealistic to think wearing a mask outside while social distancing is something they can legally enforce a BS face mask rule. It’s not a law! If I was there I would have stood up for her. Even the CDC can’t make up their mind about what should or shouldn’t be done. I’m so fed up with democrats waving there strength around. I hope I have a chance to fight them someday in court!

  13. Steve Sparks

    I live in Ohio and rarely wear a mask and if I do, it’s just to get in the door. It amazes me how sheeplike fellow Ohioans are.

    1. Joseph Lynch

      Cough, cough… thanks for your interpretation of the la…. aarghhh

    2. Phil

      You’re the reason the IQ bell curve has a bottom quartile.

  14. Janet

    Yes mask indoors, but outdoors no, social distancing yes. She should of been holding up a sign protesting for her favorite team and called it a day!

  15. Sher

    Additional exclusions include: 
    * All individuals in Ohio must wear facial coverings in public at all times when:
    * At an indoor location that is not a residence
    * Outdoors, but unable to maintain six-foot social distance from people who are not household members
    * Those with a medical condition SHE HAS ASTHMA
    * She broke no law

  16. Dianne123

    Ohio has mask laws. These are in place to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, so not wearing a mask where distancing isnt possible, jeopardizes the safety of other people. She refused to wear a mask, so she is guilty of endangering others.. He informed her that she was under arrest. She resisted arrest. The officer used the tazer consistent with his authority to arrest her. He warned her to comply. She did not. You dont have a right to resist arrest. People really need to stop the selfish baloney and understand that if you dont follow the rules, you are putting peoples’ lives in danger. I really have to also point out that if the woman was black and the cop, white? How would you feel? People were also arrested back during the Spanish Flu epidemic for this. The commenter saying ” its just a mask” is missing the point.

    1. BC

      Who was she endangering?
      What she threatening?
      Do you have her medical records & can you prove she has covid?
      Was she observing social distancing?
      Do you have scientific evidence that masks are efficacious here?

      All you’ve really got is an overzealous, ignorant backwater town cop throwin’ his fat ass around.

    2. KMarie

      She was sitting with her family, segregated from all others in the open air. If you can’t see the wrong in this, You’re aa much an idiot at the policeman that tazed and arrested her.

    3. Gary Okupante

      There is no CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, that allows someone, anyone to order mask wearing.
      NONE, if you think so; Please inform the Liberty loving Ohioan’s. The CDC says wearing a mask is for” OPTICs, so says FOUCCI. You of course haven’t see the video, therefore it’s not real to you. Read the label on your mask, IT DOES NOT STOP virus’s period. People got COVID wearing masks. BESIDES; it’s as easy as 123, extremely low incidence of death. ALL OF WHICH you don’t care. It is clear as 123, you like following “Das Papers: “”Show us the mask”. Virologists will tell you wearing a mask is more dangerous, especially for catching virus’s, from yourself. Do your research and stop standing in line to get your arm tattooed w/ “you’ve be tested for COVID-“

  17. Samantha

    She’s wrong, my sister has asthma and cheers and tumbles with a mask on save me the BS. This is white privilege at its finest. Always thinking they’re above the law. Since it’s an AA resource officer now it’s a problem.

  18. Jim Reeves

    Let’s take a stab at correcting the headline. I’m betting that she wasn’t arrested for not wearing a mask. I’m betting that the school had instructed the officers that those who refused to wear a mask should be asked to leave or charged with trespassing. I’m betting that the lady was told this and refused to leave. I’m betting that the officer then attempted to escort the lady off the property, and she resisted. She was then instructed to stop resisting or she would be tased. She continued to resist and was tased. She was then arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. Like nearly all encounters with police, this could have gone very differently had she kept her cool. Once again, the media tells a very different story than what used to called the truth.

  19. Pam Savoy

    She should’ve complied, its as simple as that!
    This just made my whole day lls! Of to jail Karen and the other one should be locked up too for interfering with an officer!

  20. Patrick K Ryan

    Everything you just said is a lie! She had no warning and for a person, with asthma, these masks can cause breathing problems. These masks only help a little only in cases where a person is already sick healthy people shouldn’t have to wear a mask this is not my opinion but the views of top medical researchers. But you can’t argue with or fix stupid.

  21. Diane Smith

    What will it take for people to WAKE UP! Too many of you do not see that this is WRONG for FORCING people to wear MASKS. If this was a real virus threat, protesters who have not social distanced would have all dropped like flies, dead bodies would have been in the thousands on the streets, after eating out at restaurants while not wearing masks, Children at school would be all sick with the virus from not wearing it while eating lunch at school lunchtime – how many more examples do you need before you go…’Huh….I guess this must not be very dangerous since none of this is happening.’
    Logic is out the window, folks. Tyranny is the order of the day – EVERYWHERE. And no one questions it except those who use logic. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    1. Patriotic American

      Just shut up and wear the darn mask. Stop spreading your germs and hate!

      1. Sur

        Stop spreading your contentious ignorance!

  22. Charles Taylor

    Unconstitutional. what are you talking about . We’re in the Constitution does it state that it’s unlawful to wear a mask we’re not wearr a mask.There are rules to protect us and if there was a rule to wear a mask then wear it. if she has asthma I’m sorry but the rules are rule. I think instead of police looking for your support they’re looking for you to obey the rules. That’s what’s getting so many people in trouble cuz they don’t want to listen and they like the blame stuff on the cops. Looks like the cops or whoever they are should have went at it as a different way and maybe warned her first. Not saying the cops didn’t go overboard here but just learned to follow some rules and usually things go fine

  23. Dusty Parsons

    Is the officer wearing one of those new invisible masks?

  24. Concerned Citizen

    The law says you must wear a mask inside or when you can not properly social distance. She’s outside and very far away from non-family members. This is ridiculous.

  25. John Johnson

    The rule said where a mask to enter. She should respect the cops. At least they didn’t kneel on her neck.

    1. Patriotic American

      She should just comply and respect authority.

  26. Darren Lipscomb

    I hope everyone posting on here had this same energy after hearing about the details of George Floyd.

    1. AUNT Sam

      What a loss George Floyd was to humanity! Alcohol/drug using criminal thug with a very long criminal record who’s claim to fame was holding a pregnant woman in a chokehold while pointing a gun at her unborn baby while his pos thug pals were robbing her home! Humanity has been devastated by this loss!

  27. Jason

    The least all the other people could have did is simply remove thier mask also and say arrest us all . we are in this together

  28. Bob

    Stories like ths are meant solely for the purpose if inflaming voters so they vote anti republican. Wether you like it or not the wearing of masks IS law.period. If you dont comply you are breaking the law and are subject to fine/areest or both.
    As for “a rent a cop”…if that security guard is binded and licensed by the scoool or svhool boardhe or she has all the piwrrs of the local police while on the property he’ bonded to serve on. Resisting a lawful order gets yoyr dumb ass tased… The parent was in the wrong. Period.

    1. Bob

      Typo errors were NOT corrected for some reason.. I mention this for the gramnar police out there.

    2. Patriotic American

      Exactly. Thank you Bob

  29. Dee

    She Should have just complied and stopped resisting what an animal!!

  30. You mad

    The only reason why you people are mad is because she white. If she was black y’all would of said oh you should of had a mask on or that she was resisting arrest, but because this lady is a white person who was disobeying an order from an officer and resisting arrest you guys upset. 😩✌🏽

  31. Purple Elizabeth

    Looked like there was nothing going to stop that policeman from doing what he was going to do, come h or hi water — just like the Mpls cop with George Floyd. To interfere in THIS situation would be understandable, but could also be extremely dangerous, given the officer’s state of mind. This is unbelievable tho! They are outSIDE, there’s hardly anyone THERE! It’ll be interesting to hear both sides. I have a feeling that someone in charge already had a grudge against ppl who dont wear masks — noticed HER and called the officer over. Maskless gal might’ve had the same passion AGAINST mask wearing, so now you have the perfect storm. Hard to believe she was asthmatic, cuz this stress would surely have triggered a reaction. Bad scene, tho. VERY bad.

  32. Kathie Patrick

    Thanks for pointing that out Greg. Shame on you TN Star for posting this as a mask issue when it was her refusing to leave when asked. And then acting like this in front of her child and his team. Kids learn by example and this is not a good one. It was only when she was asked to leave and would not that the officer on duty for game was called in to get involved. Yes she shoute she has asthma, and with the fight she put up, I am surprised she did not have an attack.

  33. Bill Rice, Jr.

    I now see my original posts so I retract my post criticizing the site for not posting comments. Big time lag I guess. And 15 posts originally showed, now 141.

    Kudos again to the paper publishing this. Now why hasn’t this gone viral?

  34. Adam.

    Good job officer.

  35. Michelle May

    Are you kidding me ??? What lawsuit , she didn’t follow the rules , she was ask to follow the rules , she resisted arrest got tased after she was told she was going to get tased . She made a fool out of herself embarrassed her child, her butt should had went to jail ??? What are we teaching our kids if it was no big deal ?? You can do whatever you want with no repercussions . And for the paper that wrote this BS article why don’t you report the WHOLE story ( you afraid it won’t sell as many copies) . You people are a huge reason our world is the way it is right now SHAME on you . And shame on everybody else’s that thinks it’s okay not to follow the rules.

    1. Jim Reeves

      You can explain it to them but you can’t understand it for them.

  36. Don’t nobody care

    Guess she should have complied.

  37. Greg Laffen

    By HIPPA regulations they can’t ask you why or what your medical condition is as to why your not wearing a mask !

  38. jp

    If your asthma is so bad that wearing a mask will endanger your health, you are too sick to leave the house in the first place.

    1. James Johnson

      Right, just like blind people have no business on the sidewalks. Too dangerous….

  39. sh Crater

    Your title is wrong. Tased and arrested for failure to leave when directed to and then resisting arrest for 2 minutes straight while swearing at a cop.
    P.S. – Asthma does not mean you can’t wear a mask.

  40. RL Turner

    she should have complied with the officers and this never would have happened. You break the rules and you get punished. She should be grateful that she didn’t get a knee to the neck.

  41. C.T.

    We were very willing to submit to the governing authorities and protect our community — that is, until the political motivation of the lockdown became obvious. A clear agenda is at work, one with scores of inconsistencies.

  42. Anjie

    I hope she sues to protect against this health rights violation and communism! I was denied service at Panera Bread for a mask medical exemption. My child was angered by their treatment of us. She’s only 7. Way to go America! You’ve succeeded in almost undoing my child’s confidence in society.

  43. Loren

    The boys on the field all had their masks on right? After all they are piling on top of each other right.
    The best thing for everyone to do is pull your kids out of all of the government brainwashing centers nation wild.

  44. BKP

    Who knows what actually happened or what was said prior to the video. Let the courts figure it out. As for comments about the 1st Amendment , Mandating the wearing of masks during this pandemic has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment-It’s a matter of safety-period

    1. Ron Welch

      True, BKP, it would be a 4th Amendment right to be “secure in our persons”.

    2. Joe

      This is where you are wrong. This is public property (not private) and she was protesting the mandate of wearing a mask. Therefore the arrest and removal violated her 1st amendment rights. If it was private property, it’s a different situation.

  45. Ed

    The officer talked with her for about 10 minutes Before this video started. She was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She was arrested for Trespassing. She refused to put her mask back on after entering the stadium wearing the mask. In the video you can see the mask in her back pocket. The Stadium has signs all over stating to follow their mask rule or leave the stadium.

  46. Wayne

    You guys need to get over it and wear your Mask or you will get TAZED! 🙂

  47. David LaNave

    But you can walk into a restaurant with mask on in ny state and sit down and take it off while watress has to keep hers on.

  48. Wanda Kjar

    Wow! At my Grandson’s football games we all are supposed to wear masks. A young Hispanic Mom & her young kids were not wearing masks. The Activities Director came into the stands & gave them all masks & kindly asked them to put them on which they did,

    The above story got totally out of hand. She was sitting with family & certainly not close to anyone. However, the entire event never had to happen. The Mask Police is ridiculous!

  49. Tom Wise

    I’m guessing the mask rules were posted

    Even her mom couldn’t save her. She’s probably bern getti g her way her whole life thanks to mom.

    Just wear the mask. And have some respect for your neighbors

    The end.

    She’s lucky she didn’t get her neck kneeled on for 8 minutes.

  50. k.sommer

    The problem with this picture is NOBODY should be wearing a mask! Folks need to educate themselves and learn that this mask mandate has NOTHING to do with our safety or health. It is a method by which the deep state can predict their chance of success to usurp and steal power. It tells them exactly how many folks are ignorant and willing to surrender their rights. It informs them to push forward with their corrupt plan for a one world order run by the bankers and the 1% wealthy elites, that already control every media outlet and democrat governor, as well as CDC, WHO, MD medicine and vaccine industry. If nobody wore their mask they would question whether they should pull out and wait. Remember….THEY ARE FEW AND WE ARE MANY. Evil will prevail if good folks follow along and do not resist. WAKE UP FOLKS!!!

    1. Raysea

      Agree they got the people under their thumb.. bunch of bull as far as I’m concerned.. my opinion..

    2. N8

      Spot on!
      Me seriously thinks the fluoride in the drinking water is working.

  51. Bee Smartt

    She should have just complied with the law and listened to law enforcement.

    1. N8

      Hey stupid…it’s not a law.

  52. Charles

    Nobody gives a fuck. She shld have complied just like how white folks tell blks that die at the hands of cops to do. “Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun” all y’all dumb ass racists are doing is excusing her behavior and then telling her to sue when she don’t get her way. Fucking hypocrites. You just don’t like that a black cop arrested her ass. At least she didn’t fucking die like blk ppl do. Privileged ass pussies.

  53. Believe in the mask

    The law on the Ohio State website says:
    Most every person in Ohio will be required to wear a mask in public spaces, including the insides of stores, workplaces and in outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible.

    People are exempt if they are under the age of 10, have disabilities that prevent them from putting on or taking off a mask on their own, or if they are communicating with a person who has disabilities that might prevent them from understanding through a mask.

    1. Ron Welch

      “…and in outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible.”

      It appeared that the woman was in compliance just being with her kids well past 6 feet from anyone else.

  54. Rhonda Ashley

    Fauci did not keep his mask on at ballgame

  55. Cookie

    Oh well… Don’t resist!! Back the blue!! All she had to do was put on the masks.

  56. Nicole

    I’ve watch the 2 videos. In her back pocket she had a mask hanging out. I know with our football you have to have one on before entering the game when buying or handing your ticket to come in. So who was doing that job? Who was taking tickets at the gate and not catch her having one on? Again I see what looks like a mask in her back right pocket.

  57. Sean Williams

    I Love It! Go Robo Cop! ❤✊🏿

  58. TheCat

    The entitled Trumpette idiot insisted she didn’t have to wear a mask because “asthma”. That is no excuse for not wearing a mask. If the patient is in status asthmaticus they are getting treatment in the ambulance, urgent care, or ER, or are at home doing a nebulizer treatment. Masks do not affect O2 or CO2 levels -in fact you could wear 6 masks and not have O2 or CO2 levels affected.

    Meanwhile the idiot making commentary believes it’s ok for the idiot to expose people in her area to a dangerous disease, while breaking the mask law. Yes, people can, and should be arrested for breaking public safety law, just like that maskhole would be arrested for driving without lights at night into oncoming traffic.

    1. ksommer

      You are among the ignorant who get their news from tv. Sthu and turn off your tv. Mass fraud has been exposed for this ruse pandemic. Had it been REAL, there would be no need for fraudulent tests, cases and death numbers. You are an idiot and will be responsible if and when, the world we had is lost. YOU need to do your homework as do many others. Obviously you are involving politics. That is your first error. This has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the United States and it’s citizens falling under socialist oligarchs. Wake the fuck up!

      1. John Johnson

        The rule said where a mask to enter. She should respect the cops. At least they didn’t kneel on her neck.

      2. Phil

        Tell it to the virus. Heck you can even swear at it. Let us know how you get on.

    2. Actually OSHA has weighed in on this very subject and advise against mask use unless its use outweighs the danger due to a “oxygen depleted environment”.
      I have asthma and yes a mask makes breathing difficult for me. And I had been in pretty good shape before acquiring an autoimmune disorder brought on from an orthopedic injury. Asthma was the cherry on top with all of this and seriously if anyone really thinks a law mandating wearing a mask will do anything positive is lacking some common sense.
      As Mask wearing has done little to nothing in this sham of a crisis.

  59. Jojo

    Hey she has asthma you stupid f***. And she was social distancing.. Oh my bad were you talking about the rent a cop taxing innocent children and some delayed officer chick running as putting on a mask to abuse her “authority”. Lady charged with criminal trespassing?? Where in the actual hell is this lady trespassing?? We’re the other 20-30 folks charged as well for criminal trespassing?? Don’t be a dick dude. Look at the reality and facts of the matter first.

  60. Scheryl Adams

    I thought America was the land of the free? Logan, Ohio gestapo tazing someone for not wearing a mask. Absolutely ridiculous! Hope her lawsuit bankrupts the city!

  61. Joe Road

    The rent a cop won’t get in trouble because of the legal caste system created by the civil rights act. Two things she wasn’t burning the flag or rioting. He’s black she’s a white woman no problem here!

  62. Scott

    Of course you can be trespassed for being on public property. People are trespassed all the time from public stores, dining establishments and yes, schools. She was arrested because she had conditons not to be there. Not for the absence of a mask. Stop drinking the media kool aid BS.

  63. GI Joe

    Respect is earned, not given.

  64. Mike Pittaro

    I’ll make this simple for everyone:

    Mandatory masks violate the First Amendment right to speech, assembly, and especially association and mandatory masks violate a person’s constitutional right to liberty and to make decisions about their own health and bodily integrity. … After all, we do not have a constitutional right to infect others.”Jul 22, 2020

    1. Bill Rice, Jr.

      We DO have a Constitutional right to infect others with viruses. Americans have been doing this millions of times/year since the country was founded.

      But how do you really know who infected whom with what virus when? What’s the solution? Ban everyone from leaving their homes forever? That will work out well.

  65. CountessY

    I’m missing something here. Cheerleader with no mask, other spectator and kids with no mask, cop with no mask…what happened to single that particular woman out? The whole scenario is ridiculous. When will we be forced to wear patches or arm bands…or else?!?

  66. Bill Rice, Jr.

    I’ve made 3 or 4 Comments in the Comments Section. They showed up briefly and are now deleted? What’s up? Hopefully, the Comments Editor isn’t censoring comments.

    1. Brutus Antifederlest

      Because they :
      Do not fit the narrative
      Show intelligent thought
      Deal with Facts

      Mine are gone too


  67. Kris

    That’s not breaking the law. There are people with certain health conditions that are exempt from the mask requirement.

  68. Wendell

    What amazes me is how WEAK this officer is, he is TRYING and yes TRYING to arrest a woman half his size. He struggled it seems during the whole arrest to wrestle with her and with her having a breathing problem according to the article and he had his mask down during this time, had to resort to taking her to get her to comply. Seems to me she should be wearing the badge she is obviously tougher than he is.

  69. Bill Rice, Jr.

    There’s not another fan besides her family members who is within 5 yards of her. She’s OUTSIDE. And nobody seems to be sitting in front of her. She is sitting only with her family – who she must spend 10 hours a day with wearing NO mask. So the only people she could have theoretically “infected” is people she would have already infected months or weeks or days ago.

    Once she got bailed out of jail, presumably she could go to a restaurant, sit just as close to the same family – take off her mask – and be “legal.”

    If this is now my country, I say you can have my country.

    1. k.sommer

      That is what the oligarchs want. For you to just hand over your country. So you better be willing to fight for it on the home front, because if this video is even real (and not fake) it is a test to see how much resistance will be encountered, should our rights and liberty be trampled. The onlookers need to educate themselves by shutting off their tv’s and digging for the truth that is being silenced.

  70. Bill Rice, Jr.

    I’d say there are now two distinct groups of Americans – Those who think this is appropriate and support this action …. and those who are aghast and filled with distaste for what is happening here in “the land of the free.”

    So far in the comment section, it seems that the number of people who applaud this action is larger than I would have thought. Well, one day they might be coming for you – or your child or neighbor.

    … I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been picked up by more national sites yet (or maybe not so surprised). Kudos to the lady who filmed this and gave it to this newspaper … and kudos to the for publishing this.

  71. Wendell Hogan

    I’m 6’2 and 275 lbs. I bet he would not have handled the situation the same with somebody like myself as he did with her. I assure you diplomacy would have and should have been the first avenue taken. And the guy running up in the lavender shirt was obviously the tattle tale. He looked tempted to help the officer a few times. Unbelievable

  72. Lynn Elliott

    I have asthma and I wear a mask, so does everyone I know who has asthma. That’s just a Karen drama queen excuse. She deserved what she got.

    1. AUNT Sam

      When is the last time you had an original thought? 🧐! Or have u never had one? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤪
      You get your little word/phrase du jour (that means, ‘of the day’) from the Communist News Network and/or some other propaganda spewing nazi copying Pravda media arm of the DNC such as MSDNC, and, like a parrot, u say, “Got it! Trump’s a racist!” and then u run around and squawk it to your bidiot parrot friends who do the same! U believe EVERYTHING you’re told with NO critical thought whatsoever! And the powers that be, who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes, are LAUGHING their as*es off at u, at how EASILY u are manipulated, controlled and used! Good little commie! Time to wake up!

  73. Laura Jane

    I have asthma, and I wear a mask anytime I go where there is a mandate to do so. I also wear one anytime I’m not able to social distance. It makes it not quite as easy to breathe, but I wear one to protect myself and others. If I feel short of breath, I loosen the mask from my nose, take a couple of breaths, place it back over my nose, and I’m fine. I don’t think asthma is a reason not to wear a mask. However, when outside and social distancing, I think it’s ridiculous to have to wear a mask. On the other hand, the police clearly acted inappropriately from what I read. I didn’t see the video. It didn’t show up on my feed.

  74. Melissa Dykes

    Weather it’s wrong to arrest her or not. She needs to comply!! Isn’t that what we’re supposed to teach our children.

    1. Bill Rice, Jr.

      Comply. Obey. Do as we authorities tell you to do. Do NOT do what we tell you you cannot do. If you do not comply, we will arrest you and fine you and maybe send you to prison.

      Yes, I get the message our rulers are sending. It’s not exactly subtle. Just watch this video. You too will get the appropriate message.

  75. Jeff Poole

    This girl was outside enjoying the game. She shouldn’t need to wear a mask. I hope that rent-a-cop gets his ass fired. He doesn’t even know how to handle a taser. I hope they sue the pants off him.

  76. Michelle Steeves

    This is Tyranny!!

  77. Carol Putman

    A person with asthma would not have enough breath to wrestle around or continually scream. I hate masks n I have breathing problems because of CHF but if it’s required I wear it. I won’t fight or argue.

  78. Wolf

    Yes she could have been arrested for trespass only after being informed she was tresspassing, and officer cannot solicitate a tresspass, so who informed her.
    You s are not required to give medicine proof of your condition, she may be able to tell scream, what ever and still have asthma. You are anybody else has no idea of her condition I would suspect she was not having an asthma attack at that particular moment, and if she was the mask would make it more difficult to breath, point is she has a reason that excluded her from wearing one, and was only charged with trespass later, she will now have a civil suit against the school and police.

  79. Renee

    Comply like a heard of cattle?..lol
    This is absolutely rediculous she is outside she was 6 feet away from people and watching her child play ball.
    How far are they going to go? Wear a mask..no church…no worship…no festivals ..soon they will be coming in our homes and taking our bibles..our children because we dont “comply”
    Wake up people

    1. Bill Rice, Jr.

      In Australia, the police came into a mother’s home and arrested her (in front of her children to everyone’s shock and dismay) for the “crime” of making a post on social media (she was trying to organize a peaceful protest against these crazy COVID restrictions).

      This arrest was also videotaped (as were arrested of a pregnant mother sitting on a park bench – with her mask and two elderly citizens taking a breather on a park bench – with one of them not wearing a mask).

      These are not isolated incidents anymore.

      BTW, a simple Google search should allow you to find these videos. Zero Hedge ran stories with the videos. I don’t know why more sites haven’t picked up this story (or maybe I do. Perhaps it’s “unacceptable” for most mainstream media sites to publish such shocking truths?

    2. AUNT Sam

      Cindy! Actually, no one has to wear a mask anytime/anywhere they don’t want to, medical/mental health condition or not. Forcing someone to wear a mask/face covering is 100% a violation of the First and Fourth Amendments. I am not going to use my precious time explaining what those are for you. I’ve done my homework…u need to do yours. It is our DUTY as citizens of this nation to not only not comply with illegal, unconstitutional mandates, but to remove those who seek to violate those GOD-NOT-GOVERNMENT given rights. If the German people used critical thinking skills, six million Jewish people would not have been murdered. I, for one, REFUSE to ‘get in the cattle car’ to go to the vaccination camp!

  80. Mark

    Criminal trespass? That is what that rent-a-cop will be charged with along with kidnapping, unlawful arrest/detention, etc. If that was school property, it falls under federal jurisdiction under Title IX rules. Unlawful executive orders are not lawful orders and are null and void. Constitutional freedoms were abridged! Use a Constitutional lawyer to fight this in a Title III federal court.

  81. Joe blow

    Hey, don’t break the law and you will be fine……..

    1. Ashley

      It’s not a freaking law, genius, it’s a mandate. They are two completely different things!

    2. Alfar Kynwulf

      Laws come from legislature. When did the legislature pass such a law?

    3. PAUL G

      Hey don’t make laws that infringe upon a person’s God given rights and we will be fine… Your name fits you Joe

    4. ValMH

      It isn’t a law…it’s a recommendation/mandate which,nin many states, recognizes the fact that some people can not tolerate masks due to medical conditions.

    5. Bill Rice, Jr.

      You say “the law” – that’s highly questionable. I’m sure this cop was enforcing some executive order or emergency order of some mayor or the governor. I doubt seriously this “law” was passed by a majority of the House and Senate in Ohio and then “signed into law” by the governor. When governors or mayors can single-handedly impose “laws” on the population, they are really dictators. Sure, they’ll say it’s for “safety” but just about anything and everything can be labeled as “promoting safety.” Or: “national security” or: “The environment.” Take your pick. Anyway, always “follow these laws” and obey the Man.

    6. SWalker

      Hail Hitler. All rounding up the Jews were doing it legally. Being outside without a mask is not harming anyone. America was built on people that refused to comply with immoral laws. Turn off your tv. Babylon only lies to you.

    7. Chris Madder

      You need to thank God you do not suffer from asthma, after about 30 minutes of wearing a mask, most asthmatics will be having a full blown attack. So are you saying that the lady should wear the mask regardless of what it does to her physically just to keep you happy? Shame on you.

    8. Anonymous

      It’s not a law

    9. Brutus Antifederlest

      If the law was to walk around with your thumb stuck up your back side would you follow it?

      It is documented, in clinical medical studies, several years ago, that the virus will pass right through the mask. CDC Admits they do not work for viruses.

      Clinical studies prove that more bacteria are spread by those wearing a mask than by those not.

      Clinical studied prove they do indeed have an adverse affect on the person wearing them.

      Crack a book!


    10. me

      Its not the law. Never has been never will beIt’s an infringement on our constitutional rights. That entire department should be sued.

      1. me

        Oops never will be. It’s an infringement

    11. Dawn

      Hey – she has asthma and wants to see her son play ball. Guess she has to stay home for the season, that stinks! Maybe someone should volunteer to tape it for her so she can watch it at home….would you?

    12. Matthew Boswell

      Name the LAW moron. Nobody voted these requirements into effect, they are not law.

    13. Debra Anderson

      there is no mask law….

    14. Redslayer

      It’s not a law! So there’s that..

    15. Katya

      But don’t touch the damn kid. Hope this police get punished. Or whatever

    16. Jerry

      Not wearing a mask is NOT a criminal offense. There is no law that says you have to wear a mask and if there was one it would eventually be declared unconstitutional.

    17. Allen

      There is no law requiring You to wear a mask. That’s why they charged her with criminal trespass.

    18. Kevin Foster

      There is No law requireing anyone to wear a mask!!!

    19. dennodogg68

      …..are they “laws” yet? After this length of time, these types of ” laws ” should be codified and enacted by state legislature. Make these politicians take a stand and publicly vote either yes or no. Cities and towns may pass ordinances…make them accountable also. These ordinances are not crimes, they are civil violations. We’re almost into 8 months of this garbage and tese types of incidents will start getting worse if we don’t hold the politicians that made this b.s. up accountable.

    20. Chris

      There is no LAW in effect that says you have to wear a mask!!

    21. L.McDaniel

      A. I don’t think there is a law concerning the wearing of masks. Correct me if I’m wrong.
      B. The woman is asthmatic and wearing a mask makes breathing difficult for her. She was distanced from other people in the stands.

    22. ck

      you’re a coward

      we have a constitutional right to fresh air

    23. Brenda Ladd

      It’s actually not a law and she a medical reason for not wearing one. Also, they were outside and distanced.

    24. Lori

      It’s not a law!!! Try again!!!!

    25. Tim

      READ a history book for God sake. Tyrannical laws must be challenged or

      it leads to more tyrannany.
      Mask dont even work inside and wearing them outside is plain stupid. If she was wearing a BLM shirt they would not have touched her.

      1. AUNT Sam

        If u can smell a fart thru your mask, a virus can get through your mask! It’s time to wake up and smell the farts, sheeple!

        And, can u honestly say that the mask/face covering u use has ZERO gaps where air can easily get in? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤬

    26. Bridgit Frostad

      It’s just a mask right
      It’s just a vaccine
      It’s just a app
      It’s just a chip
      It’s just line ups
      It’s just for our safety
      It’s just till we flatten the curve
      It’s just a badge
      It’s just for a little while
      It’s just a train

    27. Doc Moebius

      Hey, Einstein, it Ain’t no law. Plus, it’s stupid to wear one because THERE IS NO PANDEMIC.

      Go back to you moms basement….

    28. john

      Hey Joe!
      Mask law??? nope!

    29. Kim

      It’s NOT A LAW!!! It’s only a mandate and not mandatory if you have a medical condition!!

    30. Paula

      There is no facemask law lol.

    31. KStarr

      Obviously you don’t understand that it’s not a law!!! Only Congress can pass a law!!! Not a city government!!! And why wasn’t the female rent a cop not wearing a mask? You can see her in the video pull one out of her pocket!!!

    32. Mary Jane

      It’s not the law. Executive orders are not Law. Also, she has a medical condition which allows her to not wear a mask, and not have to say why, due to HIPPA. And, she is outside, in the open air, and way further than 6 feet away from others. This is a huge overstep by these law personal. This should never have happened. They handled it poorly.

    33. Sarah

      Wearing masks are NOT laws. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    34. Usunder53

      Mask is not a law It is violating your right

  82. Cindy

    This is BS. On both sides of the fence. Rent-a-cop abusing his authority. And people with asthma wouldn’t be hollering and fighting like that without having at least a mild attack. If you think you can’t breathe with asthma, imagine how you’re going to feel if you get COVID. You may never breathe again. I know lots of people who have asthma, and many of them wore masks outside long before this mess hit, because the pollen and pollution triggered their asthma.

    1. Lynny Nutt

      This comment is beyond the pale and ignorant.

    2. Snow

      Actually he’s an officer with Logan Police Department so get it right. NOT A RENT A COP.

      1. Brutus Antifederlest

        Rent a cop or no, when an illegal law is enforced the enforcer is liable.

        Why are so may lawyers defending mask cases for free?

        The mask is for conditioning.


      2. Jerr

        Was he on duty at the time or moonlighting? Regardless, what he did was totally unprofessional and smacks of racism. If he had been white and she had been black they’d have to start another riot about it.

    3. michelle magee

      Not true, some asthma is allergy related, some phyically induced, so there is that.

    4. Nick Gardner

      You don’t know anything about asthma. There’s a BIG difference between “hollaring” and bathing your own CO2.

    5. Catherine

      Very well said!!!!

    6. jeff

      You don’t know how asthma works , so keep your ill informed comment about it to yourself.

    7. Carol Leigh Gordon

      You apparently know very little about asthma. There are different triggers for asthma and not a one size fits all! I have an adult son that struggles wearing a mask especially in heat. For all you know this woman could have had an asthma attack afterwards when her adrenaline subsided. Sideline doctors should really not comment on someone’s medical conditions.

    8. MSG Liberty

      Not true on the asthma. I can work out, run, skydive, hike, and compete in mixed martial arts without having an attack. Let me eat the wrong food, get around hair spray or perfume, or wear a mask and it sets it off almost every time. I know because I am a gunsmith and masks are necessary in my work. I can only wear very specific masks and then only for a short time. Plus I’m 6’2″ 270 so there’s more of me to move around.

      Masks for Covid, outdoors, separated, are bullspit.

    9. GI Joe

      You’re so full of sh1t Doc!

    10. Bill Daniels

      He was doing his job and if lady don’t like the rules keep her ass at home !!! Guess they don’t care how they do it up north

    11. Audrey Wright

      Using a taser on a woman sitting innocently and watching her son’s football game JUST BECAUSE she wasn’t wearing a mask OUTDOORS is a criminal act in my books!

      I have asthma and wear a mask if requested to do so – but it does affect me, so ditch it asap especially outdoors away from people.

      A taser can kill. This officer was way out of line – just saying!

    12. Anita

      It’s not a law it’s called a mandate there is a difference…. A law is you must wear a seat belt don’t run the red light you’ll get a ticket. I am so sick and tired of mask police.. if you are wearing your, she’s not wearing one shouldn’t be a problem. also I have asthma and I don’t wear one, I can’t breathe and then I go into a panic attack. There are many reason medically a person doesn’t wear one. Until you are in their shoe’s stop being judgemental. Stay in your own lane …..

    13. Tammy

      I think you’re confusing asthma with allergies dear

    14. Patty Bowden

      People with asthma don’t go around in a full asthmatic attack all the time. Masks trigger attacks, which can close up your airway.

    15. becky

      Asthma doesnt keep you from yelling- idiot!

    16. Patriotic American

      How dare you call him a Rent A Cop! Show respect for authority. Just comply and you won’t get arrested for committing a crime.

    17. Puddin Tane

      Covid has a 99% recovery rate dummy.

  83. greg smith

    There are a few things left out of the video, LIke the women being asked to either put her mask on or leave school property. She refused to leave, and was charged with Trespassing, The statement that she was charged for not wearing a mask is false, Refuse to leave, resist arrest, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Jas Par

      “According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her. Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.”

      Learn to read, Greggy.

      1. Snow

        She was asked – there’s about 5 minutes before Tiffany started recording where she was asked multiple times and was very rude and disgusting.

      2. Oliver lee

        She was warned before the game started. The warning is everyone must where a mask to be on here. The problem is not everyone taking it serious.

        1. Doc Moebius

          It isn’t serious. Look at the data – there is no pandemic, and never was one. Besides, masks don’t stop viruses. Oh, and viruses aren’t contagions.

          Liberals have gone full retard. Look at the death rate of Covid – it’s 99.9% survivable. TB kills a million a year, and that’s no pandemic. People, wake up, and stop being so stupid,

      3. Lee James

        That’s “according” to a very biased source. Jassy…

      4. A J Whyte

        Who gives a damn! Comply with the officers request or get tased! Hell at least she wasn’t shot! Y’all only upset cause karen ass was accosted by a BLACK POLICE OFFICER!🤣🤣😂🤷🏽‍♀️

        1. Tammy

          There you go….making it a race issue. Why you do dat???

      5. Nneka layne

        Learn to listen he said there are parts missing that she was asked and that’s what she was charged with. Statement stands play stupid games get stupid prizes. She also looked to the person video taping and said we’re in this together right how many times have we done this. Hmmmm wonder how you’d feel if they where black

      6. Katie

        He came to warn her and she refused. He asked her to leave the property as the rules set forth by the governor. She refused. She refused the order set forth by the governor of the state. She wouldn’t comply. He needed to detain her. He keeps saying he wasn’t arresting but detaining. Then she fought him and refused. She was arrested for trespassing. It’s all nonsense but if we allow the governor to set forth these rules, we have to abide by them or we are asked to leave. If we refuse than we are held accountable for that action. Even if the law is dumb fighting and officer and resisting arrest is not going to be the answer.

      7. Angie

        Doesn’t matter if she had asthma or not this was completely uncalled for. When is this madness going to stop??

      8. JC

        I’m not an expert on Asthma so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know people with Asthma breathe fine unless they are having an Asthma attack.

      9. Mya haymon

        You sound goofy anyone I know that has asthma is going to wear a mask because they don’t want to catch Covid and the way she was wrestling and screaming like that she would have been breathing really heavy and would have just gave up me and my brother both have asthma so I know

      10. Sue smith

        Hey “Jassy”…if she truly “had asthma” her hollering and carrying on, would’ve more than likely triggered an attack….use common sense “Jassy”

    2. Roxanne Skapple

      1. Was that not a public school? How can she be trespassing on public property?
      2. Was she not social distancing, sitting outside with only her family?
      3. Mask wearing OUTSIDE is simply ridiculous, if social distancing.
      4. Were you actually there, Greg? And witnessed the entire event yourself?
      5. I’d be upset too if I was being forced to miss my son’s football game after traveling 1 and 1/2 hours to watch him play.
      6. She should not have resisted. That never is an answer…but then again civil disobedience is the only way to bring to light such draconian measures taken by the police.

      1. Niclaudia

        Should’ve done what the officer told her to do 🤷🏽‍♀️.

        1. Mark

          Had it been a reasonable request and not treated like a command, I would agree. Since that’s not the case, she was absolutely right to defend her rights.

          This is a case of someone who should’ve kept looking while going through the job classifieds.

      2. Robert frenzel

        Of course all this police miss action has an ulterior motive. The creation of a complete police state in the whole country.theyre not just causing all this national uprising bt accident..their pushing the envelope to have martial law.

      3. Not A Sheep

        If you were at the game and witnessed this woman being kidnapped by this POS who thought this was an acceptable response to this woman not wearing a mask and you allowed it either because you agreed with or through inaction if you didn’t agree you are the problem and the reason shit like this continues to happen. Our rights are not being taken away from us we are giving them away when we fail to act when we witness to these things and fail to stand up as a United whole and refuse to allow a punk with a badge to kidnap a woman right in front of us. And yes he kidnapped that woman as he has no valid reason to restrain and forcibly remove her. If you see any justification on the officers part in this video, then you and those like you will be the reason the great republic ceases to exist and the US will soon resemble NAZI Germany. Every dictatorship that has come to power and went on to kill millions of people were able to do so through hundreds if not thousands of incidents like this were good men failed to act and by the time they worked up to courage it was to late. We should never fear our government to include their paid bullies, it is the government that should fear us. Public safety or whatever they are claiming as justification does not supersede my or anyone’s god given rights and recognized by our constitution (it’s the section known as “The Bill of Rights”). I’m pretty sure it’s written in there somewhere that we are protected against false imprisonment, and there’s a little something about being able to live and travel without the threat of being harassed or otherwise as we are a free nation. I think it’s time we started teaching the constitution and exactly what it says and how it protects us from this garbage. I took an Oath to defend the constitution 25 years ago with no expiration date against all enemies foreign and Domestic! You people should be ashamed of yourselves for not standing up and protecting this woman!

      4. Absolutely agree! Total insanity! Who exactly was she putting in danger?

      5. Mark

        Disobeying a command from authority is the correct action if the law you’re accused of breaking is unjust. Refusing to leave a segregated restaurant for being the wrong color – right. Refusing to disperse when a riot is declared – wrong. Refusing to submit to arrest when you’re accused of selling drugs or drunk driving – wrong. Refusing to submit to arrest because someone didn’t like how you’re dressed – right.

      6. Diane

        Is it public property or school property? If the authorities at the school required the public to wear masks at their sporting events, then the police had the authority to remove her from the property.

      7. Natural

        We need to arrange a big protest !!!
        No masks of course!

      8. AJ

        You have a right to resist an unlawful arrest…this criminal case is going nowhere, but a civil case against the police probably would.

    3. john

      Speaking of stupid, you didn’t read the comment about her having asthma, did you., That is why she was not wearing a mask. So I guess you want her to die wearing a mask, right…moron

      1. Joe

        Thats fucking bullshit. I have asthma and wear a fucking mask.

        1. CATRYNA WHITE

          Sorry, but you represent your own self and not anyone else. Stop judging.

      2. Dave

        When someone is trespassed, they have to be physically informed that they are trespassing and if it continues, they CAN be arrested. I’ve been a Law Enforcement Officer for nearly 20 years. I hate to say this but many officers who become SRO’s (School Resource Officers) usually we’re poor patrol officers and are looking for an easy job… these are officers with poor officer safety tactics and usually overreact to situations because they lack experience and common sense. There was a better way to handle this situation.

      3. Janice Fox

        That woman could not fight and yell and resist arrest if she had asthma as bad as they think she did. She should be ashamed of herself for acting like that at her son’s football game. She shouldn’t have resisted arrest. And the woman with the cell phone just happened to sit in the perfect place making very soft comments ad if this whole thing was a set up for attention and to push the idea we should not have to wear masks. What a joke!

        1. Mark

          Don’t act like you know anything about breathing problems when you’re obviously oblivious and uninformed. 🤦‍♂️

      4. dion

        Should of just comply. Wouldn’t of happened

      5. Brenda Joyce

        People with asthma can wear masks. That is a BS excuse. There are medical professionals who have asthma that wear masks all day, and half my family members have asthma and they wear masks out in public. This woman’s biggest risk of triggering an asthma attack came from resisting arrest for trespassing.

      6. Porsche'Lugar

        Without a mask she can catch covid and die. She should wear the damn mask or stay home

    4. Irunsofast

      He’s usually not like that, though I’ve been pushed around by the same fellow many years ago. Some are saying rent a cop, I see. No, he’s been the high school security officer many years.

      1. Mark

        “Security officer” = rent-a-cop
        That he’s allowed to carry handcuffs and a taser without proper training is 🤯.

    5. JD

      Greg’s one of them special kind of stupid

    6. PAUL

      And Greg you will be the type that lines up for the gas chamber when told to do so. Just keep being complaint with authoritarian mini-dictators.

    7. Mama Bear

      She was watching a game outside for goodness sake. She has asthma and was social distancing with her family. There is no reason she should have ever been asked to leave. If people are so concerned and put so much faith in a piece of cloth, then maybe they should be the ones who don’t attend.

    8. John Decrick

      I think Greg smith does drugs!!

    9. Sharon Gustaitis

      Why was she asked to leave. I mean, how can you trespass while watching a live football game at school (PUBLIC) property. I hope she sues the shorts off of all of them.

    10. Wdtony

      You summed up everything I was going to write.

    11. Mike G

      go f yourself, suck stupid totalitarian dick get same

    12. Mike G

      Where are your papers, your papers are not in order. No, you are required to wear the mark of the fuhrer by your masters. We are all in this together, you commie sob

    13. Mark

      You can’t be “trespassing” at a public event on public property, particularly when you’re the parent of a youth participant in the event. The request for her to leave was unreasonable and she was right to refuse. He then instigated an assault on patrons and will undoubtedly face proper disciplinary action.

      That said, further context would be appreciated. Was she denied entry for not wearing a mask but pushed her way through anyway? Assuming the student body was charging admission, did she not pay? Did the officer make any attempt to remedy the situation by offering her a mask if she didn’t have one? Did she have one but refuse to wear it because she’s already social distancing while in the bleachers? (In that scenario, forcibly removing her actually did more to spread infection! 🤦‍♂️)
      All-in-all, there are VERY few unlikely possibilities which put the officer in the right of it at all.

    14. Bee

      Your an idiot and you are getting inline with all the other sheep! We are tax paying citizens and build these schools. School is public property and this was outdoors!!!! People need to wake up before all of our rights are taken from us! This covid stuff is just a political bunch of crap and people are falling for it! Grow up and wake up or heck just keep on sleeping

    15. Laurie Hallum

      Who cares that’s unnecessarily, why wasn’t the lady officer asked to leave ? She should and probably will sue thier pants off . You can’t make someterán a mask with a medical condition. It’s Just not right !

    16. Vanessa

      No body cares about the facts. People only care about what they see.

  84. Brian Lochte

    I smell a giant lawsuit where is the press on this one black officer 1 white female wow

    1. Justin

      Consodering the mask thing isnt a law but only a mandate its illegal.for them to arrest her.

    2. Bee

      I pray she wins and this cop is fired! Amen

  85. Chance Ash

    I don’t understand why people don’t just comply? Don’t we respect police? #BlueLivesMatter


    1. Scott Asbjornsen

      Comply to an illegal order?

      1. Lee James

        Look up “Criminal Trespass” before calling people out. Once warned to leave, if you stay, YOU ARE TRESSPASSING. So, to you all, who is the moron now? Look in the mirror if you can’t figure it out!

      2. Bob Loblaw

        You mean, an illegal order like when they tell people they can’t peacefully protest, a constitutionally protected right? An illegal order, like when they stop a car and shoot someone for having a legally registered gun with a concealed carry permit? An illegal order, like when they interfere with and destroy the supplies of street medics? Illegal orders like that, you mean?

      3. Dennis Fitzgerald

        Yes and deal with the illegal order in court… 🙂

    2. GI Joe

      Respect is earned, not given.

    3. Saoirse

      Just comply. Oh, aren’t you special? Just obey, cattle.

      Chance Ash–try to keep up: There is NO law. There is NO law requiring masks. ALL of these “mandates” by POS governors across this country are unconstitutional. Anyone who supports this tyranny is a collaborator with evil–and as such, utterly repulsive.

    4. Michael McNeely

      Better police for a better police state. Or how about we go completely Judge Dredd and kill everyone who breaks even a minor law. You authoritarian apologists make me sick! I hope she sues and wins big!

    5. LMcD

      I don’t know why people don’t just mind their own business. She was away from everyone other than her own family. Have people become afraid of their own shadow??

    6. Amanda Hansen

      Ghaaaaaaa😂😂😂would if they did what was asked of them..to protect,make us feel safe,defend the USA,…etc…then in response to ignorant,if they did so,humans wouldn’t be disrespecting….eye for an eye I suppose…maybe not my first go to….yet at this point,may be the only solution to all the ignorance and need for power through any means necessary..#our country#respect isnomore#valuesnmorals=WHAT??#earnitdontdemandshit#I❤usa

    7. Danielle

      I respect the police, but he had no reason to arrest her in the first place. This country is a joke right now with the riots, the fires and so much more. Also she has asthma. This is what the CDC said, “Can you be medically exempt from wearing a face mask? According to the CDC, “cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.”

      She was socially distanced from everyone, but her family. I really do hope the cop gets put on leave because he not only embarrassed her in front of the whole crowd, but her son and the team.

    8. Wendy

      I agree. People are asked to comply and when you don’t, there are consequences

    9. Dan

      I respect police, not bullies!

  86. Kerry West

    Sue, Sue, Sue

  87. Mark Conboy

    What angers Me more is Not One Of Those Fellow Americans Stood Up and Actually Stepped Forward to Defend The Rights of Another American!
    There may only be Once in a Fleeting Moment in anyone’s Life that They have the Opportunity to Stand for Liberty and What is Right! They ALL knew what was Right but CHOSE Not to act! They are Cowards of The Worst Kind!

    1. SK

      100 Percent agree!!!! Not a damn one stood up for this woman! Every one there should have removed their masks and said come and get us!!! This is such BS!!! This is still a free country and these damn mask mandates are nothing more than a grab for power and control!! Look how easily these sheep just lie down and go BAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    2. Tim

      Exactly! The other people should have come to her defense.

    3. Lee James

      Right. And YOU would have gotten someone killed.

    4. Bill Rice, Jr.

      That bothered me too. The “home of the brave” has become the home of compliant, meek sheep.

    5. Vanessa

      The same cowards stand by and watch a multitude of black men get shot for something simple like a parking ticket. At least she got a tase and not a bullet.

    6. Danny Flippin

      Maybe they didn’t wanna get tased too

    7. KLM

      That is what I was thinking when I watched this video. Only the man in the white shirt sorta did something when she got tased. If everyone thought it was ridiculous, then why not say something?!

    8. John Johnsn

      Obey the police and these don’t happen. At least they didn’t kneel on her neck.


      That is exactly the first thing that came to my mind; the cowardliness of those watching, but complaining about the situation. Talk is cheap. If those people had banded together and confronted the officer, you can bet he would have backed down just by the sheer numbers of people getting in his face.

    10. Well said – we have been socially conformed to think we need masks that do no good against the virus, and now people sit and watch as our freedom is being taken away. Wake up!! We need to fight back America!

    11. Brooke

      That’s what upset me, too. Thanks for saying it.

    12. Cindy

      Amen I would have done anything and everything to stop that craziness and may have even gone to jail with her……This is truly crazy and we need to stop it, all over our country-the world. If it isn’t obvious what is trying to be done to us as people I don’t know how we will get through to those who believe in and support this mess. Our freedoms, our privacy, our independence, our right to go to church and so much more is being taken from us and we have to unite! GOD blesses everyone with sight and faith but one has to choose to accept it.

  88. Tom Cox

    I hope this mask thuggery costs all the thugs and their employers a great deal of money and educates them as to the limits of their power.

    1. Vanessa

      But she didn’t comply with the officer. Why is she not dead like the others?

      1. GEAH

        Why aren’t people rioting in response to the abuse?

  89. Steve Menice Sr

    I smell a mega lawsuit!!

  90. CharlaStar

    Police want our support, then they go and do unconstitutional things like this. You can’t have it both ways. Either you support your oath to defend and protect out Constitution, or you are the enemy.

    1. Dooley

      Why can’t people just follow the rules? Why do people challenge Law Enforcement? They are only doing their jobs. Over time it will come out for lessons learned, just like in war. Act like our Greatest Generation and learn from life and possible mistakes. An example is using a personal server to do Classified Business on a regular Server, Laptop for Federal Government Use. Bottom line, lessons learned from all the investigations.

      1. Doctor Moebius

        Because illogical, immoral and illegal rules should NEVER be followed. That’s how tyrants steal our freedom.

        Don’t be such a SIMP! Grow some balls, learn to Question Authority, and when your freedom is being attacked, FIGHT BACK.

        You should be ashamed of whomever allowed you to have such thoughts. Blame your parents.

    2. Saoirse

      Agree completely, CharlaStar.

    3. Charles G

      Poor Americans so blinded by their individual rights can’t see the sacrifice that is required for the common good.

      For someone who has asthma she did pretty well resisting arrest and shouting at the top of her voice.

    4. Doctor Moebius


      Cops enabling corrupt Democrat governors, who have betrayed their oath, should be arresting the governors. Enforcing illogical, immoral, and illegal mask mandates is the LAST thing cops should be doing, unless they want the public to hate them forever. These Covid Fraud perpetrating Demons are a scourge on America.


    5. Matt

      Of course you can have it both ways. Support the vast majority of the police who enforce the law appropriately and oppose the actions of the few officers who act inappropriately.