Virginia Second Congressional District Candidate Scott Taylor Talks About His Current Race and How Virginia Is in Play for Trump

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Live from Virginia Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed VA House of Delegates candidate Scott Taylor to the show.

During the show, Taylor weighed in on what he was seeing on the ground as he door knocked through his district in Virginia and the silence of his competitor Elaine Luria. He confessed that the phenomena of people not admitting they were voting for Trump was true as he heard many people say they would be voting for him this time around.

Fredericks: Guess who’s with us now? He’s a little fired up today he’s one of the main speakers at the big rally tomorrow with Newport News because he’s in his district kind of. Kind of in the area. Scott Taylor with us. He’s trying to get back to Congress going up against uh one-termer Elaine Luria. Has anybody heard from her about these riots in Richmond and SCOTUS and the packing of the Supreme Court and anything is going on? Haven’t heard a peep out of her. Joining us now Scott Taylor. Scott, great to have you.

Taylor: John, I’m fired up as well man. It’s good to hear from you. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Fredericks: Hey Scott, you’re going to win this race. We’ve seen your polling that’s been out. You guys are looking good. Trump’s gonna win the Second District probably by five or six. I think you’re right there with him. Tell us about your campaign right now.

Taylor: Things are going fantastic as you alluded to. Our polls are strong. The feedback we’re getting in the neighborhood because of course, we’re door-knocking. The feedback is fantastic. I just got a text message this morning from a girl I’ve known for years who’s never voted, never voted.

And she’s very like I always thought she was very liberal. She spent a lot of time out in California. She lives in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. And she said you’ll be proud of me. I’ve registered to vote for the first time. And I’m gonna be with Trump. And I’m like whoa! Like I mean, I’m telling you. People are underestimating what you have said. And they’re underestimating what’s happening out there in the electorate. The feedback we’re getting is fantastic.

As you said Elaine Luria has been absent and unaccountable and ineffective and hasn’t said anything about the most important things that are going on in our lives right now. And so I think we’re going to win big. I talked to the president last week. He was fired up. I mean he was hilarious and fired up. And he told me Virginia’s in play. We are making a play for Virginia.

Fredericks: Well look that’s why he’s coming to Virginia. Of course, the fake news said oh Virginia not play he’s just coming to Virginia because he wants to reach North Carolina voters. Newport News I guess it’s fascinating to me that all of a sudden Newport News has become a media market for what Greenville, North Carolina?

It’s three and a half hours away! You know the fake news is so asinine out there. They always do this to us. They’re like Virginia’s not in play. Nothing to see here. Now we’ve got a poll just out today which is a fake poll anyway because it’s so skewed on the Democrat’s way. It shows Biden up by only five over Trump. If the Christopher Newport University polls got him by five, I know it’s tied.

Taylor: There’s a lot. You know that phenomena about folks not saying that they’re supporting the president but they actually are? It’s true. I hear it all the time. People just don’t want to say anything. and he’s always soft in the polls right because people don’t want to talk about it.

But I’m telling you and you know what even if the president you know is coming here. And there’s some media market that reaches North Carolina, great. It’s brilliant right? You’re in Virginia and you’re hitting North Carolina. So good.

And good for him being able to do that if that’s the case. But he told me directly on the phone last week. I spoke to him for about 10 minutes and he said Virginia’s in play. We’re making a play for it. You got it. Your governor’s crazy. And then you look at some of the stuff that’s happened here with these lockdowns the inconsistency and lack of leadership.

Tweets the governor was tweeting about social justice when Richmond was literally burning and the American flag was ordered down from the capitol grounds of Virginia the day before Independence Day because it was supposedly a target for protesters.

What in the hell? I mean that’s un-American! So I think that there’s a groundswell that’s happening. And you know you’re not seeing that in the polls. And you know Larry Sabado and other folks that are tweeting all the time and talk about the stuff and they’re not talking to people on the ground.

You know what I mean? Like they’re not out there personally talking to people and listening to them because I’m here. I’m talking to people as you know. I’m not talking all the time to the hard Republicans or hard Democrats. I’m right down the middle talking to sophomores and the softy undecided. And I’m telling you the feedback is very positive for our side and for the president.

Fredericks: Give us an example when you’re out knocking on doors. And by the way the Biden campaign and the lawyer campaign they don’t knock on doors because it doesn’t fit their COVID be afraid you’re all gonna die narrative. So as you’re not gonna endure Scott and I know you are a door knocker.

You go out there. You love to talk to people that’s why you’ve been successful in politics. It’s one of your signatures. And as you’re talking to people, first of all when you go up to a door, is there reticence to engage because of COVID? How was that has the experience been?

Taylor: Not one time you know I didn’t door knock in the primary because I was concerned about that and obviously, everybody was of course. And you know I started door knocking just over a month ago. And not one time has anybody said anything to me like why are you here?

I mean quite frankly I think people are hungry for the interaction you know they’ve been hunkered down. And what I do you know I go and knock on the door and then I walk back about 10 feet and I give them space and talk to them. And but and people are just as appreciative now if not more than they have ever been when I’m door knocking.

And let me give you a quick anecdote of a story. I was in the Pembroke area and I’m speaking to uh there was a lady sitting outside I started talking to her and she said I don’t like the president. I’m you know she goes she’s a Democrat. she’s she said I don’t you know why should I vote for you over Luria?

You know, of course, I told her that and she’s like I don’t like the president’s you know how he acts and stuff like that. and then she says but here’s the but you know I don’t like this lawlessness. It scares me for the first time my life I’m scared about you to know that those people aren’t saying anything when there are these riots and vandalism.

She said I’m scared. and she said and I’m in my 60s. My husband and we rely on our 401-k and she’s like it was going gangbusters when you were in congress and the president was there. And she says and you know it’s taking a hit because of COVID. And she’s not confident that obviously Biden’s plans or lack thereof we’re going to be able to get her to get that stock her 401-k back up. And when I left there she was definitely voting for me and I think she was voting for the president too.

Fredericks: Well I mean that’s right. Well, that’s just one example of many that I think you’d be able to give us the reaction and people. Like, look people they don’t like the president’s tweets. They don’t like his personality whatever. but it’s turning for him because the alternative is Joe Biden. Right?

Taylor: It’s a binary choice.

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