TRUMPDATE: Latest from the Trump Virginia Campaign for September 28


Welcome to the Saturday edition of our daily Virginia Trump campaign update! We will provide our readers with daily updates on the Trump Virginia campaign from today to November 3 (and after…if need be!).

It’s officially 36 days until the election on November 3 – and one day until President Trump and Joe Biden square off in the first presidential debate. Chris Wallace of Fox News will be moderating.

Team Trump Virginia will be holding a watch party for the debate at Atlas 42 in Richmond. Nick Freitas, running for Virginia’s 7th District House seat against Democrat Abigail Spanberger, will be there talking to voters and watching the debate.

John Pence, Senior Advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign, spoke to The Virginia Star on Sunday. Pence, the nephew of Vice President Mike Pence, spent Friday and Saturday in Virginia campaigning for President Trump and Freitas.

Pence was at the Trump campaign rally in Newport News on Friday, and he said the president traveled more than 1,600 nautical miles that day alone, meeting with hispanic and black leaders in Florida and Georgia before finishing the night in front of thousands of supporters in Newport News. Pence himself has been hard at work on the campaign trail, and he said it’s supremely important to not ease off the accelerator this close to the election.

“If you are the first person an unregistered voter talks to, and you get them registered to vote, that person is 85 percent more likely to vote for your candidate,” Pence said. “We have over 10,000 volunteers in Virginia, and we’re going to continue getting out in front of voters, making phone calls and knocking on doors.”

The Trump campaign announced the president will be speaking in Duluth, Minnesota this week, and Pence said making their presence felt beyond just a rally in a battleground state is of the highest importance.

“We want to replicate the map of states President Trump won in 2016 and add some states that were lost,” Pence said. “And so that involves organizing and training volunteers and getting the word out to vote and encouraging people to vote for Republicans down the ticket.”

Pence added being in areas the Biden campaign isn’t is what will give the Trump campaign the advantage in November.

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